Sensus Personnel File // Braken
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± Vital Statistics ±

net handler ::   Braken
pet names ::   Are so not funny.
status ::   SFA Format Officer, Noire Sensus Screening Staff
contact ::   braken @
webjournal ::   braken
d.o.b. ::   I'm legal!
sibling/s ::   Will admit to none.
occupation ::   Uni CompSci/Sci | Cafe
stuck in ::   Ya mom. What, you think I can actually go 5 minutes without saying it once?
hates ::   People who aren't stupid who act stupidly. Aggressive people. Loud random noise (includes bad music / children).
#1 turn offs ::   Twincest.
currently listening to ::   Opeth - Black Rose Immortal

± Favourites ±

webcomic ::   Arcana, Megatokyo, Penny Arcade
anime character ::   Usually whoever's the focus of the anime I'm currently watching.
hp character ::   Protective/Angsty!Sev or Libertine's!Lucius
hogwarts house ::   Slytherin (Although I'd be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff)
pairing ::   ± Harry x Sev (Harry Potter)
± Sev x Lucius (Harry Potter)
± Harry x Draco (Harry Potter)
quote ::   "I hate children. No, not kids, who can be winsome, adorable, and cute while they are being childish, but children. Insipid, ignorant, arrogant little whelps who have no concept of common sense. Worse, still... they do not know when to be silent."
-- Ravynfyre

"Stoat me like a wolf, you bad monkey."

-- Libertine (HP&I)
music ::   Goth/Death/Power Metal, Alternative Rock. Movie OSTs.
smell ::   Cooking roast. Usually any food that isn't seafood. Clean air.
novel ::   Any of the Foundation books by Isaac Asimov, or Discworld book by Terry Pratchett.
movie ::   Changes constantly.
fandom ::   'Arry Po'er
ns archive ::   Gramarye
anime/manga ::   ± Cowboy Beebop
± Gravitation
± Hellsing
± Nadesico
± Noir
± Serial Experiments Lain
± Trigun
± Vampire Hunter D
hobbies ::   ± Programming
± Web Programming (CGI/PHP/MySQL)
± Reading
± Listening to music
± Attempting to draw
± Cooking randomly
colours ::   ± Dark Blue
± Black
± Grey
game ::   ± DDR
± AD&D Style RPGs
mailing lists ::   ± That I participate in: None
± That I lurk in: Many

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