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J u k e b o x

This is the Final Fantasy VIII Jukebox where we store all of our midis, unfortunately we cannot give you the MP3s because they're too big to upload. Listed in alphabetical order. Thanks to Dark Nation for letting us borrow these.

As well as questions or comments, if you have any midis for Final Fantasy VIII that you don't see here, please send them to the Co-Ordinator.

[Disc 1] [Disc 2] [Disc 3] [Disc 4]

D I S C   O N E
Blue Fields Download
Breezy Download
Dollet Download
Don't Be Afraid Download
Don't Be Afraid - Extended Version Download
Find Your Way Download
Force Your Way Download
Julia Download
Junction Download
Liberi Fatali Download
Loser Download
Never Look Back Download
Shuffle or Boogie Download
Starting Up Download
The Landing - Demon Download
The Landing Download
The Man with the Machine Gun Download
The Winner Download
Timber Owls Download
Waltz for the Moon Download

D I S C   T W O
A Sacrifice Download
Ami Download
Jailed Download
Jazzy FH Download
My Mind Download
Only a Plank Between One and Perdition Download
Premonition Download
The Mission Download
The Stage is Set Download

D I S C   T H R E E
Eyes on Me Download
Fisherman's Horizon Download
ODEKA de Chocobo Download
Silence and Motion Download
Slideshow Part 2 Download
The Oath Download
Where I Belong Download

D I S C   F O U R
Compression of Time Download
Lunatic Pandora Download
Maybe I'm a Lion Download
Mods de Chocobo Download
Overture Download
Ride On Download
The Castle Download
The Extreme Download
The Successor Download

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