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Last Update

Last update for the Chronicles:

Updated: 29 November 2004 | 10 new fics and 1 new author

- New Fics -

Dangerous [Hwoarang X Jin], Demolition Lovers [Hwoarang X Jin, Jin X Steve, Hwoarang X OC]
by Chlover

Hemorrhage, My Will [both Xiaoyu X Jin], Here to Stay, Mirror of My Hate, The Soul He Didn't Have [all Bryan X Lei], In the Shadows [Bryan X Lei, Hwoarang X Jin, Kazuya X Lee], Leaving the Monotony [Paul X Lei]
by Sapphire17

Hands Clean [Jin X Hwoarang]
by Saihitei Seishuku

- Updated Fics -

Chapters 7 - 18 of Crossfire [Kazuya X Hwoarang, Hwoarang X Julia, Hwoarang X Jin, Hwoarang X Lee]
by Chlover

Chapters 10 - 11 of The Art of Fighting, Chapter 4 of Faded Rivalry [both Hwoarang X Jin]
by Prosopopeia

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