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± the special directory ±

Where we put things that aren't info-related and don't fall into any of our sub-sites. So yeah, the miscellaneous place. This used to be pretty big, but we've axed a lot of sections.

± Noire Sensus Forums
Come visit, join, and muck around our forum (a.k.a our Message Board). We discuss most site related stuff - like stuff you don't like or want us to fix/add, the various fandoms we host, or just chat in the General forum. Some sections are only accessible to registered members and authors, so sign up - it's free :)

± Noire Sensus Livejournal Community
The site journal where you can usually find the most update-to-date information about what's going on with the site, progress reports on the next update, and other things of interest around the internet that visitors to NS might find interesting, etc.

± Gifts
A.K.A kiribans, where our kiriban getters can collect their gifts, and where we store gifts we've been given. This is where you can check the progress of the kiribans.

± Theme Songs
This is where you can 'record' (in lyrics not audio!) the songs you've heard that remind you of a character from different fandoms. Choose which fandom to visit to have a look at what others have said, or add your own. To get back to this page hit the 'Back' button on your browser. These pages are sub-sections within the different sites here on Noire Sensus.

± Theme Songs - Final Fantasy VII

± Theme Songs - Final Fantasy VIII

± Theme Songs - Harry Potter

± Theme Songs - Pirates of the Caribbean

± Downloads - Wallpapers [2]
Wallpapers we've made, free for download. So far only Harry Potter themed ones, but hopefully we'll get more in.

± Adoptees
Itty bitties we've adopted; no blog at the moment, so we let them frolick in here.

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