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Anyhow, this is REALLY messed-up.  I'm not exaggerating in the least when I mean REALLY.  I had a very hard time trying to figure out a way to reverse Bryan/Lei into Lei/Bryan during 'that' part without crossing the OOC-ness line.  Heck, in practically all the fanfics I've read [which includes foreign fanfiction], Lei's uke with all the guys & a slut in the doujins, while Bryan's been deemed a master seme who's never brought down by anyone but Kazuya.  I know a couple of you out there are now thinking "LOL, what about 'the you know what' Japanese site"... but let's not go there... [cringes]

Yeah... anyhow, once again, this is very, very, very, very messed-up... I was dared to actually post this on , just like I was to write a Craig/Steve drabble, draw a Kazuya/Bryan fanart, and write a Lee/Lei fic, and surprise, surprise, I did it all...   I'll do any request/dare when I have the time usually.

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Warnings: yaoi, sexual content & situations, language, violence, and suicidal stuff...

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The song is KoRn's "Here to Stay".  If you know the song, you're probably already scared.

Here to Stay

By Sapphire17

[[This time, taking it away]]
[[I've got a problem]]
[[With me getting in the way]]
[[Not by design]]

No. No, no, no.


No, no, no. No!

"Lei, is something wrong?"

Lei Wulong turned his head slightly, in order to face one of his fellow coworkers. "Oh. Sorry about that. Neh, I'm fine."

The man shrugged in remark. "Whatever you say..."

At any rate, all of Lei's coworkers on the Hong Kong International Police Force were starting to wonder more and more about Wulong these days. Sure, the acclaimed detective had always seemed to have portrayed a burning desire to work long and endless hours, but still... you had to draw the line somewhere. In more recent times, it was starting to seem as if Lei rarely took a break, or went off duty. If ever.

He'd also been acting... differently. It was hard to describe at times. He wasn't as talkative as he used to be, nor responsive. Jokes and lighthearted laughter were no longer to be heard from him, and hell, even his wardrobe had changed. What was up with this? Okay, so sure, the long-haired man loved to dress up at times, but what exactly was with the incessant wearing of long-sleeved shirts topped with coats so late in the spring? Whatever this all summed up to in the end, Lei's overall appearance seemed so much... darker... So much more cliché.

It was also plain to see he'd been drinking what clearly crossed the border of a normal alcohol intake.

Wulong Lei had to be hiding something, and whatever it was... it had to be unpleasant...

Chaozu, one of Lei's supervisors, opened the door to Lei's office and stepped inside before shutting it behind him, then proceeding to walk forwards to where he stood next to the stressing detective. He was determined to find out what had caused such a change in Lei all of a sudden, and why so drastic, whatever it was.

"Let me guess. You want to know what's wrong with me, too?" Lei inquired without so much as turning around in his office chair. He knew no matter who this was – this had to be the most likely reason they were in here.

Chaozu sighed. "Wulong, it's time for you to start talking."

"I already told you, I'm fine," Lei sighed, continuing to randomly rummage through various paperwork scattered about his desk.

"Oi, then maybe you wouldn't mind explaining a few things. Like why you went from being the guy who never shuts up to a mute? Or why you started wearing such conservative clothes in early summer? ...Or perhaps why you were limping half of last week from a duty-related injury you never received?"

[[So I take my face]]
[[And bash it into a mirror]]
[[I won't have to see the pain]]

[[Bleed.. bleed..]]

"I... I don't know what you're talking about..." Lei murmured, barely audible. "I just think our work has had the general effect of making all of us overly paranoid, including around each other."

Chaozu unfolded his arms, before then sauntering a few steps forwards in order to grant him better view of the detective, whose eyes were still set blankly on various papers of the sorts. "Wulong, if it's your job you're concerned about, I've already told you numerous times you have nothing to worry about."

"No one ever said I was," Lei remarked in a choleric tone, making it sound simple enough. Still, Chaozu wasn't convinced. He tried still more to take in a better view at the expression on the other man's face, but come to think of it, he and Lei hadn't made eye-contact once yet.

"Look at me," the supervisor somewhat ordered on certain grounds.

With another sigh, Lei turned in the spinning chair he was seated in, facing Chaozu with a tiresome gaze through the narrow lenses of his glasses.

"That's another thing," Chaozu continued, "You dodge glances at every opportunity you get."

"Once again, I have no idea what you're talking about," Lei stated. It was hard to designate if this was indeed the truth, however. Lei's tone of voice had been so... emotionless. So nonchalant, yet mysterious.

"Whatever you say..." Chaozu sighed in a long breath, deciding not to press the issue anymore for the time being. Still, he'd sure enough get back to it soon. "Oh yes, and we've made more progress as to the whereabouts of Bryan Fury. It appears he's up to no good again..."

"I could have told you that..." Lei murmured in the same, quiet voice.

Chaozu nodded in response. "Sure enough it was no surprise that he killed at least ten more officers today..."

"I know already..."

"What I really want to know is why Fury would return to the island of Hong Kong without a given target? He's already robbed every major bank at least once. Hell, he's probably loaded with more yen by now than half of the entire Hong Kong population all put together. I mean, he's paid thousands to rob the banks, and who knows how much he keeps for himself. Why wouldn't he just go off and retire to a fancy mansion in another country or something?"

"Fury doesn't care about money," Lei retorted in more of a statement. "Don't any of you get it? He's in it for the blood." Lei once more turned his head, redirecting his glance downwards and to face his desktop yet again. "You know how Bryan Fury died all those years ago... You know he used to be a detective for this police force, and you know very well he used to be my partner on this force," Lei continued in a slightly louder tone. "He only aims to kill and make fools out of us in the process. Make a fool out of me..."

"Well, that could—"

"Don't you get it? So many innocent people... Our friends... our coworkers... and others. All these people are dead!"

"Wulong, what the—"

"They're dead because of me!!!"

Chaozu quickly grasped Lei by either of his shoulders, trying to restrain him from the spontaneous outburst he was suddenly having. Still, the detective only seemed to struggle more intensely than ever; even though there was in turn, nothing to struggle against...

"That's it bitch, struggle, and maybe I'll give it to you harder."

"Stop it! Let go of me, please!"

[[This state is elevating]]
[[As the hurt turns into hating]]

[[Anticipating all the fucked.. up.. feelings.. again]]

Chaozu quickly backed away, confused as fuck for lack of better words. "Damnit, Wulong, what the hell has gotten into you?!" he shouted, emphasizing the word 'hell'.

Lei removed his glasses and placed them on the wooden surface of the office desk, before grasping his face in either of his hands. It was at this point that Chaozu looked through the open blinds of Lei's office to see all eyes directed on him, along with several detectives awaiting an order at the closed door. The supervisor quickly disregarded everyone within view, assuring them he could handle this so as not to cause another embarrassing scene for Lei. This wasn't the first time something like this had happened in the past couple weeks... Just the day before, one of the secretaries had simply stepped into Lei's office in order to ask him if he wanted any coffee after noting he had dozed off. When she'd touched his shoulder just to wake him up... well... his rather loud exclamation of the classic word 'no' could be heard throughout nearly the entire building.

"That's it, Wulong." Chaozu shook his head at Lei, sounding serious as ever. "I don't care what you say. You've obvious got something that needs to be worked out, and sequentially, it's affecting your performance at work. You're taking a break."

"No," Lei retorted, a hidden presence in his voice. Still, it wasn't directed as rude in anyway whatsoever, especially to his supervisor. Chaozu had sworn it was... fear?

"I'm sorry," Chaozu sighed, once more shaking his head, which was this time accompanied by an involuntary shrug. "I'm relieving you of all your duties for at least the rest of this week, which should give you some time to hopefully get some much-needed rest for yourself."

"No..." Lei once more repeated, "You-you can't put me on leave!"

"Chill out Wulong. It's not like this is a life or death situation."

Lei just sat there in silence; the pen he was holding shaking in hand.

Chaozu walked out of Lei's office, shutting the door behind him. Once again, he knew something was up here... as to what, however, he was still clueless...

"I tell you chief, it's the alcohol," a random worker stated upon the supervisor's exit from Wulong's office. Chaozu looked around the large, agency room to see many agreement nods follow this statement, though Chaozu still wasn't convinced just yet.

"No... No, it's not. It's something else..."

"Hâo... I can tell everyone here thinks I've lost it..." Lei whispered silently to himself upon exiting the police force's large building through the revolving doors, lined in gold-colored framing. Lei shook his head. "And they're all right..."

"What am I going to do?"

"There's nothing you can do. You're mine."

[[The hurt inside is fading]]
[[This shit gone way too far]]
[[All this time I've been waiting]]

[[No, I cannot grieve anymore]]

Lei stopped dead in his tracks, fighting the urge to have a breakdown in the middle of public view. The detective didn't care what his supervisor had earlier stated. Lei knew his career either was, or would be in definite jeopardy if he continued to put on such a display at work. And Chaozu wasn't the only suspicious one. Oh no, the majority of the force was; the entire side staff included. And those who hadn't been suspicious before were in doubt now.

The Chinese man stumbled slightly, catching himself against the brick wall of an adjacent building.

"I'm watching you. I'm always watching. When you don't see me, I see you. I'll find you wherever you go."

"No, stop it!" Lei cursed to himself, leaning his head forward against the building's hard exterior. "I can't let anyone see me like this anymore..." Contemplating on where he could go for the current time being, the search through his tainted thoughts ended without many matches. There was no way in hell he was going back to his apartment... and he wanted to save the bar for later, where he would more than likely drink the night away until he passed out. Scratch the 'more than likely' part. The detective figured his best bet would be somewhere fairly populated, since it'd be much easier to blend in this way. Still, this had always been one of the hardest tasks for Wulong to fulfill for some reason. He'd never been really good at fading into the background. For one reason or another, he always managed to stand out, despite his efforts at times. Primarily being the more recent ones...

Lei eventually settled on paying the local coffee shop a little visit. The bar deserved a break this time around... The raven-haired man's seemingly hurried steps didn't lighten up whatsoever; his pace rushed by default. But why rush things when it's not necessary? When there's no deadline? Simple. Though extremely paranoid, Lei couldn't shake the incessant feeling that he was being watched. Followed. Stalked.

[[For what's inside awaking]]
[[I'm done, I'm not a whore]]
[[You've taken everything]]

[[And oh I cannot give anymore]]

When Lei eventually reached the rather large coffee shop, he took a brief glance down at the watch on his left wrist. He remembered at this point in time how only a little over two weeks ago, it had taken him around twenty minutes to walk here from his agency. Big surprise, ten minutes flat this time. Another reason he'd tried to hurry himself more was upon reaching one of the frequently visited bars a few minutes ago, having to put everything he had into a mental restraint to keep himself out of there. For now...

He would look there first anyway...

The double doors parted upon Lei's entrance into the building, which in all honesties served as more than a typical stop for caffeine intake. It was actually an extended part of the large bookstore adjacent to it. Taking a seat on one of the soft, leather stools, Lei instantly folded his arms upon the elongated counter's smooth surface, before letting his face fall forwards in a heads-down motion.

"Tired, sir?"

Lei didn't even look up to face the young Chinese woman. She'd been working there for quite sometime, and had noticed the way Lei seemed to be acting more and more different as the weeks passed. He didn't talk anymore, say hello, or even smile at her, or anyone else. It was as if he had become a ghost.

"Just give me something strong..."

The girl had wanted to say something in the way of 'uh, the bar's down the street', but she only shrugged instead. Pouring the stressing detective a triple-shot, she then headed down the counter to serve another customer.  Here he was all this time criticizing Jin for ever getting involved with Hwoarang, when he now felt quite envious of their relationship.

Wulong ran either of his hands back through his cascading, black bangs. Sighing again. Worrying again. Mentally cursing himself again. From his pants pocket, Lei removed a small bottle of painkillers.

No more than two in a six hour period. Lei read.

He then proceeded to pop somewhere in between six and ten, not even bothering to take a count. Fuck it. Who cared anyway?

He downed the powerful capsules with the caffeinated coffee in front of him, which more than likely had just as much alcohol mixed into it as a general dose of beer.

And while I'm at it...

The raven-haired man pulled a single cigarette from a pack he'd involuntarily picked up off the front desk back at the station. Almost instantly, he lit it, and took what most would consider to be a very large initial puff.

What the hell? I don't smoke...

Lei held the lit cigarette in hand; staring at it. This wasn't the first time this had happened as of late. In his other hand, the detective viewed the lighter he'd used – automatically reminded of Fury again...

I never understood why he enjoys collecting these things so much. He spends more time smoking the shit than he does lighting it.

If one of Fury's victims had a lighter on them, Bryan always made sure he took it.

For the next few minutes, Lei just continued to sit while contemplating the disquieting thoughts he'd never become accustomed to thinking about. Frankly, he didn't even know what the hell he was doing here. The wise thing to do would be to get on a bus and just... go somewhere. Go anywhere.

"Remember, Wulong, I'll find you. I'll find you wherever you go."

Just not here.

"I'm going to make you scream..."

A hand touched Lei's shoulder.


[[My mind's done with this]]
[[Okay, I've got a question]]
[[Can I throw it all away?]]

[[Take back what's mine?]]

Every glance was redirected.

"Uh, sorry there sir..." A middle-aged man apologized, slightly freaked.

Make that very freaked. "I was only going to ask you for the time..."

Lei stood up, and practically ran out of the building.

That.. was.. embarrassing...

The detective couldn't even convey the number of times this had happened to an estimate, much less a specific count, since it'd happened so many times recently... The paranoia was literally eating him alive.

It was just a coffee shop for cryin' out loud... What's happened to me?

"I've turned into a petty, insecure xenophobe..."

It was actually getting fairly dark by this point in time. The sun had done well in setting some time ago, but Lei had apparently been too drowned out in his thoughts to even realize this.

"Don't be ridiculous..." Lei cursed himself in a barely audible whisper. What? So now one of the most acclaimed detectives and fighters in the entire world was scared of the dark? Bullshit...

Wulong shook the feeling off. True, he'd always been more prone to being diurnal himself, but he had nothing against the darkness and solitude of night. This was, however, someone else's time to roam. Fury's time. When you were asleep, he was awake. When you weren't watching, he was.

Yep. Time to go to the bar, alright...

No, no, no! That will only make it easier for him. Easier for me too, though...

The detective also very well knew a large dose of painkillers along with a greater dose of alcohol was not exactly the best thing in the world for you. It could quite frankly harm your body in very extreme measures; even fatality was possible. Once again, Lei didn't care anymore.

Didn't care about anything.

[[So I take my time]]
[[Guiding the blade down the line]]
[[Each cut, closer to the vein]]

[[Bleed.. Bleed..]]

He had never before viewed the world with such a sense of apathy, rather than empathy.

What's the point? Consequentially, he's watching right now... Otherwise, I more than likely would have received word of another one of his killing sprees.

The bar's lucid red lettering was made visibly evident not forty yards away when Lei turned the next corner, reacting in a sigh of relief from the Chinese. His pace quickened even more so as he gradually sauntered down the strangely deserted sidewalk, lined by many luminescent streetlamps.

Almost there.

Yet why did Lei feel the urge to go faster?

Lei's pace increased to what seemed like borderline jogging on the sure verge of a sprint.


So fucking stupid.

The elegant Chinese wanted to just stop with this ludicrous and reform back to a normal pace, but his body wouldn't let him. Oh well. Only a few more, scant yards anyhow. It's not like Lei had anything to worry about in the next ten seconds...

An arm around his waist.

A hand over his mouth.

Prime fucking timing.

Lei felt as he was instantaneously slammed up against the brick wall on the nearside of the alleyway he'd just walked, or should he say jogged, by.

"You stupid little bitch!"

Didn't I already come to the conclusion that Bryan would be waiting here in the first place? Am I that eager to die?

No, he just wanted to end it. End this sick recreation of Bryan's amusement.

I've been dying a little more each day.

Lei tried to break free of Fury's extremely tight grasp on either of his wrists, which were painfully pinned against the hard surface of the brick wall. It was, of course, no use.

It never was.

Bryan looked straight into Lei's eyes with a temperamental glare of rage. "What kind of fucking shit were you trying to pull this time, Wulong?" Fury growled. "Oh, I see, just thought today would be a good time to disobey my orders and go off for coffee, pills, drinks, and few smokes while you're at it. I told you to come.. straight.. back. And I'm sure you remember what happened last time I caught you smoking..."

"I don't see why you give a damn anyway..." The detective then let out a squint of pain as Bryan purposely scraped the outer side of Lei's right-arm against the rough, cracked bricks with added pressure; directly pinpointing the area where Fury had pretty much put out a cigarette right on, or rather in, the flesh. Bryan only laughed.

"Get.. away.. from me.." Lei ordered in his sternest of voices.

"You knew you'd be punished for this, so obviously you desire a more vicious form of abuse from me than usual," Fury retorted in malicious anger. "You know it takes all the fun out of fucking you when you're drunk or stoked-up on pills."

"That's the whole point," the detective snapped back in a smart voice.

Fury grinned with spite, and you could tell in an instance he had a new, sick idea of some sort up his sleeves. Lei already had a good guess as to what this idea was just by the expression painted across Fury's face...

[[This state is elevating]]
[[As the hurt turns into hating]]

[[Anticipating all the fucked.. up.. feelings.. again]]

"Don't even fucking think about it!" Lei yelled rather loudly, struggling still more against Bryan's grasp.

"I wouldn't," Bryan smirked. "I don't waste my time overanalyzing crap the way you do, therefore I don't think about things." Fury then pressed his body hard against Lei's. "I only do them."

"You're so fucked up."

"Well you're about to be fucked up somewhere yourself, if you catch my drift."

"Why do you do this to me, Bryan?" Lei inquired in a half-moan. "Why...?"

"Solitude may be my best companion, but even I need a good fuck once in awhile," Fury laughed in a dark manner. "And besides, you know you love it. You're nothing but a drunken whore."

He's right...

I..hate myself..

Bryan continued. "Right when I see you my mind's automatically filled with all those dirty thoughts you put into my head, and next thing I know, fucking that tight ass of yours is all I can think about."

"How.. ignorant.. I can't provoke your lust upon me for you."

"Very well, then," Bryan went on, letting out another dark laugh while his hands moved lower to trace either side of Lei's body. "How about the classic 'a life for a life.' You took mine, so now it's only fair that I take yours."

"You didn't die by my gun. You know this..." Lei murmured in protest.

"Yes, but the guns I did die by were ordered by your mouth," Bryan retorted with a derisive smirk. "I suppose now I should be thanking you, though. You made me what I am today."

This last sentence made Wulong want to die right then and there.

They're all dead. Dead because of me. Hundreds. Thousands...

Because.. of.. me...

Lei couldn't help but wince still more as he felt himself further pressed against the wall's jagged, rough surface; then stifling back a long moan when he felt Bryan's hot mouth on the left side of his neck as he was given whet kisses one after the other.

"Tîng säo…"

[[The hurt inside is fading]]
[[This shit gone way too far]]
[[All this time I've been waiting]]

[[No, I cannot grieve anymore]]

"Trying to think of how you can get out of this?" Bryan laughed briefly against Lei's skin.

"No, I'm doing it." And with that, the raven-haired man rapidly pushed his knee forwards; striking Fury right in the crotch of his dark-green pants to be precise...

Lei felt Fury suddenly lose his footing from the pain of the vicious blow, giving Lei the time he needed.

"I fucking HATE YOU!" Lei practically screamed, slamming his left elbow upwards to hit Bryan in the face, before delivering him a punch to the chest with his right fist. Wulong had never felt hate to such degrees. He knew it was never good to unleash anger as a means for your attacks, but it sure seemed to work better for most people... so why not him? Oh yes, that's right. Because Lei was the good guy; the one who had always fought in the name of honor, hope, and justice. Yet he was the one always pummeled into the ground like the stupid weakling he was, while the ones who fought in the name of evil, revenge, anger, and a thirst for blood were the ones who took all in the end.

Fury growled in sure fired rage as he stumbled backwards. Determined to return the favour, his own right fist came flying forwards, though Lei was agile enough to swing his body to the side at the last minute. Bryan's fist instead hit the wall, and judging from the dispersal of broken bricks that followed this motion, Lei already knew he'd more than likely be dead if he hadn't moved.

"You're going to pay for that!" Bryan growled.

Lei knew fighting Fury would be absolutely pointless. Agility was the only component he held over Bryan.

And it wasn't worth crap.

Fury was stronger than hundreds of men all put together. This was veracity. Lei had witnessed Fury tossing fucking cars across the streets to crush members on his force like ants, before then ripping a few heads right off of the bodies; dead or alive. Their esophagus would almost always remain attached as part of Bryan's trophy, which he would always hold high for all to see.

Bryan loved it.

Lei hated it.

The visions were purely haunting, and impossible to eradicate.

Wulong didn't give a damn about his life anymore. Even in reaching the nadir, it had ended sometime ago, now. His life, his pride, his honour.

It was all broken.

Still, if he truly was to die, it wasn't going to be by Fury's hands. Lei wouldn't allow him this pleasure, no matter what it took. Bryan had sworn he'd eventually kill Lei, so Wulong had to wonder every single day of his life if that day would be the end of it. It brought a whole new meaning to the classic saying 'live everyday as if it's your last.'

This didn't make your days anymore fulfilled.

No, it just made you feel like you were fucking dying.

I know it. This is it.

I.. cant.. let.. him.. win..

[[For what's inside awaking]]
[[I'm done, I'm not a whore]]
[[You've taken everything]]

[[And oh I cannot give anymore]]

Lei was determined to finally put an end to this sick game of Fury's.

Right as Fury jerked his fist free from where it had obviously penetrated the wall's rough surface upon impact, Lei was fast to deliver Bryan one of his classic comet kicks in due timing. Then without a second thought on the matter, Lei turned, and ran. His apartment was only several blocks away from here. If he could only make it... He had to. No calling for help, or whoever came to his aid would die as well. Besides, this was between Bryan and Wulong; no one else.

Lei would rather die a thousand deaths than let anyone find out the truth to both his past and present with Fury anyhow...

Though Lei was sprinting incredibly fast, time still seemed to progress so incessantly slow all the same. No other sounds were to be heard at this point. Only the cool, night air breezing by as Lei broke right through it. His hair came undone along the way, disarranging to flow in long, licorice strands behind him.

Just run...

Maybe Bryan wasn't even following him, though?

No, he was. Lei wouldn't be one bit surprised if Bryan was already waiting for him by the time he reached his destination.

Destination in view.

Lei did the only thing he could do. He ran still more. Ran fast as hell. Lei dashed faster up the cemented stairs of the apartment complex than one would imagine possible for anyone to do so. The detective didn't think about anything else for the moment; nothing else mattered other than getting through that apartment door of his. But still... whoever would have imagined this? Wulong Lei running away from his problems? That's just it.

Lei finally realized he'd been running his whole life.

[[I'm here to stay]]

[[Bring me down]]

[[I'm here to stay]]

[[Bring me down]]

[[I'm here to stay]]

[[Bring me down]]

[[I'm here to stay]]

The Chinese could suddenly hear Fury's trampling steps pounding on the stairs behind him. Lei managed, however, to at least unlock the door to his apartment before Bryan caught up with him. Lei didn't even bother locking the wooden door behind him as he ran into the darkened living room, knowing quite frankly he'd only lose time in this. Bryan could break any door down in a heartbeat.

Using his memory as sure guidance, Lei ran forwards straight down the short hallway before reaching his bedroom. From there, he continued right into the bathroom.

The detective slammed the bathroom door shut before locking it directly afterwards with a quick motion of the hand. Lei's heart was pounding so fast he was surprised he hadn't died of a heart-attack from hyperventilation. The heaving Chinese immediately scolded himself. He'd meant to retrieve his gun out of his dresser drawer firsthand.

And not for use against Bryan Fury.

Fuck this shit.

"Never... again..." Lei breathed hard, before turning to face himself in the large mirror. Lei saw himself.

No, he didn't.

He.. hated.. it..

"Never... AGAIN!!!"

[[Bring it down!]]
[[Bring it down!]]
[[Bring it down!]]

[[Bring it down!]]

And with that, Lei's right fist flew forwards fast with full strength powered behind it.

The mirror shattered partially upon impact, cracks rooting like arteries throughout the reflecting glass around Lei's bloodied fist as if it were a heart. Lei pulled his right fist back, before slamming his left one forwards straight into the mirror's already cracked glass.

Right at his broken reflection.

He continued these motions. Over and over and over again.

[[Gonna break it down!]]
[[Gonna break it down!]]
[[Gonna break it down!]]

[[Gonna break it down!]]

The mirror's cracks drained with blood which covered the counter, while Lei's hands were completely drenched in thick and dark crimson, which ran down his arms and dripped at the elbows. Blood trailed down his cheeks like tears.

There was a loud bang on the door.

Then another. And another.

Lei removed a crimson coated shard of sharp glass from the blood-filled sink. Perfect timing. Let the fucking show begin.

Correct that.


The door flew open; Bryan Fury standing in the hollow of the door frame. The door had been slammed open so hard it'd nearly flown right off the copper hinges binding it in place.

"My god..." Bryan stuttered in shock of what he now saw.

"That's right, Bryan!" Lei yelled. "You told me you would eventually kill me. Take your fucking prize in taking my life!" he spat, crying and screaming at the same time. "Well not anymore. I'm taking it away from you! Taking my fucking life away from you!!!"

[[Gonna break it down!]]
[[Gonna break it down!]]
[[Gonna break it down!]]


And with that, Lei jabbed the piece of mirror he was holding down to his left wrist – slicing it right open.

Bryan was fucking horrified.

"You're allowed to cut me up whenever you wish, and you love it so much I thought maybe I'd give it try!!! I have bruises and scars covering my entire fucking body from what you've done to me!!!" Lei exclaimed, crying even harder from the pain he'd inflicted upon himself.

Blood dripped endlessly in a pitter-pattering sound against the bathroom's smooth floor, building to fill the tile-lining cracks. Lei brought his right-hand back up again; the sharp shard he was holding dripping with blood originating from his palm, which had been sliced open from his unrelenting grasp around it. He struck it down once more against his wrist in almost the same exact spot as before. Thick blood erupted everywhere, flowing like lava from a composite volcano.

Just as Lei appeared he was about to stab the bloody, four inch shard completely through his lower arm, Bryan lunged forward, knocking Lei backwards against the wall. Bryan fought to get the thick piece of broken mirror out of Lei's death-grip on it, grasping it hard enough to slice even his own flesh in the process of it all. Bryan succeeded, throwing the shard to the side hard enough to shatter the remaining portion of the large mirror which had yet to be completely dismembered.

The whole thing suddenly broke.

Bryan turned, and looked down at where Lei had now fallen to the floor. Lei closed his eyes, surprised at how slow time was really passing by at this point. Many last thoughts flashed throughout Lei's mind. Thoughts of his past, the present... and the future he no longer had – not that it would've been worth living anyway... Hell, that's the whole point of suicide, right?

"You dreamed about this day..." Lei whispered, sounding very weak. "The day you'd get to see me die in a pool of my own blood at your feet. You finally got your wish, and I got mine... not to die by your hands."

[[This state is elevating]]
[[As the hurt turns into hating]]

[[Anticipating all the fucked.. up.. feelings.. again]]

Lei hadn't exaggerated in the least. The tiled floor didn't even bare its original white color by majority. Only red. The shower curtain. The walls. The cabinets. The sink. The floor.

Blood was everywhere.

Bryan kneeled down in front of Lei, who had now completely fallen to lie on the floor. He grasped Lei's left wrist in hand in a tight grip.

Trying to stop the bleeding.

"I... I didn't want this..." Bryan whispered harshly, trying to hold something back, yet he didn't know what.


Bryan tried to hold back this unfamiliar feeling, but he couldn't. He just fucking couldn't. Lining the scar etched into the pale skin on the left side of his face, a single tear trailed down.

Only one.

Lei was near passing out by now, but he still saw this, causing a sure look of confusion to overlap his expressions.

Bryan ultimately picked Lei's weakened form up; scooping the fragile body into his arms. Swiftly, Fury carried the detective into the neighboring room; stopping to lay him down on the full-sized bed just below the large window. Though his eyes were closed, Lei could still make out the sounds of frenetic footsteps making their way back into the bathroom.

Lei had always wondered what it would be like to die. To fall into an infinite sleep you wouldn't wake up from. This was what it had all come down to in the end.

Wulong Lei didn't, in fact, fear death.

He'd been driven into fearing life instead.

Lei suddenly felt a sharp pain in the base of his left wrist, though the area was pretty much limp-numb altogether, so it didn't matter anyway.

The Chinese continued to drift in and out of consciousness for what seemed like an eternity – just waiting to die.

Wanting to die.

As Wulong finally went completely out of it, he figured this, indeed, was the end.

Good riddance...

[[The hurt inside is fading]]
[[This shit gone way too far]]
[[All this time I've been waiting]]

[[No, I cannot grieve anymore]]

Time mounted, continuing to progress as it always did; seconds turning into minutes. Minutes into hours.

[8 hours later]

Lei solemnly awoke to his very dark surroundings, just resting in silence for a good several minutes. He noticed fairly fast that the room was filled with a certain, uncanny scent.


After only a few extremely confusing moments of brief contemplation, realization kicked in.


Why.. wasn't.. he.. dead..?

Surely he would have died by now from blood loss... The very sheets he laid upon were partially soaked in it.

Lei's spinning thoughts were put to halt by a creak of the bed as Lei felt the weight shift at its base. Though barely any light whatsoever filled the darkened room, it was still very painful for the detective to take a shot at opening his eyes.

It didn't take long at all for Lei to realize he was in his own bedroom, on his own bed.

It also didn't take him long to realize he was apparently without any clothes.

Basically, Lei was perplexed as possible, not even remembering how he came to be where he was in the first place – much less what was going on period. Then it hit in an instance like a lighting bolt baring the highest voltage capacity.

He'd tried to kill himself.

He could feel the dried blood covering portions of his arms like a dried paste. After a single attempt to move either of his hands, Lei had pretty much learned his lesson not to push the matter again at this time. They both ached in a searing pain he had never before imagined... Stitched, though. And bandaged. But why? Why had his wounds been tended to? Caught up in his crooked train of thoughts, the Chinese didn't even come to at first realize there was, indeed, someone else on that bed of his. Lei wasn't stupid. Foolish, but not stupid. He knew who this was without visualization.

[[For what's inside awaking]]
[[I'm done, I'm not a whore]]
[[You've taken everything]]

[[And oh I cannot give anymore]]

"Why?" Lei silently whispered. "Why didn't you let—"

"Ssshh," Bryan whispered into Lei's ear, "No talking." Though this had been stated in more of a softer toned voice than one every heard from Fury, this could still be noted as a sure order.

Lei felt as his mouth was suddenly invaded by Bryan's own, and hesitated to respond, only to give in when he noticed how gentle Bryan was being. This was definitely new... Bryan had never before kissed him like this. No, it always had to fast, hard, and rough to the point blood was drawn.

Though confused in all extremes possible, Lei questioned not, kissing Fury back the whole while Bryan's skilled tongue slowly explored his mouth. Bryan gradually broke his mouth away from Lei's, instead beginning to kiss his jaw line, and then down to his neck. Lei moaned, inviting the gesture by further tilting his head back into the soft, white pillow.

Judging from the hardness pressing into his thigh, it was more than obvious to Lei that Bryan was without anything in the way of clothing as well. Bryan's mouth descended further down Lei's neck, and then to his chest. Fury encircled his mouth around Lei's right nipple, sucking it slightly between fervent kisses. The detective moaned in reaction – actually wanting to be with Bryan... Despite the fact that Lei wasn't in the prime condition for anything physical period, he couldn't fight the manifold emotions he found himself feeling. Without any form of hesitance or reconsideration, Lei spread his legs further on either side of the taller man.

"Bryan, please... make love to me..."

Bryan redirected his furrowed glance upwards to look into Lei's soft eyes, which sparkled in the moonlight filling the room through the window blinds. Lei hadn't ever used these words before, though Bryan hadn't really given him the chance or option to anyhow. On nearly all their encounters, Fury had abused Lei. Tortured him.

Forced him.

Fury readjusted his position to where he was straddling Lei, while holding down either of his arms. There wasn't much of a point to this though, considering Wulong was in no way going to try any physical retaliation against him, especially in this condition.

Lei closed his eyes in anticipation of the pain he knew was to come. Bryan had always before done well in thrusting right into him raw, for lack of better words. Never was there any lubrication, nor preparation.

It hurt like hell every time.

Then all of a sudden, it happened.

Lei cried out in an instance, resulting from Bryan's swift movement upon him. But wait...

Bryan hadn't forced himself into Lei as he always had before. No, instead, he had forced Lei into him...

"Bryan w-what are you—"

"Shut up," Bryan ordered. Ultimately, Fury flipped them over in a fast movement to where Lei was now the one above him.

"Fuck me, Lei," Bryan ordered.

"I... I..."

"Just.. do it.." Fury once more ordered in a harsh voice.

Doing as he'd been asked, or more told, Lei gradually pulled himself nearly all the way out of Bryan's body, before slowly pushing back in. Fury's hands fisted into the ruffled sheets, practically tearing them as he fought a mental battle of restraint to keep from throwing Lei off of him and right through the opposing wall. This felt... weird... even painful. Bryan didn't at all understand how Lei could have gotten such amazing pleasure out this for himself in the first place, yet he had nearly every time Bryan had fucked him, no matter how brutally cruel.

"Bryan, oh god," Lei moaned in pleasure, yet with a hint of pain. Bryan.. was.. tight. So unimaginably tight, in fact, that it hurt even for Lei in some amounts. Then there was the obvious fact that the pressure Lei was putting on his hands and arms to keep himself stabilized wasn't exactly the most pleasant of feelings, and he could already tell he was bleeding again. He also felt quite sick, and still fairly weak. Despite this, the Chinese went on with his movements, steadily beginning to thrust a bit harder than before, though not at all by much.


Lei flinched a bit. "Are-are you sure?"

Fury growled slightly in remark to this. "If you can take it, I can."

And with that, Lei's thrusts became more forceful – his pace quicker. Bryan couldn't help but let out a stifled wince in tune to this. A slight sheer of excessive pain returned. Once again, this was terribly odd for him. He'd never been the one to endure pain for himself; only the one to inflict it.

Lei's mind began to cloud over in the form of pleasure he had never before been allowed to experience. He went on with his increasing movements still while his long and beautiful hair began to sway back in forth in various directions.

"Fuck," Bryan groaned as Wulong continued to thrust into him from below. It was starting to feel... good... He didn't at all understand why, it just... did...

With much hesitance, Lei progressively moved his hand in between his and Bryan's sweat slickened bodies. He encircled his grasp around Bryan's hardened member, his line of digits barely able to wrap around the extremely large thickness. An indescribable wave of pleasure washed over Bryan's body when Lei did this, and when Fury felt Lei's hand start to move back and forth it took everything he had to restrain a colossal cry.

Lei swore he could read the shame of humiliation written all over Bryan's expressions, even in the majority darkness filling the room. Lei understood. He'd felt the same way, at first.

He still couldn't believe this was actually happening...

In between the moments his eyes were rolled back, Lei looked down into Bryan's own, squinted eyes. Bryan seemed to be breathing faster, his body shaking in sharp convulsions off and on.

It was obvious.

Fury was actually trying to hold back his release.

"Bryan... it-it's okay. It's supposed to feel good..." Lei half-moaned, half-whispered.

Bryan didn't answer. He was more concerned with holding back moans of any form, or from pleading like an insignificant bitch the way Lei always did. This was one pleasure Wulong Lei would not be granted.

Bryan Fury was still the one in charge here.

Fury's right-arm shot upwards, grasping into the back of Lei's vastly long hair. He brought Lei's face close to his and jerked him into a rough kiss that seemed to last for an eternity. Lei battled his tongue with Bryan's, yet found even in their reverse-role situation, Fury was still the one to overpower him by far. Lei gave in as he felt Bryan's hot tongue explore every curve of his mouth, moaning the whole while.

Fury eventually broke from the hard kiss, pulling Lei's hair backwards once again in order to reframe to kissing the underside of his neck. Wulong shuddered in pleasure, suddenly delivering Bryan his most ferociously hard thrust yet as he rammed into the man beneath him. Lei cried out when he felt Fury bite into his flesh, surely hard enough to break the skin.

This only seemed to trigger more pleasure.

"Bryan I... I'm cumming..." Lei whispered as Bryan licked the blood from his neck. Either of his hands grasped tightly into the formerly white pillow just above each of Bryan's shoulder blades, his grip unrelenting. Lei cried out Bryan's name in irrevocable pleasure as the release ripped throughout his entire body, before his already weakened form gave out entirely. Completely exhausted, Lei collapsed forwards to fully land atop Bryan's sweated form.

It didn't take long at all for the Chinese to realize Bryan had apparently had the release he'd tried so desperately to restrain, despite his efforts... Lei could feel the sultry wetness pressed between their still joined bodies, but he chose not to question it, figuring this would also be the wiser thing to do.

"I still can't fucking believe I just let you do that..." Bryan cursed himself.

Lei turned his head in a slight motion and kissed Bryan's neck. "Thank you..." he whispered against the tattooed skin, hugging the man below him.

This was the first time out of what felt like hundreds that Wulong felt tears in his eyes which weren't a product of pain.

"I swear..." Bryan whispered harshly, still panting. "If you ever try this fucking suicide shit with me again... I'll make sure that everyone you care about or even know period goes to hell with you right after I tear every one of their limbs off and organs out."

Lei gasped. This was a new form of threat never before received – which indicated in hurting himself, Lei would be inflicting pain and death upon those he knew and cared for as well... Yet, this promise only served as another true revelation in pointing out that Bryan, in fact, did give a damn about Lei...

Fury emitted a short, barely audible groan as he felt Lei disjoin their bodies. Straight afterwards, the American pulled the Chinese closer to him, and made it so that Lei's head was resting on his chest. Bryan ran the long fingers of his right-hand through Wulong's beautiful strands of long licorice hair, sighing in a combination of contentment and anger, yet he didn't know which emotion truly outweighed the other.

Lei extended his right-arm over Fury's strong form while trying to make himself more comfortable, filtering the thoughts through his still rather bewildered mind. The feeling of being held so possessively in Bryan's arms gave him both a feeling of protection, and trepidation.

He was so confused. The way his feelings for Bryan Fury had always teetered back and forth between love and hate had never ceased to perplex him.

Little did he know Bryan was thinking the exact same thing about him at this moment...

The extremely warn detective then felt as Bryan grasped his right wrist in order to take in a better view of his stitched hand, which had partially opened back up during Lei's fisting session with the sheets, though not by much.

"You're bleeding again," Fury stated, bringing the hand he held upwards until the flesh greeted his mouth. In long trails, Bryan licked the fresh-flowing crimson up in gracious amounts, obviously enjoying the taste. Lei moaned in reaction.

Wulong knew Fury would always be a sadist, and himself, quite frankly, the masochist.

Still... neither of them would have it any other way...

[[Give anymore]]

[[Give anymore]]

[[Give anymore]]

[[Give anymore]]


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