Sensus Personnel File // Wolfie
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± Vital Statistics ±

net handler ::   Wolfie
pet names ::   Wolfie, Wolf, W, M
status ::   Consultant
contact ::   wolfie @
webjournal ::   wolfie42
d.o.b. ::   25 October
sibling/s ::   Shell, Hil
occupation ::   University Engineering/IT Student! Yes I am a masochist!!
stuck in ::   Australia
hates ::   8am-11am lectures, exams, homework. If uni didn't incorporate these things I would be a much happier person. Apart from that I'm happy as a lark.
#1 turn offs ::   Necrophilia, Incest & Paedophilia are the only things that I'm really not fond of. Having said this I've got an open mind, I'll read anything and it won't influence my judgement.
currently listening to ::   Anything with a good beat... LOUD! Who needs eardrums anyway?!?

± Favourites ±

anime character ::   Every Transformer created over 15 years ago.
video game character ::   Jin Kazuma (Tekken), Hwoarang (Tekken), Dante (Devil May Cry), Kilik (Soul Calibur), Wolverine (X-Men). Can you tell I admire their pixels??? Mmmm... sexy pixels.
hp character ::   Hagrid
hogwarts house ::   Gryffindor
lotr character ::   Aragorn... who else?!?
potc character ::   It's a tossup between Jack and the monkey!
forum ::   Noire Sensus Forum
pairing ::   ± Jin / Hwoarang (Tekken)
± Kazuya / Lee (Tekken)
± growing all the time
quote ::   "The meaning of life the universe and everything is 42"
-- Douglas Adams
music ::   Everything but country. Crystal Method, Prodigy, Dido, Linkin Park, Everything but the Girl, Aaliyah, Massive Attack, Tool, etc etc etc.
smell ::   Burning White Sage... the best smell on earth by far... don't knock it till you've smelt it.
novel ::   The Sword of Shannara - Terry Brooks (very similar to LOTR but much more readable!)
movie ::   The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars - the original three, Aliens, Run Lola Run, Cube, as well as many others.
fandom ::   Lord of the Rings
final fantasy summon ::   If only I had played the FF games... something I will remedy very shortly.
ns archive ::   The Dojo
anime/manga ::   ± Transformers
± Gundam
± Hellsing
± Ghost in the Shell
± Ninja Scroll
± Trigun
± Vampire Hunter D
hobbies ::   ± looking for and reading fanfics
± Watching anime
± Work
± Formula 1
± Volleyball
± lying in the sun like a lizard on a rock - ie. procrastination
colours ::   ± Blue - who needs more than one... I'm not greedy =)
game ::   ± Tekken Tag
± Any racing game on any platform
± Jak and Daxter/Ratchet and Clank
± Diablo II Expansion
± Starcraft
± Warcraft (basically anything created in the Blizzard Studios)

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