Ingredients: Miscellaneous pairings (S x Sq, S x Z, I x Sq and uh, more?), AU, OOC, angst, Shonen-Ai themes (maybe even June ^-^). For creaminess, mix in some adventure, weird fantasy themes, romance and gratuitous amounts of barely clothed hotties. Heat up via swanky sex, and then serve.

Summary: Study buddies Seifer and Zell visit a museum. There they stumble through ancient ruins into a war-torn fantasy world with subservient guys in skirts. Fun huh? Now all they have to do is find a way out before they are sucked into a quest to save the world.

Author’s Notes: Long chapter… well longer than a few of the other ones. It’s not of our resident couple, S x S though. Just a bit of the backdrop and whatnot. Skip, read, skim, whatever… just have a nice day!

Disclaimer: Um, hopefully you know that I don’t own Squaresoft or their characters. If you don’t then, Seifer and Zell are NOT lovers. Seifer is actually Zell’s pimp and every other weekend Zell becomes some lucky person’s gigolo. There, that’s the truth… except for part about weekends. He’s pimped out by Mack Daddy Seifer 24 7 ^0^

Quick note: Thoughts are in Italics~! Lands, lands, lands… I have no clue where Galbadia, Winhill, Dollet, Balamb, Trabia and what not are situated in the game. I’m just taking the names and using them. If I’m totally butchering it, tell me and I shall change it. Oh, and mad apologies to Kiros fans… he’s probably OOC to the max.

Rivaling Cygnet

Chapter Seven - as the stage is set...

By Julie a.k.a Raruku-chan

Where were they? Where the hell did they go!?

Zell nervously paced back and forth. The army had reined in close to the caravan’s camp. Their troops stood by winking and drooling at the members of Kinneas’ troupe. Things seemed peaceful enough.

It turns out they were charging towards an allied town by Winhill for supplies, but could settle for a band of colorful vagabonds. The soldiers did enjoy their company.

Zell continued his pacing. He wanted to rip off Kinneas’ arm and beat him with it. That way, no one could accuse him of attacking the bard. Why? If it were his own arm hitting him, the bard would be smacking himself, right? Smart thinking, Dincht. He could feel the imaginary Assmulchy noogie that gave reinforcement or “punishment.”

Pissed with the whole situation, Zell ground his fist into the floor. He snarled at the approaching figure.

“They should be alright. I sent out scouts to find them and bring them back.”

“… He BETTER be alright, Kinneas.”

“I can’t promise that… but I’m almost positive your dearest Seifer shall pull through.”

“How do you fucking know, huh? HOW?!”

“I’m part bard, part trafficker, and all pre-cognitive fortune telling seer.”


“Well, kind of. I’m trying very hard to hone my fortune telling. I can see bits and pieces of everyone else’s future, except mine… but I think that is how those powers work.”

“What do you see?”

“Hmmmm, I need to concentrate.” Kinneas shut his eyes and pressed two figures to his lips. The lithe fox like bard let out a puff of air for before he spoke. “I see him returning to you, unscathed.”

“Goo… WAIT. If you knew this event was going to happen, why did you let Seifer and that bitch go out for a ride?!”


“Because what, you sly twip!”

“I knew the army was coming, looking for the child. It would be bad to let them have Squall, so I let Seifer leave for a while with him until it is safe to return.”

“Oh, good thinking man. Endanger Seifer for that spoiled brat!!”

“Temper temper. Must I call Selphie to subdue you again?”


“N..No, that’s quite all right.”

Kinneas smiled. Selphie’s tail whisked around happily.

“And besides… Seifer could have been in danger too with the army for he’s the child’s protector due to that unfortunate bond. It would be best for the both of them to be gone for a bit until the army leaves.”
Zell looked skeptically at the bard. Before he could snarl out a reply, one of Kinneas’ men approached them.

“Lord Kinneas, the general of the army would like to have a word with you.”

“Oh, really? That fine young bitch? I would most certainly like to be at the receiving end of her whip.” The bard snickered.

“Lemme go with you!”

“Hn, sure.… why not, Zell?” Kinneas shrugged, then smiled. “Come. We have a sparkling pretty to meet.”

They walked to the large ring of resting troops. The soldiers eyed the bard warily. A makeshift tent that shakily stood was set up behind them. It appeared that the soldiers and their whipping mistress would not be staying too long.

Two beastly looking, tall guards looked at Kinneas and Dincht menacingly. The bard hardly flinched. Zell on the other hand, felt as if he shrunk a few feet. DAMN, mad scary! The heads of pit bulls attached to the bodies of Pro-wrestlers…

“State your business.” A deep voice commanded them.

“Good day, gentlemen. We were instructed to meet your enchanting general as soon as we could. I do hope we are not too late or intruding. I would not want to offend the strong, domineering General Trepe.”

“You always offend me, bard.” A lean, beautiful uniformed blonde stood by the door of the tent. She gestured for the guards to leave them.

“Oh, how wonderful it is to meet you.”

“Cut the crap, Kinneas. You know me.”

“Do I?”

“Shall I remind you?” she laughed and held up her whip.

“Eeep.” Zell squirmed. Were Seifer and her separated at birth!?

“Who is the ‘eeping’ chicken?”

“That is my dearest friend, Zell Dincht.”

Dearest friend my ass. Damn you Kinneas. You deceptive bastard! I’ll show you just how much of a good friend I am by ripping out your spinal cord an…whoa, enough death threats… gotta pay attention to the amazon-ish general.
The general held out her hand to shake Zell’s. He stared for a while. She had an even, slightly accented and most definitely intelligent sounding voice.

Shhhhweet. She is so Seifer’s good twin. Seifer would be her evil twin.

“A pleasure to meet you. Any friend of Kinneas is attacked and then either branded an enemy of mine or a friend. Usually it is the first.”

She grasped his hand. He shivered. After that, she turned back to the bard. Kinneas gave her a warm smile.

“What brings you this close to Winhill this season?”

“The child. Our leader wishes to have him freed from the prison of Winhill.”

“He was not in prison, was he?”

“The kingdom of Winhill is practically a cage to the child. He cannot leave.”

“Oh, right. I forg…”

“As I said, cut the crap. Do not piss me off… where is he?”

Kinneas gave a weak smile. This was going to be one of the most irritating exchanges between them. She would grill him relentlessly until the child was found and secured.


“What do you mean gone? I will have you know our leader is here today. He traveled all the way from his lands with high hopes of meeting the child of his deceased lover. And what do you have to say to me… the child is gone. Lovely.”

The general whipped her long hair back. She sighed, frustrated with the events at hand. The bard and his bird boy stood there, silent.

“I wish to see your leader. He probably knows more about the legend than I do.”

“I am not sure if he wants to see you once news gets out you lost his beloved’s child.” General Trepe smirked.

“Whatever comes, comes. I’ve been in deeper shit than this.”

“Right on. And I have been with you during those times, Kinneas.” The blond general stepped out of the tent. “I shall go see him and see how he feels about speaking to you.”

“I do hope that he graces me with his presence.” Kinneas gave a mock bow.

“Stand up straight before I give you a real reason to double over like that.” She lifted up her fists, tightened her whip, and grinned. General Trepe walked swiftly in the direction of the mounts. Kinneas and Zell remained by the tents.

“Whoa, she’s awesome.” Zell rubbed his head in wonder. “Where is this army from?”

“Balamb. That will be the last port we visit. Then we shall be sailing the wide seas.” Kinneas sighed; trying hard to remember the oceans he adored so much.

“Winhill and Balamb are against each other?”

“To some degree. Balamb wants the child but Winhill has sworn to the Loire family that they would protect Squall. In return for the child, Balamb had promised to protect them from the invading Galbadian armies. Galbadia is a larger power hungry kingdom that wishes to acquire the gold and oil laden grounds of Winhill. Winhill has yet to swallow their pride and give in to Balamb. The leaders of Balamb do not particularly like the Emperor of Galbadia. I suppose the head leader of Balamb had wished to confront the Queen of Winhill into giving up the child… that is until he got taken from her and then lost.”

Zell gaped at Kinneas. That was quite a mouthful of information for him to receive. Galbadia? Winhill? Balamb? Sure, the names were mildly familiar due to the range of talk in hushed voices and loud discourse… but Zell had yet to hear the whole history and background of the diverse lands of this new world.

“Eeeesh… No wonder Seifer and I heard talk of war when we first arrived. Maaaan, this dimensional time warp is getting more interesting each day we’re here. What’s the deal with the leader dude we’re supposed to meet?”

The bard smirked.

“Legends and fact state that their head leader, the man we are to hopefully meet today, is both a major political figure and a high-ranking army man. Those are probably the reasons why he was voted to be the head leader above all the other leaders of Balamb. Rumor has it; the consort of the Queen of Winhill was his lover. Alas, their love was a tale of woe. The stuff of the ballads really.”


The bard tapped Zell’s cheek with his finger.

“Why? For the noble consort had chosen duty over love. He had to marry the Queen regardless of how much undying love he and his sweet sweet mate had pledged to each other.”

“Aw, that is kinda sad. Who’s the concert?”

“Consort, you silly.”

“Hah, yeah… I meant to say that. Tell me more about the tale. I’m bored, be a bard… go on!”

“Yes, I shall… the consort was none other than the father of the child you despise.”


“Heh. Children could have even guessed that one.  Even monkeys too.”

“Thanks… errr, it was unexpected. I’ve never heard the legends or any ballads until I came to this world.”

“That’s understandable… since you’re here I shall soothe you with many tales of adventure, ardor and angst.”

“Tender!” Zell fell backwards, almost landing on someone.

“Excuse me.” She lifted him up with ease. “The master shall speak to you now.”

“You have come back dearest Trepe.”

“I am, now get going. He is a little unpleasant but nonetheless shall be polite enough to entertain guests… regardless of how annoying and fake they are.” General Trepe cuffed Kinneas on the back. “With the exception of your chicken friend.”

Zell blushed. Seifer. Seifer. Think Seifer. Even though she is a bit attractive… well, more than a bit. She’s a babe… Seifer Seifer Seifer…Think Seifer!

She led them along to the temporary stables.

Beside a proud standing golden chocobo, stood a brooding figure. He wore fitting khaki pants and riding boots. A white shirt hung loosely on his body. The bird clicked at the approaching bard and fellow chicken. Perhaps it also took a shine to Zell just like the other chocobos did.

“Greetings…” the man turned to face them. His black hair was short on top, but flowed into a few beaded, braided strands. His mocha colored skin gave him a highly exotic look, but his voice and bearing made him appear regal, warm, and practical, but above all, stern. “I have heard from General Trepe that you have lost the child.”

“Indeed… many apologies, Lord Kiros.” Kinneas bowed lowly, averting his gaze.

The golden chocobo looked at Zell, whom returned the stare wearily. The one called Lord Kiros spared Zell a quick look before turning back to Kinneas.

“I am a forgiving person… and I must admit I am in your debt, for without your recommendation of Trepe, whom is quite a fine general, I would not be here and alive today. I suppose I am lenient towards you due to that reasoning…”

“Thank you, Lord Kiros.” The bard looked relieved.

 “Drop the formalities… Although I am lenient, I still expect for you to find the child and deliver him to Balamb.” The head leader smoothed out the ruffled wing of his golden mount. The chocobo warked pleasantly. “I have a feeling your greed and temper will get the best of you Kinneas, so bring him to Balamb. Those are my only strict orders for you.”

“… all right.” Kinneas relented.

“I do not like the tone of voice those words are said in. Repeat it firmly, young man.” Kiros grinned. Zell snickered internally. That inflated bard was getting put in his rightful place.

“Yes, sir.”

“Formalities? I have no need for them. Give me your affirmation again and swear upon all that is dear to you bard.”

“…” Kinneas looked down.

“I see. If you cannot agree, that is all right with me… just keep in mind that will put us at ends. Not a very good thing for someone like you. I do not wish to have you as an enemy Kinneas.”

The bard looked up at the leader king with a determined gaze. He would certainly skirt the issue with a more pressing issue… or at least attempt to.

“Kiros there’s a war to be fought and won against Galbadia… the child should be the least of your worries. I thought love meant nothing to you after…”

The head leader stopped the bard. Kiros tilted his head upwards looking at the sky and sighed. Remembering was so hard on him.

“It has lost its meaning, but the promises made out of love mean so much to me… I swore to him that the child would be fine with me… I swore on my life and everything that I would protect the child if he would return with me to Balamb. He refused and went to stay beside someone who would never love him or think about his feelings… someone who would reject him just because of something she did wrong.”

Zell squirmed a bit. Did he just not exist? Did they just forget that he was around? Did Kinneas not remember that he was not the least bit versed in the world’s stories, histories, and whatnot?! Zell made an angry face at the bard in hopes of rousing his remote attention.

He failed in getting Kinneas’ attentions, for he continued to press the issues of the past, but Kiros had looked over at Zell, giving him a sympathetic smile.

“Kiros, I don’t want you to…” the bard was cut off when he noticed Kiros was not listening to him. The regal leader turned to look at the spiky blonde that stood beside the bard. The topic of discourse was to take another turn.

“It appears that your companion is angry with you. Quite an adorable choice of companionship, Kinneas… I would never imagine you settling down with a fiery young thing like this one here.” Laughing, Kiros pointed at Zell. It was as if the seriousness and gravity before held no pretense or existence. Things between the bard and leader were not tense at all.

“WHAT?!” Zell twitched. He was NOT going to be referred to as the bard’s ball and chain. The bard felt the same way too, but not as adverse to the idea. The look on Kinneas’ face showed that he would consider that idea on another day.

“Now now, it is all right. I am quite supportive of your relationship with Kinneas. Though, I must warn you… he is quite the fiendish cad.” Kiros smiled.

“NOOO! Eeeeuck!! Arrrgh! You’ve got it all wrong! I’m just a new member of his caravan, I come from another world and and and…” Zell was blushing and stammering out the proper and truthful explanation.

“Another world?” the leader asked curiously. The bard nodded and chuckled a bit at Zell’s frantic twitching and embarrassment. Who wouldn’t?

“That isn’t too far fetched is it, Kiros? With all the magick breathing in this world, the possibility of portals from other worlds is quite probable. I had found him and his friend wading in a fountain at the mercy of a Winhill guard. They pack quite a vicious streak. I saved them in hopes of having new members in my caravan… they also are in dire need of a way back to their world.” Kinneas explained. Zell growled at him.

“Yeah, and you need to find my friend!!” he snapped at Kinneas. The bard put on a mock look of hurt and sadness. “Drop the act, man.”

The leader laughed at that.

“Even he can see through your front now, you are in trouble I suppose.” Kiros looked mildly proud at Zell. “Well, I have yet to have a formal introduction to you.”

“Me?” Zell asked. “Um, er… I’m not as great as a leader king or bard or general… I’m just a high school student. My name’s Zell Dincht. My lost friend is Seifer Almasy… he’s a tall blonde with aquamarine eyes. Nice build… cocky smile, good sense of humor…”

He gushed. Here he was, blabbing like a schoolgirl, to a perfect stranger about Seifer. Zell gushed even more and tried to turn away. Kiros quickly grabbed Zell’s hands and clasped them tightly.

“A student, that is as honorable as being a leader king, general, or bard. As for your friend, he sounds quite handsome. Pleasure to meet you Zell. I hope Kinneas tries his demned hardest to find him.”

“Oh, we will… his friend happened to be with the child.” The bard added.

“Really, hm? I happened to hear rumors… that the child has been bonded. Now, I am not the type to be taken by rumors… but to have a stranger from another world care about the child that much… well, that certainly sounds weird. I would figure the young man would rather stay alive and away from the child.”

“Why do you figure that? What do you mean alive?!” Zell panicked.

“I am only jumping to conclusions… I assume much with all that was said.” Kiros tried to calm the crazed spiky blonde. “If your friend is bonded… that could cause damage to him. Being bonded with a child of the Loire family, gives you strengths, but overall… it gives you weaknesses. I have never been bonded to my love, but he had told me a bit about the repercussions of being bonded.”

Zell wanted to scream, to punch Kinneas, to even kill the damn bard. He wanted to beat his face in and tear something off… he didn’t care what, Zell just wanted blood.

“I… I really didn’t know it was truth… I figured there would be some double-edged sort of deal coming out of the bonding but…” Kinneas looked over at Zell. “Please, Dincht… Zell… please, just hear me out. We’ll get Seifer back and promptly hand over the child to Balamb. In that order.”

The shaking blonde did not look up at the bard. He did not make a sound. Kill him; kill the only direct chance of getting Seifer back… right? Where was this rational voice coming from? Seifer… Seifer was making him keep his damn cool, right? Zell continued to fume. He hated the bard more than anything at the moment and refused to speak.

“It would be best if you left him alone, Kinneas.” Kiros led the bard away from the raging Zell. “I know you probably do not want to listen to a mere stranger… but it would be best for you… if you stayed in a cool tent, with refreshment and a soft bed. I would be honored if you took my tent, it is rather close by… you heard much and need to absorb it all. I will do my best in informing you about the child and the curse like bond.”

A hand soothingly rubbed Zell’s shoulder. He still shook, but this time… it was one silent, wracking sob… why the hell did this have to happen. Now he almost understood why Seifer despised the whole idea of being here. He missed everything about Seifer… an adventure still laid at his feet… but the afterglow of heroics and danger was wearing off. Not being with his dearest, annoying, bully-ish friend and affection was taking its toll on him. Silently, he let the leader king lead him into the shaded, cool tent.

There, he lay down on the bed crying softly… so bent on not letting anyone but himself know… that he hated this and missed Seifer. Zell Dincht was not a teary crying type of guy but with the onslaught of all that happened, he would take this exception.

Kinneas stood at the mouth of the tent, brewing ideas and plans. The child would be theirs’ again and his friend would be safely returned. He only hoped that they would rescue Seifer from the bond’s power before it strengthened its hold on him. For if a bond is presented between child and protector, it surely has a chance to grow… and that was what the bard feared the most.

~ To be Continued ~

Jubee is a BIG git and deserves a beating/also known as Author’s Ending notes:
 This chapter was written under the influence of Nickelback’s “This is How you Remind me,” Enya’s “Watermark,” DDR 5th Mix songs (Moonlight Shadow! Neverending Story! 5th mix ROCKS!) and Britney (I’m a slaaave for you… evilly addictive song. I can see all of you laughing and pointing at me… >_<;;)… evilness, I know.. but heck, it kept me typing away. Okay… that was way too much writing, but I’m honestly glad I’m done with this part. I presented a crap load of explanations and things to be explained. I hope I remember to explain everything, apply my damn expository writing skills of analyzing and whatnot. I’m really sorry that Kiros was totally OOC, I’m sorry that Zell was too… and the ending of this particular chapter sucked. I’d appreciate it if you complained at me too. What do you think? Chapter 8 is being written and hopefully will be up eventually. This time, it features a bit of   S x S. They’ll be doing their one lined teasing again. Hee hee hee… ^-^;;

Oh and kinda OT but not really… Sorry to Meredith and other ppl who kindly offered to beta. I’m sure you’re reading this and shaking your heads. You were to be beta readers and here I am foolishly and half-heartedly releasing chapters. Please hit me. Repeatedly. Thanks, I’d really appreciate it! Take care

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