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Site updates from May to July 2001

30 July 2001

Reorganised the quotes section, and added two new 'categories' cos of the new ones, and I just found out K-chan totally wiped the last batch of new quotes *_* Lucky I had a back up on my harddisk. Added a couple of links in the 'Friends & Misc.' section, and that's about it... I think.

Updates for Apocrypha Scrolls:

  • Chapters 7 and 8 of J. Marie's fic, Only Time have been added to the archive; I have Chapter 9 sitting all nice and dandy at home, but total laziness has set in and I've gotta start studying *_* Geez, I just got it today, give me a wee bit more time and it'll be up soon.

Rather important note: I added a poll to the main library index about whether or not we should add a new pairings listing to the archive. I couldn't decide, so I need people's input. In otherwords: go vote!!

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue: (Two new authors today! ^_^)

  • From our new author Baby Dragon, a new angsty little Seifer/Squall fic, Windows, has been added.
  • And from our author latest author, Ryuta, a cute little Seifer/Zell songfic, Thank You based around Dido's song.
  • From FlyGirl, chapter seven of her Seifer/Squall, Squall/Rinoa fic, Kurai Kaze, is up in the archives.
  • The latest chapter of Julie's Seifer/Zell fic, Rivaling Cygnet has been added.
  • And chapter sixteen of Lady Tempest's The Bloodcross Key: Reversals has been linked ^_^

Y'know what I did? Since we're getting so many songfics based around her songs, I went out and bought Dido's CD today. Now I just gotta get home to listen to it.

July 17 2001

Alrighty, some updates today...

Updates for the Garden Card Catalogue:

  • Re-added Jeremy Chapter's Pupu's Saga because there were some major changes, and today I actually got the new chapters up! Necromage thought I'd be going on the net and adding them, but no. So it's all up now, along with the illustrations.

Added The Jukebox to the Quad in the Garden. There are now midis available or download, thanks to Dark Nation.

And last but not least! I got the Pocket pages up! Finally, yay! So, you can now go and see all the Pocket Bishonen that we've caught. You can also have a look at all of the Pocket Bishoujo that we've caught.

So... yup, that's today's update. Basically, it's a 'play-download-have-fun' kinda update. ^_^

16 July 2001

Okay, first and formost, I've made a new submission email cos I never imagined my general purpose Inbox would get so full Hotmail would start spamming me *_* I absolutely love getting submissions, they totally make my day, so don't stop just cos I changed the email! Please? The new email to send fics to is nssubmissions @ Thanks.

Updates for Apocrypha Scrolls:

  • I've added the latest two chapters of J. Marie's fic, Only Time to the archive, and it's all ready to be read ^_^

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue: (One new author today! ^_^)

  • Chapter 16 of Jeremy Chapter's Pupu's Saga has been added, along with five new illustrations in chapters 2, 14, 15 and 16.
  • From new author Silver Angel, our only Seifer/Squall fic for this update (for once! ^_~); So Now You See... has been added to the archves.
  • Linked chapter fiveteen of Lady Tempest's Bloodcross Key: Reversals to the archives,
  • As well as the latest chapter of Homecoming; I'm not exactly sure the chapters are up on her site yet, but they're linked anyway.
  • Two more chapters of Scarlet Fever's Xerampelinae are up in the archive.
  • Black Gem's Vis, a Irvine/Zell fic, and the sequel to You Can Still Be Free has been added; I had to do a little searching to find it...
  • A couple of new fics from Krystiana, both of them Seifer/Zell ficcies ^_^ The first, Harlem Nocturne,
  • And the second is Lie: A Vignette. Both are up in the archives.
  • And last but not least, J. Marie's taken a break from her Fushigi Yuugi fic, to complete #1 Crush, the first half of the story-arc from her and Scarlet Fever.

There's a whole bunch of new quotes in the main quote archive, and I've added the link to J. Marie's new Fushigi Yuugi site ^_^ That's about all for today. They've introduce quotas on my internet usage at the uni, but I'm not sure how this'll impact updates.... :( Oh! Did I mention I passed Stats!? Yay for me! ^___^

3 July 2001

Sorry about yesterday, tried to get all the updates done but I had to go to class ^_^;;

We revamped some of the pages in theGarden, it should theoretically look different, but I can't seem to get the backgrounds up... Well, I'll figure that out later. Ah, let's see if I can remember, Necromage also revised the indexes of the Quad and Training Center is now up. We also have a new author who has given us lots of ficcies! ^_^

Updates for the Fushigi Yuugi Apocrypha - Scrolls:

  • Chapter 4 of J. Marie's Only Time, a NakagoxTasuki fic has been added, and the other chapters revised, so go and have a look-see.

Updates for the Garden Card Catalogue:

  • Angie's fic I Need To Know has been revised.
  • From new author Emily, we have the first A Night Full of Stars, the first part of her Seifer/Laguna series.
  • The sequel, Next Day, which, naturally, is also Seifer/Laguna ^_^ They're both up in the archives.
  • Also from Emily, a little Seifer/Zell, Koi, using the double meaning of the Japanese word.
  • Melusine which is also Seifer/Zell, and will eventually be a Squall/someone when the story progresses...
  • An AU SeiferxSquall short, Naming the Cat has been added to the archives.
  • And finally from Emily, a Seifer/Zell/Squall fic (lotsa threesome fics coming in... *_*) Skin featuring a very identity-confused Squall.
  • From Forbidden Angelus, a short angsty SeiferxZell fic, The Gift has been added.
  • And a poem for once -- Pandora's Sweet Siren, a Laguna/Julia poem is up in the archives.
  • Last but not least, J. Marie has completed Reunion, and the entire fic is up and ready for reading! ^_^
29 June 2001

Added a few more fics to the Garden Card Catalogue cos I was feeling guilty for the lack of updates over the last month...

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue:

  • Flamika sent me a new piece yesterday, so I figured I'd get cracking and update today ^_^ So Breaking Point, has been added to the archives. It's a bitter little Seifer piece during the SeeD ball, with a hint of Seifer/Squall.
  • I finally managed to get up off my a$$ and get the one fic I'd missed by Angie! I Need To Know is up in the archives. And it's a ZellxIrvine, so not all the fics added today are Seifer/Squalls, see?
  • A whole heap of fics by twentysix years of therapy have been added. The first, Snake In The Grass, with no real pairings is up.
  • The second which is definitely a SeiferxSquall, Grading System has been added to the archives.
  • And finally, a little Eden piece, all about that unique ability 'Devour'. Something Devoured is up in the archives.
28 June 2001

Major update today -- cos Angelfire crashed on me on Tuesday, and wouldn't let me finish my update :( ...Now I just have to remember what I did around the site... &_&

I totally redid the Garden, so you can go check that out and give me a little feedback, neh? I think it looks much better than before, or else I wouldn't have bothered!... but still, other people's opinions help me improve the site so feeback is gooood. That also means that almost all the links in the Garden are different now, so if you had a bookmark or something to a particular page, go check out the Garden and make sure it still works. The Card Catalogue is totally revamped, as well. 'Tis why it's taken me so long to update the site ^_^

Uh, what did I open in the Garden... Well, the Infirmary is up, the Quad is revamped, the Dorms, Cafeteria, and Library are still kicking, and I haven't a clue what's going on in the Training Center *_*

I also overhauled the Fushigi Yuugi Apocrypha site, cos it just looked like crap *_* But I still put it up so I had something there... maybe not one of my best ideas. I also opened the FY image galleries, so you can go look at piccies as well as read fics there, and I'll have the info sections up as soon as I can be bothered getting up off my a$$ and to the library.

I went through the authors files and made sure their stats were up to date ie. that I had their websites, and all... except for those people who I've totally lost track of :( I can't find The March Hare's site -- does anyone know what the addy is?

I've also revised and added a few more classifications to the Warnings and Ratings Index, as well as revised the Fic Submissions page. Nothing major, just asked for website address and name, is all.

NOW! On to the updates I bet you were waiting for ^_^

Updates for the Fushigi Yuugi Apocrypha - Scrolls:

  • J. Marie's started writing Fushigi Yuugi fics!! --and it has a bit of Seiryuu/Suzaku action in it, so I asked if we could archive it; best part is, she said yes! ^_^ So, Only Time, her NakagoxTasuki fic (with an itty bit of the gods in it ^_~) has been added to the archive.

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue (with two more new authors! ^_^):

  • The last five chapters of Sniffle's Don't Make Him Cry, have been added, and I've added the fic to a couple more archives so it gets more coverage...
  • The latest chapter of GlitterGirl's Coming Out Party, is up.
  • Also from GlitterGirl, the end of Scars: Rooftops - Epilogue is up! It's finally finished! ^_^ Scars: Rooftops has also been revised, so go read it, too.
  • Fantasy Lover's SeiferxSquall fic, Crush, is complete. Chapters 14-16 have been added to the archives.
  • From new author Forbidden Angelus, a cute little Seifer/Squall fic, Only Him... has been added to the archives
  • From our other new author Pandora, a thinkful SeiferxSquall fic, Hunter is up in the archives.
  • Firstly, from J. Marie, her new SquallxSeifer giftfic, Festival of Fools is up,
  • As well as the first part of her latest SeiferxSquall, #1 Crush (Yay! A Garbage song! ^_^), a fic exchange with Scarlet Fever.
  • And lastly from J. Marie, the second to last chapter of Reunion has been added. It's finally lived up to the rating ^_^ *hint hint*
  • The revised version of twentysix-years-of-therapy's, Broken has been added to the archive. Also updated her email, and website -- so go check it out, too ^_^
  • Linked the next three parts of Lady Tempests The Bloodcross Key: Reversals to the archive...
  • The latest addition in BlackRose's Battle Grounds Series, Battle Grounds: Sacrifices has been added.
  • We also have the first two parts of her latest fic, which I think is going to be a LagunaxSquallxZell threesome *_* Make A Wish.
  • From Scarlet Fever, the next two chapters of Xerampelinae have been added.
  • And last but not least, also from Scarlet Fever, a raunchy lil piece: Sin City, a SeiferxZellxSquall fic is up in the archives!

So, there you have it ^_^ Have fun!

22 June 2001

Just thought that you might want to know, a small update for today. Added CB Booyaka Guild to the updates page. Also added a huge chunk of new quotes to the Quotes Index, the new ones are indicated with the new icon.

14 June 2001

Today, I have only managed to do one thing, update Jeremy's Chapter fanfics! And I'm sorry it took so long, the illustrations are all missing. Actually, one is still missing.

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue:

  • Added new Chapter 15,version, of Jeremy Chapter's Pupu's Saga.
  • Added the new illustrations and fixed some of the links for the saga (yes, the same one), the updated chapters have the update icon next to them
12 June 2001

Launched Version 2 of Noire Sensus today ^_^ It should be up by the end of the day, depending on how long it takes to upload. I've tried to improved accessibility around the site, and the menu on the left should take you anywhere you want to go.

Tons of sections have been added to Noire Sensus, which is why it's taken us so long to update. The Site Map should explain all the new and old sections. I basically had to reload the entire site *_*

All the old subsites - ie. Final Fantasy VIII and Fushigi Yuugi - are staying the same, except a minor change in title image on the FF8 page. It would just take too long to change right now. The Tekken site has finally been added, but none of the links lead anywhere yet *_* We need submissions!

Nothing to report so far on the Sue's kiriban, besides that we've started it. But it'll have to take a backseat for my finals this week and next... I'm supposed to be studying right now -_-

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue:

  • Added seven more chapters of Sniffle's Don't Make Him Cry, and Sephiroth's finally appeared! ^_^
  • Also from Sniffles, To Kiss, To Dream, a little Squall/Zell fic has been added.
  • Chapter 3 of GlitterGirl's Coming Out Party has been added to the archive.
  • From new author Black Gem, five new fics: Don't Stop Looking For Love, our first yuri fic ever!
  • Don't Think of Me a little angsty Squall/Irvine fic,
  • As well as Tears of a Sniper her SeiferxIrvine epic.
  • We also have You Can Still Be Free her very angsty Irvine fic,
  • And Breaking Dreams co-authored with another featured author, Lady Tempest.
  • From Lady Tempest herself, we have the latest parts of The Bloodcross Key: Reversals, and
  • The newest chapter of Homecomeing - and it's not gonna be a Seifer/Rinoa fic.
  • Chapters four to seven of J. Marie's Reunion, are up in the archive.
  • Also from J. Marie, her appropriately named Threesome (SeiferxSquallxZell) has been added.
  • From our other new author Kaoru Namikata, Falling Apart, a new Seifer/Squall fic set during the game.
  • The updated/revised/new version of Alix Vitesse's 'Search', Ironic has been added to the archive ^_^
  • And last but not least, chapters twelve to fourteen of Scarlet Fever's Xerampelinae are up. Things are really taking a turn for the worst...

We topped a hundred fics in the Garden today! ^_^ Heh, I'm only missing two letters in the archive. Anyone wanna submit a story beginning with a 'J' or 'V'? ^_^

You know what takes ages? Changing email addresses - especially if it's for an archived fic. Finding the fic(s) takes ages... Not that I'm complaining, or nothing ^_^. There are probably typos and shit all over the catalogue; it's what I get for updating at 3am after three days straight working non-stop on the site... *sigh*

22 May 2001

Look! An update in less than a week! But it'll probably be the last update for a little while; studies are really starting to pack it on.

Overhauled the Author's Files cos the colour scheme's been pissin' me off since I first put it up. Not that I have anything against green, it's my favourite colour, but it just looked really crappy. I also added a link to the author's website (if applicable) and updated some of their emails. Like J. Marie's whose had a new email since moving outta Angelfire, but that never occured to me, now did it? *_*

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue:

  • Sniffle's finished Don't Try To Save Me today! Or was it yesterday... Newayz, the complete epic is up and ready for you to read ^)^
  • Also added chapter seven of her crossover fic Don't Make Him Cry - lotsa Turk action today ^_^
  • GlitterGirl's written another part of her great fic Scars: Rooftops and I've added the latest part to the chapter. There's only an epilogue to go now...
  • GlitterGirl's also letting us host her newest Seifer/Squall fic Coming Out Part. It's really great, if not just cos it's Seifer/Squall, but Zell's great in it, too ^_^
  • From Fantasy Lover, I've uploaded chapter thirteen of Crush, and that seems to be winding to a close, too.
  • Added chapter three of J. Marie's Reunion - I've still gotta go through all her fics and change her email addy...
  • From new author Destiny Xavier, a new Seifer/Squall fic Solace's Offerings, set after the game.
  • And from Julie (a.k.a Raruka-chan), her latest fic which is a Seifer/Zell (surpise, surprise) Rivaling Cygnet. It's also promising a glut load of other pairings ^_^
  • K-chan wrote a poem! And I got her to post it!! ^_^ Silent Reverie, our second poem, is up in the archives. You haveta guess from whose POV it is.
  • Coupla updates for Lady Tempest: added part nine (and part eight if I didn't before) of her epic The Bloodcross Key: Reversals
  • As well as her newest effort, Homecoming which will be a Seifer/Squall fic, despite current appearances. Both are linked up and ready to be read ^_^
  • And last but most definitely not least (I was totally floored when I saw this in my Inbox - yay, a new part!), the March Hare has finally written another chapter of Squall's Imprisonment ! Go check it out, we have it and it's up! ^_^
18 May 2001

Hiya! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, college is really starting to lay it on thick -_- So, a medium sized update since I've been promising a coupla people an update, and the guilt is starting to get to me. btw, wondering why I always list the updates to the FY section first? Cos I want you guys to go there! Not that I'm not working hard on the Garden - that's still my pride and joy ^_^

Updates for the Fushigi Yuugi Apocrypha: Scrolls:

  • Ming-Ling is letting us host two of her fics ^_^ Both are nice, non-angsty pieces, and the first focuses almost exclusively on Taiitsukun! The Creater may not be one of the Four gods, but they'd definitely not be around without her/him - er, what's Taiitsukun's gender again?? *_* So, the first fic, The Creater, is obviously about Taiitsukun.
  • And the other, Greatest of Gods, is the other three (cos turtles are slow -_-), argueing over who's the best. Great, huh?

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue:

  • Lesee now... Julie - aka Raruka-chan and a whole heap of other things - is letting us host her great new Seifer/Squall fic, Sentimental Brilliance, and it's up in the archive. Also added a link to her Seifer/Squall site in the Links & Webrings page, in the FF8 section.
  • From Sniffles, chapter eleven of Don't Try To Save Me, has been added, and things are really taking a turn for the worst for Seif,
  • And for her crossover with FF7, Don't Make Him Cry chapter six has been added.
  • I made a major bad, and thought that Fantasy Lover's Seifer/Squall fic, Crush was finito and archived it as such >_< And what do we have today? Seven new chapters *_* Gomen nasai to her if she's reading this.
  • FlyGirl's written another part to Kurai Kaze, so chapter six is up!
  • Finally got around to linking the latest chapter of Lady Tempest's The Bloodcross Key: Reversals, so you can go read chapter 8 now.
  • And J. Marie's still writing!! ^_^ We have her newest Seifer/Squall fic, Reunion up in the archives.

Yeah, I know we're pretty biased with which pairings are getting updated most often. I'd like to see more Irvine/Zell, or just Irvine/anyone, but fact is, we don't actively look for it/them. So if you want more of something, and happen to have some on hand - submit it! Or give is a pointer to some good fics and authors and we'll drop them a line. And then it'll be here. Sorry, but Seifer/Squall is our favourite, and with us, we have to go with our obsessions or we get bored. Or pissed. Or frustrated. And then we don't communicate and no updates happen. Gomen.

8 May 2001

Messed around the site, trying to get it more Netscape compatable. I'm not sure how successful I was, though >_<

Updates for the Fushigi Yuugi Apocrypha: Scrolls:

  • Two new authors are letting us host their fanfics ^_^ From Megumi, we have Forgotten Sutra, a little piece on Miboshi delivering his tale of his journies in the mortal realm to his god, Seiryuu.
  • And Brian Yoon is letting us host his epic, The Carnage Saga, centering - once again - around Seiryuu.

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue:

  • The latest installement of BlackRose's Battle Grounds Series Battle Grounds: In The Trenches, has been added to the archive.
  • From Sniffles, chapter ten of Don't Try To Save Me, us up,
  • As well as her latest epic - a crossover between Final Fantasy VII and VIII - Don't Make Him Cry (working title), is up. It's promising to be a Seifer/Rufus fic, rare pairing, huh?
  • From new author Fantasy Lover, a new SeiferxSquall fic, Crush is up in the archives - no stealing people, or we'll hunt you down. Actually, no stealing of any fics on our site - ask the authors if you want to host them on your own pages.
  • And last but certainly not least - ^_^ - Dark Angel Genesis is letting us host her multi-crossover fic (between FFIV, FFVII and FFVIII o_O and it's yaoi) Triple Triad. It's been revised, so if you've read it somewhere else, here it is new and improved ^_^
1 May 2001

Fixed and added more Theme Songs to the Garden Quad. Didn't really feel like doing much else. Also shifted the old updates from April into the Trash, except for yesterday's one.

Coming Soon (cos I've got 'em on hard drive, but not up here yet):

  • New Fushigi Yuugi fic: Forgotten Sutra
  • New crossover fic from Sniffles
  • Latest installment of BlackRose's Battle Series saga
  • Fixing up of the Quad
  • Forum?? We don't know yet, ezboard is still confusing me *_*

Just a coupla things to look forward to ^_^

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