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± the Information Directory ±

The information desk of NS; practically everything you'd want to know about the site can be found through here. Take your time, you don't have to visit everything ^_^

± Site Updates
Every single update we do on the various archives is recorded here. Updates more than a month or two old have been dumped in the Trash Can. Alternatively, you can join the Mailing List where you can find out a helluva lot faster if anything's changed.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

± Site Map
Lost? Can't figure out where the hell you are, or how to get where you want to? The maps right here.

± Fanfic Submission Guidelines
If you'd like to be hosted here at Noire Sensus we'd be more than happy to accept your work. Here's everything you need to know and instructions on how to send your fics to us. For information on what file types are accepted for submission, please go to File Formats.

± Glossary: Warnings & Rating Index
The low down on all the classifications, warnings and ratings we stick on every fic we host. You really should read it before you start going through the archives.

± Affiliating & Affiliates
How to get affiliated with Noire Sensus, and a list of our affiliates.

± Site Related
Information about the site itself; development, disclaimers, resources etc.

±Staff Roll:
Braken Braken - SFA Format Officer
One of the primary SFA Format Officers, Braken also assists in screening submissions and offering technical support onsite.
Eilis Eilis Siani - Consultant
Gives feedback and additional help to the active staff members when needed, but no longer actively works on the site.
Koorime Koorime - Site Co-ordinator
Holds the duty of maintaining/handling public relations, screening and formatting submissions, as well as passing information and/or distributed tasks down the ladder of communication.
Link Link - Fanfic Retrieval Personnel
Charged with the duty of bringing in raw material, that is, fanworks, for the archives. These personnel have loose responsibility of one fandom; Link handles works related to any published titles under the domain of CLAMP.
Dee Loquacia Dee - Forums Administrator
Maintains and hosts the Noire Sensus Forums on her own domain, the Forums Administrator additionally assists in technical support when required onsite.
Mage Necromage - Site Administrator
Top-overseer of Noire Sensus. The Admin has to do most of the programming & all layout development, and gives the final okay on everything before it goes up.
Wolfie Wolfie - Consultant
Gives feedback and additional help to the active staff members when needed, but does not actively work on the site.

± Kiriban Guidelines
If you hit the lucky number and are the kiriban getter, here's the instructions on how to collect your kiriban.

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