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Apocrypha Site Map

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» Parent Site Maps for Apocrypha are: the Noire Sensus Site Map

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± Home

Takes you back to the home/welcome page for Apocrypha.

± Updates

View the current and past updates for Apocrypha.

± Fanfiction (Scrolls)

Fanfiction featuring one or more of the Four Gods (also has some miscellaneous pieces featuring the other characters from Fushigi Yuugi). Scrolls is also part of the Bookshelf.

± Image Galleries

Pictures featuring one the Four Gods. Sorted by which God is featured, otherwise, some images appear in various archives.

± Information

Meant to have information about the real life context of where the Four Gods fit into Chinese mythology.


± Glossary

Glossary and explanation of terms used throughout Noire Sensus. Especially applicable to the warnings put on all fanfiction archived here.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Noire Sensus.

± Site | Site Map

'Site' has all the site related information for Apocryph. As for the Site Map, that's that picture at the top of this page :)

± Contact

Contact Mage if you have any questions or comments regarding the site.


± Noire Sensus

Takes you back to the parent site, Noire Sensus, where plenty of other goodies abound :)

± Update ML

Join the Update Mailing List if you want to know when Apocrypha and other site around Noire Sensus are updated.

± Guestbook

Read or Sign the Guestbook.

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