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If you'd like to link to us, we're link-free so go right ahead ^_^ Please use the URL below as page names change every now and then around the site.

The name of the site is 'Noire Sensus', and if you'd drop us a line when you link us, that'd be great!

About the banners: well, there's lots of banners 'cos, uh, I figured out how to work the photo-editor?? Yeah, that's it... And cos they're fun and easy to make, and I got a bit carried away ^_^ They're also the banners for the entire site, which hosts quite a few different fandoms. btw, if you linked to us before, could you use one of the banners below if you're using one of the older ones? It'd be very much appreciated.

Note: All the Pirate of the Caribbean themed banners say 'Bella Donna' because that's the name of our PotC site. Same goes for why all the Final Fantasy VII banners have 'Advent', and why the Fushigi Yuugi ones have 'Apocrypha'.

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± Banners ±


[Harry Potter] Draco Malfoy [Harry Potter] Sirius Black


[Magna Carta] vr.4 theme [Tekken] Lee Chaolan - heck, hadta make one of him [Tekken] Jun Kazama - Her Lady Ecologyness [FF8] the sorceress [FF8] Had to make a Seifer banner ^_^ [FF8] During the fade to white [FF8] Squally! ...maybe I should stop calling him that... [FF8] Smile, you're on candid camera ^_^ [FF8] Laguna lookin' down [FF10] Rikku [Harry Potter] Harry Potter - CoS [Harry Potter] Draco Malfoy - CoS [Pirates of the Caribbean] Elizabeth Swann 88x31 [Pirates of the Caribbean] Captain Jack Sparrow 88x31 [Pirates of the Caribbean] Will Turner 88x31 [Pirates of the Caribbean] Commodore Norrington 88x31 [Pirates of the Caribbean] Captain Barbossa 88x31 [Lord of the Rings] Elrond during the Council meeting [Lord of the Rings] Hithaeglir theme 88x31 [FF9] Bookshelf theme 88x31 [Fushigi Yuugi] Apocrypha theme [FF7] Cloud Strife [FF7] Sephiroth


[Magna Carta] Calintz [Magna Carta] Adora [Magna Carta] vr.4 theme with Calintz - of course [Magna Carta] Calintz again ^.^ [Tekken] Lee Chaolan [FF8] Have to have Seifer :) [FF8] Quisty [FF8] Squall - if ya didn't know [FF8] Close up on Squall's eye [FF10] Rikku from FFX-2 [FF10] Tidus [Harry Potter] Harry in CoS [Harry Potter] Severus Snape [Lord of the Rings] Strider [Lord of the Rings] Legolas banners are almost as hard to make as layouts... @_@ [Lord of the Rings] Hithaeglir theme 100x35 [Pirates of the Caribbean] Captain Barbossa 100x35 [Pirates of the Caribbean] Captain Jack Sparrow 100x35 [Pirates of the Caribbean] Captain Jack Sparrow 100x35 [Pirates of the Caribbean] Jack/Will 100x35 [Pirates of the Caribbean] Anamaria 100x35 [FF9] Bookshelf theme 100x35 [FF7] Cloud Strife [FF7] Sephiroth [FF7] Unknown [FF7] Barrett Wallace [FF7] Tifa Lockheart


[FF8] The sorceress' knight [FF8] Lookit that hair... *_* [FF9] Bookshelf theme 200x40 [Tekken] Space Ninja! [Harry Potter] It's based on a HP pic, but it's more of a general banner than anything [Harry Potter] This pic was *so* hard to find - but it turned out okay, huh? [Harry Potter] Can you tell I got lazy half way through these? ^_^ [Harry Potter] the Potions master [Lord of the Rings] Hithaeglir theme 200x40 [Lord of the Rings] The Marchwarden [Pirates of the Caribbean] Captain Jack Sparrow 200x40 [Pirates of the Caribbean] The Black Pearl 200x40 [Fushigi Yuugi] Apocrypha theme [Fushigi Yuugi] And poof! The chicken-god appears! [FF7] Sephiroth [FF7] Cloud Strife [FF7] Sephiroth [FF7] Cloud Strife


[Harry Potter] Harry Potter

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