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Site updates from July to September 2003

26 September 2003

Attempting the 'at least one update a month' trick. Main incentive for this update: a new archive from out of nowhere - Bella Donna is Noire Sensus' new Pirates of the Caribbean slash and gen fanfiction archive (based of course, on Disney's new movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl). Why is it coming out so late compared to the archives already out there? Blame it on the distributors decision to release the movie in Australia two months after it was released in America >.< There are times when I hate living in this country. So while everyone else was busy gushing over Captain Jack Sparrow, we didn't have a clue what you were going on about. Now, we understand ;)

The current archive is only meant as a temporary archive until a.) the staff decide on a name for the archive and b.) we finalise the layout. Who knows? It may not change at all, and will forever be 'Bella Donna'. We'll see what happens. All information pertinant to the new archive is in its Site Related section.

There will probably be a number of 'small' updates compared to our regular ones in the following few weeks as we build the archive and studiously ignore our looming finals. Oh, and we also added our usual 'Theme Song' section that we have on site shrines to Bella Donna . Don't know what the heck that is? Head on over and find out :)

Other things to note this update: revisions throughout the site. The glossary and its related ratings, the FAQ, and minor notes in the Fic Submissions information have all been revised. New answers/questions, and clarifications on the ratings and warnings.

Also, a new link this update: Pearls is new author Webcromancer's port of call and mini-fanfiction archive dedicated to Pirates of the Caribbean. Well worth the visit, I assure you :) Fiction plus other fic recs, and she updates more often than we do.

New archives this update in the Bookshelf: Pirates of the Caribbean - but you already knew that.

To view the fanfic updates, go through the Bookshelf - 9 new authors and 42 new fics today. Main focus this update seemes to have been on completing Work In Progresses.


24 August 2003

And here's the fic update we've been promising for over a month :)

As promised, the new Lord of the Rings archive is now operational: Hithaeglir, is now a fully fledged archive. Navigating around is the same as all the other archives, but hopefully, a little easier (even made a mini-sitemap for the darn thing).

We've made some minor design changes around the site - just changing a few link colours here and there. The Glossary has been revised - had to add a few new acronyms. The staff profiles have been revised, and Braken's now taken on a secondary role helping Eilis. Authors Emerald Embers and Telanu both have new contact emails if you need to update your address books, and Emerald Embers has her new site linked through her profile (you can access both through the Bookshelf link below).

Elsewhere around the site, there are 17 new pictures (and a new sub-archive) in the War of Genesis archive in the Image Galleries, and of course I've made/revised the old banners. We have two new links this update: Standing in the Shadows, and Draconis Carpe Noctem both Harry Potter sites well worth a visit.

We've also had plenty of help with the unknowns in the Quotes Archive, so now almost all 'unknowns' have been identified :) The kiriban problem (that hasn't quite presented itself yet) should be fixed come Monday - Bravenet's bringing back their image counters, so to everyone who was worried about how we were going to tackle the new text counters - there shouldn't be any problems :)

Three new sub-archives this update in the Bookshelf: Final Fantasy Tactics, Golden Sun and Gundam Wing.

To view the fanfic updates, go through the Bookshelf - 48 new authors and 169 new fics today. Also, almost as many of updates for work in progresses. That should keep you busy for a while ;)


19 July 2003

This is a site update - not a fic update i.e. there are no new fics this update. There have simply been too many small (and some major) changes around the site since last May and sneaking them in has become cumbersome.

For those worried about the fics: the fic update has stalled about halfway through the process - the majority of new fics have been formatted, but the archiving process has hit a few bumps (namely new archives that have to be built, and others that are in the midst of being partially revamped). A fic update will be done at the earliest in one week - uni restarts this week for many of the staff.

First off, the major site development this update: the Noire Sensus Image Galleries have been built. This means all existing image galleries have been revamped, resorted, and more importantly - expanded. Around a hundred new images have been added to the FF8 and Softmax galleries.

Behind the scenes, we have a new recruit joining us this update: Braken is our new SFA Format Officer in charge of formatting fics for the SFA esp. Gramarye.

The FAQ has been redone and is now far more complete covering all the questions we've been asked over the years. Hopefully, it will now be more useful.

There are plenty of new quotes this update in the Quote Archive. Just go to the 'New Quotes' section in the 'Navigate Archive' menu. The FF8 Character Profiles have also been revamped - the layout now ties in better with the rest of the site.

Regarding leaving the site: we have three new affiliates this update, Lirimaer a LotR FPS Aragorn/Legolas & RPS Viggo/Orlando archive, The Malfoy Slash Archive a HP archive dedicated to all things Malfoy, and Pure Magnetism a HP Harry/Draco fansite. There're plenty of goodies in each :)

Also, new links this update: Snape Slash Fleet Port of Call the homebase for the entire Snape Slash fleet, and Steve ROX! » A Steve Fox Shrine dedicated to Steve Fox from Tekken 4. In other news, the URL to Scarlet Fever's site has been updated.

Next update: the Lord of the Rings archive will definitely be up; I've redone the blasted thing six times already and you guys haven't even seen one incarnation of the archive onsite yet >.<

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