Noire Sensus

± Kiriban Guidelines ±

Revised 13 May 2003

± What we will do ±

  • Fanfiction - so long as we know the fandom and characters. Sorry, but we don't have time to go out and research characters and plots we've never heard of, or have no interest in. Check with us to see if we know the series you want. Refer to the 'fandom issue' section below on fanfics.

± What we can't and/or won't do ±

  • The Fandom Issue
        Due to past confusion, this is something I'd like to make particularly clear. In terms of written kiribans, I will not write for a fandom that I don't have enough knowledge about, or plain and simply, take no interest in. The reason for this is obvious: uni does not permit enough free time to research obscure (to me) fandoms and the characters therein. Subsequently, I reserve the right to reject a kiriban on the grounds aforementioned.
  • Self-insertion fanfics
        We're here to play with figments of imagination, not tangible entities that can yell at me =P
  • Incest
        If you're into Squall x Laguna fics, sorry to say that this is one of the few categories that I will not write. However this refusal does not include Kazuya x Lee fics, because me being all technical, they're not really brothers 'cos they ain't related by blood. ^_^
  • Rinoa
        Pay big attention to this, it's important. Noire Sensus was created as a yaoi/yuri archive and is essentially, also an Anti-Rinoa shrine. The Heartilly gets no respect from me and if you even try to ask me for a romance centered around her, I'll unleash my rabid moogles on you. Unless you have a VERY good reason, and you tell me why. Once again, negotiable!
  • Het/Straight/Mainstream Romance
        Again, please note that this is a slash archive.
  • PWP
        There are only so many ways two or more people can have sex and I'll leave it up to the people who are actually interested.

± Collecting Your Kiriban ±

IMPORTANT! If we do not receive a kiriban request within 3 weeks of the counter hit, we will be discontinuing that kiriban number, and you can't collect. If you have problems getting through to one staff member, try another, or go through the forum as a last resort.

Send an email to either Necromage or Koorime with the subject header [Kiriban Hit #], substituting your hit for the '#'. Remember you must include the counter pic in your email or I'll come after you with a sharp stick.

Use the following as a rough guide to help you:

  • Your Name - We want to know who it's for, y'know ^_^
  • Fandom - What anime, manga, game etc.
  • Pairing - If applicable
  • Basic plot - Sketch out a plot as detailed as possible so that we may cater to your preferences.
  • Time Frame - ie. post/pre-official storyline. Or even AU.
  • Features - Angst, deathfic, mpreg (even though this is Mage's department) etc.

Include this in your email along with the counter pic, and feel free to add even more fields and requests. The more particulars, the better; since, the more specific you are, the faster your kiriban can be produced :]

We apologise for the delay in delivering the kiribans, but we trying our best to juggle our workloads and general RL rabble with duties onsite.

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