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» Home/Updates
Introduction and announcement page for Advent and where the current update is posted. Past updates can be accessed through this page under the Last Update link below the current update.

» Main Archive
All Final Fantasy VII stories in the archive can be found here, alphabetised by title.

» Authors
List of all the authors hosted in Advent with a link to their Author File, where all fics they've written for various fandoms which are hosted on Noire Sensus can be found.

» Categories
Sorts the stories according to the categories they fall under.

» Pairings
Sorts the stories according to the main pairing/ship featured in the story. Also sorts them according to whether the story is slash (M/M), slash threesomes (M/M/M), femme slash (F/F), or mainstream (M/F). Gen (general) fics are also sorted here.

» Submissions
Guidelines and rules for how to get your story archived on Advent or the SFA.

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Final Fantasy VII

» Character Profiles
Profiles, stats and details for the characters from Final Fantasy VII.

» Theme Songs
Interactive section - A place to list songs that remind you of the different characters from Final Fantasy VII, and see what others have added themselves. Uses Textgears and all instructions are on the page.

» Quotes
Quotes from the Final Fantasy VII video game.

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» Glossary
Explanation of the rating system, warnings, and classifications used in the Advent/Noire Sensus archive(s).

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

» Site Related
All site information regarding Advent: linking/affiliating, layout, resources, copyright notices, disclaimers etc.

» Site Map
What's where in Advent.

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» Update Mailing List
Subscribe or unsubscribe from the Noire Sensus update mailing list (all Advent updates are included here).

» Sensus Forums
Sign up for a free account on the Noire Sensus Forums and talk to other fans.

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Affiliate your site with Noire Sensus.

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Noire Sensus

» Noire Sensus
Goes back to the main site, Noire Sensus.

» S.F.A
The main/parent fanfiction archive: the Sensus Fanfiction Archive. Links up all the sub-sites like Advent. It has all the fandoms and authors hosted on Noire Sensus, as well as the relevant fanfiction archive information.

» Read/Sign Guestbook
Read or Sign the guestbook.

» Affiliates
Sites affiliated with Noire Sensus.

» Contact Us
Information on how to contact us with questions or feedback.

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