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What's what in the SFA:


» home
Welcome and announcement page for the SFA.

» updates
Where the current update is posted. Past updates can be accessed through this page under the Last Update link below the current update.

» fandoms
List of all the fandoms hosted in the Sensus Fanfiction Archive in alphabetical order.

» authors
List of all the authors hosted in the Sensus Fanfiction Archive with a link to their Author File, where all fics they've written for various fandoms which are hosted on Noire Sensus can be found.

» pairings
List of all main pairing/ships featured in the all stories hosted. Also sorts them according to whether the story is slash (M/M), slash threesomes (M/M/M), femme slash (F/F), or mainstream (M/F). Gen (general) fics are not sorted here.

» submissions
Guidelines and rules for how to get your story archived on the SFA.

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» faq
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

» glossary
Explanation of the rating system, warnings, and classifications used throughout the site.

» site map
What's where in the SFA.

» site related
All site information for the SFA: linking, affiliating, layout, resources, copyright notices, disclaimers etc.

» contact
How to get in touch with the people who run this site.

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noire sensus

» noire sensus
Goes back to the main site, Noire Sensus.

» guestbook
Read or Sign the guestbook.

» affiliates
List of all sites affiliated with Noire Sensus.

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» sensus forums
Sign up for an account on the Noire Sensus Forums and talk to other fans.

» update ml
Subscribe or unsubscribe from the Noire Sensus update mailing list (all Bookshelf/SFA updates are included here).

» affiliate?
List of all sites affiliated with Noire Sensus, and instructions on how to affiliate your own site.


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