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Faded Rivalry

Chapter 4 - Sleeping Arrangements

By Prosopopeia

Two hours had passed in the Kazama household. In those two hours Jin had managed to swear more than he ever had in all his previous years and all of them were directly resulted from Hwoarang's antics. Jin had never thought it would be so difficult to watch over one, full-grown man. Yet the Korean youth had managed to stifle his reasoning once again.

The two were currently sitting on the couch—as far apart from each other as possible—with eyes fixated on the television screen. A scream was issued from the set and Hwoarang snickered loudly.

"Is it really that funny?" inquired Jin, arching an eyebrow. Why am I watching a movie he chose when this is my own house?

The redhead glanced at him momentarily. "What, can't handle a little blood?" he challenged back. How the fuck does he manage to be a fighter?

"Not like this, no," came the calm reply. I'm really not liking this. "Let's try another movie."


At once, Jin jumped in surprise before looking at Hwoarang. What the…? "What is it?" he asked in concern.

Hwoarang threw him a dirty look. "You are not changing movies," he stated firmly. This is "28 Days Later", dammit. There's no way I'm letting Jinny change it to some cheap movie like "Titanic"… "You'll get used to it. It's not all blood and gore."

Jin narrowed his eyes. "Can you even watch the movie? I mean, you were having difficulty telling apart a knife from a fork before," he pointed out curiously.

There was silence for a while. And during that brief pause, Hwoarang wracked his brain for something to say.

"I can still hear it," he finally replied.

That was utterly brilliant, Blood Talon.

"Okay." He really is a stubborn bastard… "I could go to the store and get some aspirin you know…"

Hwoarang glared hard at the Japanese man. "I can sleep it off," he all but growled.

Jin hid a smile as he shrugged. "All right, fine," he said before turning his attention back to the movie.

For a few minutes there were no more words exchanged between the fighters. The focus was now back on the movie. Jin wondered curiously to himself as he watched the scene before him. I wonder how it would be like if I woke up all alone in a hospital…naked…with Hwoarang watching me… At once, the man bit his lip and tried desperately to get the image out of his mind. No, no…absolutely NO! A brief shiver ran up his spine as he stared at the screen weakly.

Meanwhile, Hwoarang was having some of the same thoughts as well. Being alone in an entirely empty Tokyo…that would be freaky. And then Jin would find me…fuck. The redhead narrowed his eyes and tightened his fist, nearly breaking the cup in his grasp. No more thoughts like that! Let's make Jin one of the affected victims… He's a mindless, bloodthirsty man… I have to kill him… Slice and dice… Yeah. Satisfied with his train of thoughts, Hwoarang smiled and leaned back more comfortably. It was a good thing he had watched the movie before when his vision was still steady otherwise he would never have been able to imagine such a scene.

"What would you do?"

Blinking, Hwoarang looked at Jin confusedly. "What?" he asked dumbly. Is he going psycho on me now?

"What would you do if you were in that guy's situation?" repeated Jin, staring at him seriously.

"I would probably do the same thing he did. Walk around wondering what happened to everyone. But I would steal more food and money than him. And not go into a church," replied Hwoarang wickedly. Despite having bloodthirsty cannibals after you, the situation wouldn't be too bad. Of course, it would be kind of lonely…

Jin chuckled lightly. "You are very bad, Hwoarang," he commented. What else was to be expected?

"How about you?"

The Japanese youth froze in surprise. Hwoarang stared back at him seriously and without any waver in his gaze. Jin tilted his head to the side wonderingly. "Probably wait around a day trying to find other people. If I didn't, though, I'd probably just kill myself," he answered truthfully.

"Really? But you could wipe the floor clean with those cannibals."

Jin smiled a bit ruefully. "True, but if there's no one else around, I wouldn't want to stick to living for too long," he said.

Hwoarang looked at him curiously before smirking. "Coward," he insulted. Kill himself…just because there was no one else around? I would never do that. I would travel and continue searching for other people.

"Hey, it's just a movie. I don't think anything like that will happen any time soon."

An eyebrow rose slowly. "Oh? Can you be so sure of that? Look at you. You're half demon. You wouldn't think that could happen now would you?" he retorted.

"Guess so," replied Jin tightly. Sometimes I forget he knows what I am…

"And you don't see me running around like a maniac," continued Hwoarang.

Jin threw a teasing look at him. "Well, I predict if you did try running, you would look like a maniac because you'll probably end up crashing into a million things," he shot back.

"Fuck you!" replied Hwoarang. Is he taunting me? Me? The Blood Talon? The one who will kick his ass all the way down to hell when I recover? Oh, he's definitely getting it now…

And before he could even make his move, Jin suddenly spoke up.

"How about we go to sleep?"


Hwoarang stared at him incredulously. Dammit, I was going to make my move! He gestured to the movie. "It's not done yet!" he complained loudly.

"We can finish it tomorrow. Besides, it's getting late," replied Jin charmingly as he turned off the set.

The Korean man looked at the blank TV set and then at the clock. He squinted several times before giving up. Not only was it dim in the living room, but there was no way he would have been able to read those tiny hands. He scowled deeply. When the fuck will this headache leave me alone?!

"It's close to one in the morning if you were curious. So I think it's safe to say we should get some sleep. You can take my bed," quipped Jin as he stood up, stretching. What kind of host would I be if I didn't offer him my room? And he couldn't help but feel slightly tingly at the thought of Hwoarang sleeping in his bed.

"No, I can take the couch," replied Hwoarang obstinately.

Jin crossed his arms and sighed at him. Why is he so difficult? "I insist, Hwoarang. I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning with you on the floor half-conscious," he said calmly.

A vein appeared by Hwoarang's temple. "I won't fall down again," he gritted between his teeth as he recalled the first time he woke up and saw Jin sleeping in front of him. Needless to say, he would never try sneaking away with a concussion. The results were far too torturous.

"Just sleep in my bed."

"No." Damn prick.

"Yes." Stubborn brat.

"No!" Give up, dammit!

"Yes!" I am not giving up.

"NO!" Okay, I am reaching my limit now, Kazama… Say "yes" one more time and I swear I will—

"Then we'll both sleep on it." Holy shit. Did I just say that?

"Eh?" Holy shit, did he just say that?

Jin looked at Hwoarang as calmly as he could. "Any objections?" he asked.

The redhead was too surprised to say anything. "Okay…" he murmured unsurely. How big is this guy's bed? All of the sudden, an idea swept into mind. So he wants to sleep together, eh? Let's see if he can face the consequence to that… "Come on. I'm tired."

With an almost happy bounce, he stood up from the couch and began walking away into the hallway where he stopped by Jin's door. The latter watched him uncertainly before following slowly. Why does that look scare me? Hwoarang was all but beaming at the dark-haired man as he stepped into the room.

When Jin turned on the lights, Hwoarang finally caught glimpse of the room. It was relatively large with simple furniture and a queen-sized bed. The redhead grinned mischievously at this as he walked over to the edge, sitting on it. The bed dipped slightly as Hwoarang lied down on it fully. Oh, Jin is so going to regret his decision in sleeping with me… He turned to face Jin, who was staring at him quizzically.

"Are you going to come in or what?" he snapped.

The Japanese man jumped slightly before walking over to the other side of the bed. He lied down slowly while staring at Hwoarang warily. He's planning something…I know he is. I'm starting to regret this now… Once he was fully under the blanket, he turned off the light with painstaking slowness. The room was quickly swept into darkness and the two lied together in silence. After several minutes of tension, Jin finally relaxed. Maybe I was wrong…

"'Night, Hwoarang," he called out quietly.

There was nothing but quiet breathing. Jin blinked in surprise. He fell asleep quick… With a small smile, he turned over to his side to face the redhead. All he could see was the man's profile before he closed his eyes. This isn't so bad after all—


Brief pain stung Jin's nose as he opened his eyes in alarm. He saw Hwoarang's arm lying in between him and the other man. Rowdy sleeper… Jin cursed to himself as he massaged his nose. Then another whack landed squarely on his chest that made him swear aloud. What the hell? He looked at Hwoarang in amazement as the man rolled over to face him slowly, his arms and legs kicking out full force at him. He barely avoided the redhead's arms before being kicked roughly in the shin by his leg.

"Goddamn it," he muttered painfully as he rubbed his leg. He wasn't this violent before!

Hwoarang was inwardly cheering. Yeah, this'll teach Kazama to not mess with the Blood Talon! He moved once again before he felt an arm clamp his down. He froze. And then he tried to move his other arm when another weight was added to keep it from moving. What the fuck? Tempted to open his eyes, Hwoarang tried wriggling around some bit before he felt another heavy weight turn him around completely to face the wall. His arms were brought before him and he felt a heart beating closely behind him. Is he actually trying to hold me down? The thought of Jin holding him while he slept caused a great uneasiness in him as he attempted to swerve around once again.

The grip on his arms tightened and Hwoarang found himself completely immobile. Dammit… He groaned inwardly but knew it was all over for him. His revenge had been foiled. And when he began cursing uncontrollably in his mind, he suddenly felt a soft breathing on the nape of his neck. The grip on his wrists remained locked but even they relaxed slightly as Jin slipped into slumber. Hwoarang frowned to himself. Why is this guy so persistent? But inside, he felt strange. No matter how hard he tried to ignore it, the feeling of safeness and comfort that radiated from Jin's body kept distracting him. What is this feeling?

"You win this time, Jin," he murmured resignedly as he relaxed into his captor's hold.






Yeah, so it's been a while since I updated. No amount of apologizing will excuse this break. I lost interest in this story and just didn't feel the urge to continue writing. But then I read some of the reviews you guys left and started feeling a bit guilty. So I decided to chance it once again. I kind of forgot how much fun it was to write this. The characters are so obviously OOC but you know, it's comedy so you can excuse that. :D Also, I've done some revising of the old chapters. I'll probably have to go through them again but for now, I'm satisfied. So yeah, I'm back and hopefully I won't be disappearing again. To anyone who is still reading, thanks. It's you guys who make this story what it is.

And did any of you watch 28 Days Later? Damn good movie. I just had to use it. :P Oh, and I had to up the rating to this story. Hwoarang's potty mouth decided it. And who knows, if I get really inspired I might write up some racy scenes. XD

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