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T h e m e   S o n g s

Thanks to people for your entries!! ^_^ Now we gotta go listen to those songs...

The point of this page is to archive songs that remind you and us of the characters from Final Fantasy VIII. We don't really care how insane it sounds, or who the song is by, if it does remind you of a particular character, add it to that character's Theme Songs. The section uses textGears, which are really easy to use. Just read the instructions if in doubt.

Instructions: If you know of a song that reminds you of a particular character, click on the [Theme Songs - *character name*] and it'll take you to a page with a list of songs that we and other people have submitted. To add your own, click the [Add Your Own Entry] button, and type in your addition in the following order: SONG; the ARTIST who sang them; followed by the KEY LYRICS that sum up why it reminds you of that character. You can put comments at the end of your entry if you want.

   e.g. DOG NEW TRICKS - Garbage [Everyone I know has gone away / Died or left or just forgot to stay / Sometimes took for granted / Sometimes turned away / Sometimes didn't say what I meant to say... ] Comments


IMPORTANT! Do NOT hit Return in your entry, unless making multiple entries. The textGear reads each 'enter/Return' as a separate entry, so your addition will look really messed up. If the lyrics have multiple lines but a '/' to divide them.


If you have a song you want to add for someone we don't have up, email us, and we'll add them pronto.

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