Ingredients: Miscellaneous pairings (S x Sq, S x Z, I x Sq and uh, more?), AU, OOC, angst, Shonen-Ai themes (maybe even June ^-^). For creaminess, mix in some adventure, weird fantasy themes, romance and gratuitous amounts of barely clothed hotties. Heat up via swanky sex, then serve.

Summary: Study buddies Seifer and Zell visit a museum. There they stumble through ancient ruins into a war-torn fantasy world with subservient guys in skirts. Fun huh? Now all they have to do is find a way out before they are sucked into a quest to save the world.

Author’s Notes: The story’s kinda hokey but I just HAD to write another AU fic. Bad, bad me. In between writing Sentimental Brilliance and vegetating in classes, this idea would NOT leave me alone. I wrote this for my dearest Bisquick/Beaky. She likes Seifer x Zell (S x Z) along with S x Sq (she also likes squiefer fics... ick). Ugh, no offense to S x Z fans, but why? I hope I portrayed the pairing correctly. If I didn’t, smack me and tell me how to improve!

>Disclaimer: Um, hopefully you know that I don’t own Squaresoft or their characters. If you don’t then, Seifer and Zell are NOT lovers. Seifer is actually Zell’s pimp and every other weekend Zell becomes some lucky person’s gigolo. There, that’s the truth… except for part about weekends. He’s pimped out by Mack Daddy Seifer 24 7 ^0^

Quick note: Thoughts are in italics~!

Rivaling Cygnet

Chapter One - It starts off normal...

By Julie a.k.a Raruku-chan

 It was honestly a nice, sunny, ordinary day for a field trip. Professor Kramer of Balamb High School had planned this trip to the museum during the fall. Spring and her temper tantrums unleashed a fury of rainstorms. There was no rest from this tempest for many weeks.

 Finally the rain had cleared and today was just the perfect day for an outing. Nothing could possibly spoil this day. Buses lined up outside in the fire zone by the flagpole. The students milled about on the sidewalk, waiting for Professor Kramer to give them the signal to board the buses. Zell Dincht anxiously clutched his backpack.

I gotta tell him today, he thought, Where’s that bastard anyway?!

The crowd parted for a silent towering, blonde figure. He was a rather popular guy, most likely due to his ability to play sports well. Seifer Almasy, star football player with a high GPA. He was friends with some of the most popular and annoying brats at Balamb. Of course there was the exception.

“HEY! What took you so long, numbnuts? Got your overly big ass ego caught in your locker?” Zell grinned. Seifer just rolled his eyes and smacked Dincht on the back of his head.

“Nah, your detachable, small excuse for a penis jammed my locker. You should really get it sewn back on, Dincht.” Seifer smirked.

“Hah hah, Good comeback. I’ll get you later, asswipe.” Zell muttered.

“Sure, you will. You’ll get me. And my little dog too, right?” Seifer laughed. “Whoops, I forgot that you are my little bitch.”

 The shorter blonde fumed silently. Seifer gave him a noogie before returning to the book clutched in his hands.

 “Damn you…” Zell grumbled. “I’m giving you the silent treatment because you’re sucha big craphole.”

 “It’s nice to be a big craphole. I mean, what an honor. A hole full of crap.” The taller blonde nudged the shorter one. “Drop your prissy little attitude change, Dincht. We’re sitting next to each other on the bus, remember? Besides, you’re not really giving the silent treatment if you had announce it to me.”

 First came a sigh, next the slumped form of Zell looked up into a pair of deep aquamarine eyes. After that, Seifer gave Zell another noogie before dragging the protesting hothead toward the rapidly filling buses.

 As they entered the bus, Seifer pushed Zell into one of the two seaters. The shorter blonde glared up at the arrogant jock. He crossed his arms and faced the window. Seifer chuckled softly and continued to read his book.

 Zell tried to sneak a few glances at Seifer. His eyes widened a bit in shock as he saw what book Seifer was reading. It was the comic book he had given Seifer for his birthday. Initially, Seifer scoffed at the present. He swore that he’d never read it in public, let alone read it at all. Zell believed him and felt rather dejected.

 Yet here out in the open, on a public school bus Seifer was enjoying the present Zell had given him. A small grin formed on Dincht’s face. It grew larger as Seifer turned to glare at him.

 “Heheheheh.” Zell snickered.

 “What are you laughing at, Dincht?” Seifer asked, placing the book on his lap.

 “Nothing. Just decided to stop the silent treatment. Thanks, buddy.” He smiled. Seifer looked confused.

 “Riiiight.” Seifer shrugged. “This comic’s great, Dincht. Thanks for getting it for me. I thought I’d never like it but it’s just right. Should’ve never mocked you for getting it for me.”

 Zell’s cheeks were tinted with a bit of pink. Quickly, he turned himself towards the window. Before Seifer could question Zell’s sudden avoidance of him, Professor Kramer entered their bus.

He greeted the students and took attendance. All the students were on the buses. Great, now they can begin their tedious drive to the museum. The students began their chatter and gossip.

Seifer gave his friend a questioning look. Knowing Dincht’s rock-like stubbornness, it would damn hard to drag anything out of him.

I guess I’ll have to wait until later to see what Dincht’s keeping from me, Seifer thought while reading the comic.

Phew, Zell let out a loud sigh, I gotta ‘fess up LATER! In one of those boring exhibits no one visits, I’ll jump him then tell him how much I like him. I WILL!

In a fit of determination and frustration, Zell punched the seat in front of him. The person sitting in it angrily got up and slapped him.

“OWWW! Dammit.” Zell snarled. “I didn’t mean to hit you, honest!”

Seifer muffled his laughter with the book.

There were reasons why Seifer liked Dincht better than all of his popular bratty “friends.” Zell was the only one who could make him guffaw and choke with laughter. Dincht had this amusing, endearing, and stumbling quality that made him fun to be with.

Most of all, Zell Dincht was his real friend and not just some popular brat that imagined they were. He was the only one who cared about him.

Seifer pretended to be oblivious to Zell’s distress and continued to read. Meanwhile, Zell had to deal with the irritated girl he disturbed. Watch what you’re doing and what you’re punching.

Due to your thick skull, you don’t learn from this time or the next. Next time you haphazardly punch things, Seifer and you will be launched into one of the most important events of your lives.

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