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± the Information Directory : Site Map ±

'Overview' Map of Noire Sensus - i.e. what's on each of the index pages for each directory. Some of the newer sub-archives have their own specific sitemaps; these are also accessible where available through this page. These are described as [detail] site maps on the diagram below.

Noire Sensus Site Map

note: The '[Detail] Sitemaps' in the diagam above give a more detailed look at (or you're looking deeper into) the structure of 'higher level' sitemaps.

» [Detail] Site Maps of the Noire Sensus Site Map are: ± the Bookshelf Site Map [Fanfiction Archive]
± Apocrypha Site Map [Fushigi Yuugi Shrine]
± the Garden Site Map [FF8 Shrine]
» [Detail] Site Maps also accesible through the Bookshelf (and in the Main Directory) are: ± Advent Site Map [FF7]
± Bella Donna Site Map [PotC]
± the Library Site Map [FF8]
± Gramarye Site Map [Harry Potter]
± Hithaeglir Site Map [Lord of the Rings]

± Site Map : Link Explanation ±

Lost? That's why this page exists; hopefully it will help you navigate through Noire Sensus.

± M.D. - Main Directory ±

± Advent
Dedicated to Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII title, this is the SFA's yaoi, yuri and general fanfiction archive for the game. It also contains the Character Profiles, Quotes and Theme Songs for Final Fantasy VII.

» Advent Site Map

± Bella Donna
Dedicated to Disney's new movie series Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Bella Donna focuses on Gen and Slash fanfiction... much like everything else on site.

» Bella Donna Site Map

± the Bookshelf - SFA
The Sensus Fanfiction Archive: Where we store all the fanfiction that doesn't fall into any of the other fandoms. Fandoms archived at the moment are Card Captor Sakura, Castlevania, Chrono Cross, Clover, Dead or Alive, Fake, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy Tactics, Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Golden Sun, Gundam Wing, King of Fighters, Soul Calibur, Suikoden, Trigun, Van Helsing, Weiß Kreuz, X/1999, and Yami no Matsuei.

» Bookshelf Site Map

± the DOJO
K-chan's project, with Necromage helping every now and then. Dedicated to Namco's fighting masterpiece, Tekken. Right now only the fanfiction archive is up and working, with the image gallery sitting dejectedly on our old site--it'll eventually be shifted here. Most projects in the Dojo have been sidelined until the other sections are complete.

± Fushigi Yuugi: APOCRYPHA
N-chan's pet-project, dedicated to the Four Gods from Yu Watase's shoujo fantasy epic, Fushigi Yuugi. Has a fanfiction archive, and pretty much every 'official' pic we can find of the gods in the image archive.

» Apocrypha Site Map

± the GARDEN
Dedicated to Square's Final Fantasy VIII. The first fragment of NS which spawned everything else; it's also the only section even close to finished. Boasts a massive yaoi & yuri fanfiction archive, detailed info on the characters and GFs, an image gallery, and interactive stuff to do.

» the Garden Site Map

± Gramarye
The SFA's Harry Potter Slash fanfiction archive. This is where all the fanfiction for Harry Potter is stored. It also has a link to the Theme Songs for Harry Potter.

» Gramarye Site Map

± Hithaeglir
The SFA's Lord of the Rings Slash fanfiction archive, where all the fanfiction for Lord of the Rings is archived.

» Hithaeglir Site Map

± Noire Sensus Image Galleries
One stop portal to all the image galleries scattered around the site. If you were looking for the Softmax Gallery, it's moved in here.

± Quotes Archive
The door to our ever expanding, and nifty quotes archive - also the very first archive we ever made (back in the olden times when we were stuck on geocities >_<). We have quotes of every kind, genre and flavour.

± S.D. - Special Directory ±

± Noire Sensus Forums
Come visit, join, and muck around our forum (a.k.a our Message Board). We're there almost every day ^_^ We discuss most site related stuff - like stuff you don't like or want us to fix/add, the various fandoms we host, or just chat in the General forum. Some sections are only accessible to registered members and authors, so sign up - it's free :)

± Noire Sensus Livejournal
The site journal where you can usually find the most update-to-date information about what's going on with the site, progress reports on the next update, and other things of interest around the internet that visitors to NS might find interesting, etc.

± Gifts
A.K.A kiribans, where our kiriban getters can collect their gifts, and where we store gifts we've been given. This is where you can check the progress of the kiribans.

± Theme Songs
This is where you can 'record' (in lyrics not audio!) the songs you've heard that remind you of a character from different fandoms. Choose which fandom to visit to have a look at what others have said, or add your own. To get back to this page hit the 'Back' button on your browser. These pages are sub-sections within the different sites here on Noire Sensus.

± Theme Songs - Final Fantasy VII

± Theme Songs - Final Fantasy VIII

± Theme Songs - Harry Potter

± Theme Songs - Pirates of the Caribbean

± Downloads - Wallpapers [2]
Wallpapers we've made, free for download. So far only Harry Potter themed ones, but hopefully we'll get more in.

± Adoptees
Itty bitties we've adopted; no blog at the moment, so we let them frolick in here.

± I.D. - Information Directory ±

± Site Updates
Every single update we do on the various archives is recorded here. Updates more than a month or two old have been dumped in the Trash Can. Alternatively, you can join the Mailing List where you can find out a helluva lot faster if anything's changed.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

± Site Map
Lost? Can't figure out where the hell you are, or how to get where you want to? The maps right here.

± Fic Submissions
If you'd like to be hosted here at Noire Sensus we'd be more than happy to accept your work. Here's everything you need to know and instructions on how to send your fics to us. For information on what file types are accepted for submission, please go to File Formats.

± Glossary: Warnings & Rating Index
The low down on all the classifications, warnings and ratings we stick on every fic we host. You really should read it before you start going through the archives.

± Affiliating & Affiliates
How to get affiliated with Noire Sensus, and a list of our affiliates.

± Site Related
Information about the site itself; development, disclaimers, resources etc.

±Staff Roll:

± Braken - SFA Format Officer
One of the primary SFA Format Officers, Braken also assists in screening submissions and offering technical support onsite.

± Eilis Siani - Consultant
Gives feedback and additional help to the active staff members when needed, but does not actively work on the site.

± Koorime - Site Co-ordinator
Holds the duty of maintaining/handling public relations, screening and formatting submissions, as well as passing information and/or distributed tasks down the ladder of communication.

± Link - Fanfic Retrieval Personnel
Charged with the duty of bringing in raw material, that is, fanworks, for the archives. These personnel have loose responsibility of one fandom; Link handles works related to any published titles under the domain of CLAMP.

± Loquacia Dee - Forums Administrator
Maintains and hosts the Noire Sensus Forums on her own domain, the Forums Administrator additionally assists in technical support when required onsite.

± Necromage - Site Administrator
Top-overseer of Noire Sensus. The Admin has to do most of the programming & all layout development, and gives the final okay on everything before it goes up.

± Wolfie - Consultant
Gives feedback and additional help to the active staff members when needed, but does not actively work on the site.

± Kiriban Guidelines
If you hit the lucky number and are the kiriban getter, here's the instructions on how to collect your kiriban.

± L.D. - Link Directory ±

± Noire Sensus Forum
Come visit, join, and muck around our forum (a.k.a our Message Board). We're there almost every day ^_^ Some sections are only accessible to registered members and authors, so sign up - it's free :)

± Linking + Banners
Link to us! ^_^

± Affiliates & Affiliating
How to get affiliated with Noire Sensus, and a list of our affiliates.

± Links - Images | Text Only
Other nifty places to go to when you're sick of NS.

± Cliques & Fanlistings
A list of the cliques/fanlistings we're part of.

± Webrings
Webrings we're members of.

± Connections:
± Author Contacts
      Other places you can find our authors.
± Communities
      Online communities for various fandoms.

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