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Hands Clean

Chapter One - The Dare

By Saihitei Seishuku

Hwoarang stepped out into the street, he was recalling what had happened. It played over and over in his mind. It had all begun with a simple dare.

Flash Back

Steve laughed, his drink spilling everywhere. "Oi, it's my turn, mate?" Hwoarang nodded, Steve smiled evilly. "Truth or Dare?" The fiery haired man returned his smile.

"Dare." Steve's smile grew bigger, he had formed the perfect dare to pin on his friend.

"I dare you to go out on as many dates with the person I choose," Hwoarang laughed.

"Is that all?"

"Hold on, mate. Who ever said that that was the whole dare?" Hwoarang's smile dropped a little. "In drag." His smile vanished completely.

"Who am I to 'date?'" Hwoarang asked.

"Oh, you know him real well, mate."

"Who, Steve?"

"Jin Kazama." He said, laughing in a drunkish mannor. "Starting tommorrow, you're gonna be the prettiest lil' thang to hit this city." Hwoarang's expression was pure hatred towards the man he had called a friend. "Oi, it's just a date, not like I'm asking you to have sex with him."

Hwoarang's glare did not diminish. Steve pat him on the back. "Don't worry, mate. I'll accompany you on every date." After a moment he put in, "Well, not exactly. We don't want him to know. Gotta go now, bye." He called as he left his chair at the bar.

Hwoarang had sat there for what seemed like an eternity. "What am I going to do? Steve'll never let me out of this." He said quietly to himself. Tommorrow he was going to become his rival's bitch. 'Well, if he has a girlfriend, there's no way I can go through with this dare.' He thought.

Hwoarang stood from his seat and silently took his exit. He would need as much sleep as he could possibly get, since Steve was invovled with this, tommorrow would be a long day.

The next morning, a pounding came at Hwoarang's door. Steve had wanted to get an early start in making Hwoarang 'the prettiest lil' thang.' Hwoarang growled as Steve let himself in. "Do you have any idea what time it is, you asshole?"

Steve smiled at his friend's appearance. He had fallen asleep on his couch, causing his hair to stick out at odd angles. "Now, is that any way for a lady to speak?" He said in a joking mannor. Hwoarang threw a pillow at his British friend, hitting him directly in the head.

"Go away, Steve." Hwoarang growled. Steve shook his head.

"No can do, mate. Have ta fix you up."

"This early?!"

"Yes, this early." His orange-haird friend's facial expression was that of pure anger. "Remind me never ta wake you up." He had obviously just voiced his own thoughts.

Hwoarang shrugged it off and looked at the bags Steve had brought with him. "What's in the bags?"

"Just some stuff ta help me make you beautiful." He said while laughing at his own joke.

He sat down next to the Korean. "First, let's start with your legs." He said, pulling out a box of one of the bags.

"Steve. What the hell is that?"

"Something Ling gave me. She called it wax. Or something like that."

"Does she know?!" He almost screamed.

"Yea, of course she does. She's helping me." As if on cue, Ling Xaioyu walked into his appartment. She smiled at her friend on the couch.

"This is going to be sooo much fun!" She exclaimed, clapping her hands together in delight. "We definately need to start with his legs." She said noting his obviously rough legs. "Hand me the wax. You hold him down, Steve." Steve nodded and moved to sit closer to Hwoarang.

Ling grinned evilly as she grabbed the box, "This is going to hurt. But, trust me, you'll get used to it."

After many screams, his legs were finally smooth. "Much better! Now lets try some dresses on him. Then the make-up!." Suddenly he remembered something from the previous night.

"Wait. What if he has a girlfriend or something?" Hwoarang said, trying to buy his way out of the situation. But, to his dismay, Steve spoke up.

"Another reason why I recruted her. Don't worry, mate. He doesn't have a girlfriend." He chirped. With nothing else to hold onto, he succombed to his torture.

About a few hours later, Hwoarang was definately a 'fine piece of ass' as Steve had put it. "Thank the gods you have long eyelashes, Hwoarang!" Ling exclaimed. "Fake ones would look horrible on you." She began to do a once over him, making sure every thing was in place.

His hair was hanging loose around his face, and the back was pulled into a tight ponytail. He was wearing a lovely emerald dress, that fit his form perfectly; it accentuated his eyes. Ling had done his make-up well, he looked definately worthy of the title of beautiful.

He turned to face his friends. "Do I really have to go out in public like this? What if someone recognizes me?" He asked them, not wanting to ruin his reputation of 'The Blood Talon'. Steve closed his mouth, trying to ease his friend's worries.

"Don't worry, mate. Ya don't look anything like your old self."

Ling nodded, "Jin'll absolutely fall for you!" The Korean glared at her.

"You just want to see two guys go out, you yaoi-crazed freak." She smiled and nodded.

"Of course. Why else?" She laughed, "He's going to be at a club. I invited him. I told him that I was bringing a friend, and my newest boyfriend!" She said, shooting an evil glare at Steve.

"Oh, no way! I'm not gonna go out with you!" She glared at him.

"It's only pretend. We both need an excuse to be there. Or neither of them will have anything to talk about!" She yelled, hitting him on the head in the process.

"Oi...fine. I'll do it." He then turned his attention back to Hwoarang. "Ya know, we can't just call him Hwoarang. He needs a female name...how about Jamie?"

"How about not?" Hwoarang shot back.

"Karie?" Ling asked.

"No. I didn't really like that movie." Hwoarang replied. "It sucked."

"Hana?" Steve posed. Ling clapped her hands together, she obviously liked that one.

"Sure, whatever. It's better than the other two." He said, shrugging the matter off. "What time are we going to meet Jin?"

"Around eight." Ling said, laughing.


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