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Last Update: 9 December 2005

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Welcome to Version 5: Nadir of Noire Sensus. We are a fansite with various fan media and information dedicated to a wide range of fandoms. Our largest section is the Sensus Fanfiction Archive with slash, yaoi, yuri and general fiction from various anime, games, movies, and books (well, they're now better known more for their movie adaptations). We also have other sections based around them and more: quotes, image archives, information, plus various media etc. so have a look around and enjoy your stay ^.^

We're trying to cut down on the number of graphics used on the site, so we hope you enjoy the new graphic-lite Noire Sensus.

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   Lists all the sites that are part of Noire Sensus.

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   Contains the interactive parts of our site, other sections that don't fit under any particular banner, and also information on upcoming events like competitions and conventions.

Information Directory
   Contains all the information that will hopefully answers any questions you may have. There is a detailed site map and all past site updates can be reached through there. You can also find the glossary for the fanfics we host, and if you're really bored, our profiles, too.

Links Directory
   Has all the sites we've linked, our affiliates, webrings and mailing lists we've joined, and how to link back to Noire Sensus. Use the contact link below if you want us to link you.

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This page is regularly updated so make sure to check back every so often!

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Note: Noire Sensus does not accept the denunciation of any of the featured authors' works or the character interaction depicted within, whether sent directly to the author or through the use of the guestbook. Those participating in such activities are warned that they will be dealt with accordingly.

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All the images (except for the ones that are obviously game renders and the like) on these pages are property of Noire Sensus, or any of the other artists who let us host their work. We spent a lot of time working on them, so if you steal them or hotlink without our or their permission we'll kick your @$$! Booya, baby! ;)