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Welcome to Noire Sensus' image archive - most of the archives in here are actually sections of the various 'shrines' we have; the archive is a quick and easy way to browse all the different image archives through one portal.

Current version features clips from the special hidden ending of Squaresoft (and Disney's) Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - not to be confused with the 'special ending' at the end of the regular Kingdom Hearts. As with all things worth playing, it's not a title we have ready access to in the west. Since KH2 isn't out yet, I'm going to assume the person at the top of the page is an older version of Riku from KH1. Unless anyone else knows any better of course.

Updated 29 April 2005

New character pictures in the Softmax Magna Carta: Crimson Stigmata gallery.

Instructions: Click on the thumbnails in the galleries to view the full image. All images open in a new window which they share after the window's been activated, and require basic javascript to view. There's no need to close down the 'image' window when switching between archives.

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