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This idea is actually somewhat unoriginal, but considering Iím sure most of you havenít read the Japanese fics that went along with Bryanís TTT ending, it wonít seem as UO. Iíd always wanted to write something from Bryanís initial POV, since I think my mind kinda works like his (and now you really know Iím fucked-up in the in the head). Anyway, uh yeah... this is scary, just like most Brei fics are, especially PWPs, unless theyíre those sappy ones taking place before Bryanís death, which are actually the ones that tend to scare me. I suppose the whole Bryan + Lei + fluff idea doesnít compute in my head; especially after Bryanís resurrection, that is, unless I want to make them so disgustingly OOC that I might as will do a find-and-replace for Jin & Xiaoyu.

And since Iím sure many of you havenít read a fic from Bryanís POV, then Iíll give you a short, little input. Basically, take the fics rated PG-13 or R sorely for the naughty words in Hwoarangís POV and multiply them by one-hundred, while throwing in sicker thoughts than Michael Jackson has been accused of having on the side. Still, despite what anyone says because of this, I say Fury is damn cool. ::Hails Bryan in all his bad-ass glory::

Disclaimer: Bryan and Lei are my bitches. Well, actually... Bryan would most likely rip my head off without a second thought just because, and for the fact that I tried to take his bitch. *sigh* Donít own anything but the scary fic Ė that pleasure goes to namco.

Mirror of My Hate

By Sapphire17

Bryan's POV:

Lei Wulong.

That stupid little shit.  I canít believe he would even think to denounce me for one fucking second.  The idiot first gets me killed, only to repay me by attempting to kill me all over again.

Well youíve got another thing Ďcomingí, my dear Wulong.  Yes indeed.

I stroll right through the crack between two buildings in this shitty town, pretending I know heís not there waiting for me.  As planned, I make myself visible to his presence, in which his own is then made quite evident to me as well.

ďGet your hands up in the air, Fury!Ē Lei shouts with authority.

What..the..fuck?  Oh no!  Itís a little handgun, whatever shall I do?! I shoot him one of my most evil grins, and god I know how he hates them.  In return, he shoots me something in return; a rapid series of bullets, one after the other.  Chest, shoulder, head.  Thatís the order they hit me in.  I hunch slightly, fuck, I canít deny the way it still hurts like hell every time I get shot, but itís a pain I welcome, knowing what pain Iíll soon return.

Blood leaks from my new wounds, but of course the bullets merely bounced right off of me, as I knew they would.  The thin layer of metal beneath my skin will only allow the damn things to go so far.  Once more, I fully stand.  The same grin present on my face as before.  I nearly burst out in a fit of laughter here and now at the expression on Leiís face.  He always has been a comical guy, though his senseless shit never amused me at all the way it did everyone else.  But the current look on his face -- this surely amuses me.

Without another thought, I charge right for him at full speed, which is pretty damn fast.  The idiot doesnít even flinch one bit in reaction, standing there frozen.  Is Wulong trying to show me heís somewhat not a coward, even though I know damn well thatís what he is?  Hell no, heís just fucking scared, and he should be.  You canít kill a god. 

I deliver him one of my fiercest uppercuts ever while emitting a loud growl of rage, knocking him back a damn good number of yards.  The stupid fucker didnít even know what hit umí.

He cries out in pain upon the delivery of my vicious blow, emitting another pathetic noise when hitting the street pavement.  Still grinning, I walk over to where Leiís gun has skidded off to, picking the insignificant weapon up with my right hand.  Did I mention Iím a dead-shot?  Thatís where my nickname Ė Snake Eye Ė came from, though my name translates to ĎSnakeí in Japanese anyhow.  Lei always was jealous of my shooting abilities back when we were partners on that shitty Chinese force of his.  So surprised that someone could actually outdo the oh so high and mighty ďWarrior Dragon ThunderĒ on so many levels.  Bullshit.  He was just as much of a pathetic bitch then as he is now.  So, the dragon wants a piece of the snake now, does it?  Iíll give him something alright...

Gun in hand, I head over to Leiís fallen corpse Ė well Ė body.  Iím not used to delivering anyone a blow without killing them, but this time I have a few other plans.  Lei always did underestimate how smart I am, and oh how he loved to call me names.  Stupid.  Fool.  Idiot.  Sick.  Twisted.  Iíll give the little shit credit for the last two, at least.  He would always get a lovely pleasure out of trying to put me down, to make him feel better about himself, I suppose.  I guess I was never quite able to measure up to his first partner, since I was reminded this every goddamn waking moment I had to withstand with Lei.  Iím sure the night I was shot right in front of him in that fucking Hong Kong alley he was more concerned about how his hair looked for the ladies than he was with my life.  He always was such a dirty little slut.

Looking down upon Lei, what else would I do but take seat right down on him, my knees on either side of his thighs.  I take his fully-loaded gun, tracing it along the side of his face.  Make that trembling face.  Thatís it.  Be afraid, you stupid bitch.  He closes his eyes, murmuring some of his Chinese shit like I didnít know the language by heart.  I hate it, by the way.  Sounds like a bunch of senseless yapping if you ask me, especially from Leiís mouth, which is pretty much always doing this.  Then, to his obvious surprise, I toss the gun away.  Out of my grasp and onto the pavement it falls.  This is the part where I feel I should have replaced the last use of the word surprise with his despair.  I grin evilly.

I bet you couldnít guess what happened next.  I leaned down right over Lei, kissing his lovely lips violently.  Naughty little copís been drinking again, it seems.  As dumb as he is, you would think the alcohol does the thinking for him anyway, but no, itís really all him.  To drown out the taste of alcohol, I bite down on his lower lip, hard, replacing it with the sweet taste of his blood.  Now this is my kind of taste.  He whimpers in protest, his eyes now squinted in pain, unlike the look of shock which they first resembled a few seconds ago.  The weakling struggles beneath me, but itís worthless, of course.  Hell, as weak as he is, Iím surprised he didnít die a long time ago.  Iím quite sure Nina Williams would beat him in an arm-wrestling match.

Caught up in my current state of arousal, I suppose I didnít think fast enough for once.  The little bitch delivers me a nice knee to the crotch, and I fall backwards slightly in reaction.

ďYou sick fuck!Ē Lei exclaims, half in rage, half in fear.  He spits blood onto the ground as he scoots backwards, wiping his mouth as if trying to rid himself of something surely disgusting, some kind of contamination.  Thatís what the look on his face says, anyway.  Well guess what, my little Lei?  You just made one motherfuck of a mistake.

Leiís grasping his chest now, so apparently heís once again realizing the honest pleasure of receiving a punch to the ribcage from me.  Not in any hurry, I stand up and walk a steady pace over to Leiís gun which rest on the ground several yards away.  Aww, the poor gunís been terribly neglected of use, so I canít help but feel sorry for it.  Well, lookís like being the nice guy I am Iíll just have to do something about this.

I turn swiftly, and just like that, fire a shot.

Leiís head flails back in pain at the sound.  What a rude bitch.  The little cunt couldnít even find it in himself to thank me for bestowing a perfect shot at his collarbone.  Half an inch lower, and Iíd of hit him in the heart.  But no, my little game has just begun...  I once again toss Leiís gun carelessly to the ground. 

He never did have enough talent to win on talent alone. 

Cheap shit.

Walking over to Leiís writhing form, I grin once more not only at the scene before me, but at the knowledge that no one else from his crap force will be here to join us anytime soon.  Just like Wulong to try to handle everything on his own, in which something always go wrong.  Good job, Lei.  You got your partner killed.  You killed me.  And to this day, I still donít know for sure if it was done on purpose, though I can bet for hellís sake it was.  The asshole couldnít stand to share the limelight with anyone else. 

Lei seems to have a real knack for getting the people around him killed.

Well partner, looks like I died for you after all.  Letís see you do the same for me now.

Looking down at the fallen detective, if thatís even what you can call him in all his inconsequential glory, I stare into the gaze of his naturally large eyes, a now serious expression painted across my malicious face.

ďIím going to fuck the living hell out of you.Ē

I love the expression Iím now seeing on his own face.  Itís of pure fear.  The more amusing part is how the fear in him seems to outweigh the shock to some degree.  That slut.  That fucking slut.  He does want this, doesnít he?  How the fuck dare he try to defy me this way?!

ďGet away from me!!!Ē he yells as I kneel down.  Yep, he guessed it.  Iím going to fuck him raw right here on the pavement of a deserted alley.  Alleys can just carry the damn best memories, canít they?  Reaching my eager right-arm downwards, I rip the shirt straight from Leiís lovely body, drenching my hand in his blood.  God, he looks so fucking beautiful covered in blood I can feel my dick getting harder just looking at him smeared in it, though I was already rather hard to begin with.  Angered at his struggling, I deliver a hard smack to his face, smearing his cheek with his own blood, a taste which still lingers on my tongue to this very second.

ďYou shut your fucking mouth right now, or Iíll snap your goddamn neck fast enough to rip your head from your body, do you hear me?!Ē I yell with enraged animosity, sparking yet more fear in his widened eyes.  I just love scaring the shit out of people, and to tear them apart limb by limb even more.  Leaning down over Lei once more, I allow my tongue to dance along Leiís shoulder, passing it over the gracious wound I gave him.  Without a second thought, I delve my tongue right into it, prying until I relish in the taste of Leiís blood.

ďSt-stop it!  Please!Ē

The words are like music to my ears, enticing me to continue.  Iím sure by now he can feel the stiffness of my groin poking into his own.  I canít wait to fuck that tight little ass of his.  The whoreís finally going to pay for all those painful erections he caused me in the past while flashing around his slutty shit, flicking his hands through that magnificent hair of his.  Newsflash: if you donít want a dick fucking your ass, donít hold up a sign asking for it.  Thatís why I never felt sorry for any of those murdered-whore cases I was forced to inspect in the past.  The little tarts had it coming.

Swiftly, I grab the base of Leiís pants with my hands, eager to rid him of them.  Not only for the obvious reason that Iím eager to fuck him senseless, but because of how much I hated having to wear this shitty uniform, no matter how much Lei loved it.  Funny how he can go from wearing this shit to dressing like a woman so quickly Ė I donít give a fuck what his excuse is.  Heís the gayest straight man Iíve ever seen.  Itís just like a woman to make efforts to have everyone coming onto you.  What a slut.  Getting tired of hearing that word?  Too bad.  Calling people by their names is only natural.

After freeing Lei of those ugly-ass pants of his, Iím suddenly feeling too lazy to crawl forward to him, so instead, I decide to bring him to me.  Grabbing the back of his knees, I rapidly pull Lei forward, causing him to once more wince.  Iím sure the cement burn isnít very appealing to him.  Wasnít to me either when I fell onto it to die all those years ago.  Little Lei really is such a baby, so you canít help but want to slap him to the ground where he belongs, making him crawl. 

Damn, I hate kids.

Just because I feel like it, I deliver another fierce smack to the side of Leiís face with the back of my hand, surely bruising the flesh.  The thought of fucking him is the only thing keeping me from ripping the little bitch into enough pieces to litter this whole goddamn alley while painting the cement red with rivers of his blood.  Aww... look.  Now it seems the little whore is crying.  And to think I havenít seen tears of joy in his eyes since he won that ĎDetective of the Yearí award for the tenth time in row nearly fifteen years ago.  I run my fingers soothingly through his beautiful strands of licorice hair, the band coming lose by the run of my long digits.

ďIím going to fuck you until your tight little ass bleeds like a bullet wound,Ē I whisper adoringly, in one of those voices a mother would use while trying to comfort a sick child.  This was sarcastically spoken though, of course.  I fucking meant every word I said.

I soon take his lengthy right-leg over my shoulder, noting the way Leiís gasping increases more, which is hard to believe.  Fuck, I really hope he doesnít die of shock.  True, Iíd fuck him dead or alive, but thatíd take a lot of the fun out if he couldnít scream, now wouldnít it?

With my left-hand, I gather a satisfying amount of Leiís delicious blood on my palm as I run it along his smooth chest, before bringing my reddened left-hand down to the base of my cameo pants, which I thoroughly undue with my right-hand.  I remove my firmness from the confines of my pants, wasting no time in drenching it completely in Leiís blood, which shall serve well as lubrication for an easier slide into him.  More will add on as I fuck him, of course.

ďYou will pay for this...Ē Lei arthritically murmurs.  Come to think of it, Lei always did figure me too stupid to use a word with more than two syllables, because thatís what he saw me as; stupid.  Well Iíll fucking show him how stupid he was now.

Without a second thought, I quickly thrust myself right into that tight little ass of his, unable to hold back a gratifying moan of pleasure.  He, on the other hand, screams loud enough to where I wouldnít be surprised if the glass window of a nearby shop cracked somewhere.  What a stupid pansy.  Tears well up in Leiís eyes and shine his face as I continue to fuck him raw, and oh how I love every damn moment of it.

All the way out of him I pull, before fiercely slamming back into him, holding Leiís wrists down on either side of his sweating body the whole while.  Not that I ever had a problem in the first place, but the thrusts are getting easier.  The blood, obviously.  Thereís a fucking lot.

ďBryan, please!!!Ē

Now there was a Kodak moment.  Lei Wulong calling me by my first name.  No surprise that even back when we were partners, he always called me Fury in that impish voice of his.  I wasnít allowed to call him Wulong, Iíll mention.  He threatened to kick my ass whenever I did Ė thatís how serious about it he was.  Damn, I fucking hate China.  The Interpol really fucked me over that time.

Damn, the little bitch is still screaming.  Who knew anyone could scream so much, especially a man.  Itís much more rewarding to here a man screaming beneath me than any woman, feeling the power of it.  Women donít seem challenging enough to me Ė period.

Hmm, it seems little Lei has decided to fully submit.  Not that his pointless struggling attempts did anything else other than amuse the hell outta me.  He better be careful with how hard he scratches into the pavement.  Wouldnít want to break one his precious little nails.  I lean down over Wulongís shaking form not lighting up on my thrusts a bit, licking a long trail upwards from chest to neck, once again relishing in the taste of Leiís luscious blood, more addicting than any alcohol Iíve ever tasted.  I then stop my lips over the left side of his neck, smearing the area crimson as well.  I suck the skin into my mouth, letting my hands trace Leiís frail frame.

And he moans.

What a slut.  I knew he wanted this, and now itís made even more evident by the hardness pressing against my torso.  Speaking of hard, itís getting harder and harder not to discharge myself in Leiís tight heat.  Fucking him feels so damn good.  His body was the only thing ever good about him; at all.

Moving the trail of my mouth to Leiís lips, I kiss him.  Hard.  Hard and fast; there is no other way to do things.  Iím not one fucking bit surprised when he kisses me back the moment I push my tongue into his mouth, but I guess the truth is that when your bodyís fucked Ė your mind pretty much is too.

Heíll wanna die once this is over.

Lei draws his knees up on either side of me as I continue to ram into the writhing bitch, noting the changed look upon his eyes, shut or not.  Nothing like a good fuck to take your mind off of getting shot, I always say.  I can feel Leiís blood seeping down my inner thighs now, quite sure Iíve ripped him in on the inside in every way possible.

I once more lick the wound I delivered him earlier, which still hasnít ceased itís bleeding.  Itís obvious Leiís getting off on the pain.  His head thrashes back against the pavement, but with him being the hardhead he is I figure he doesnít have to worry about smashing his skull open anytime soon.

Iím actually somewhat surprised when the little slut wraps his arms around my neck, as if heís hanging on for dear life.  Fuck it.  Iím too close to spilling myself in his tight little ass to give a damn about anything else for the moment.  Lei cries out yet again, soiling the thin space between us with his release, just as Iíd intended.  I follow shortly afterwards, cumming hard enough to make Lei wail still more in the pained pleasure he apparently adores so much.  Itís suddenly just like old times.

I swiftly pull myself from Leiís spent hole, making him emit a loud wince.  I can tell just by looking at him that heís getting weaker and weaker by the second from blood loss.  Touching my fingers down between Leiís legs, I canít help but grin evilly still more when they come back up covered in blood.  Noticing Wulongís eyes are fixated on my fingers, I bring them to my mouth, licking them clean.  From the present look on Leiís face, I canít tell rather the little bitch is disgusted or if he wants me to fuck him all over again.

For over ten years Lei Wulong forgot about me, but Iím quite sure after this moment, heíll be thinking of me every damn second as long as he continues this pathetic, and all-around fake life of his.  Thatís right.  Iím not going to kill him... yet.  But I will.  I quickly re-zip the fly to my dark, green pants, knowing it shouldnít be long before the International Force of Fuckers arrives.  Blood stains the area around my belt-buckle.

Apparently, little Lei has caught on to the idea Iím going to leave him here tattered and torn like the used whore he is.  He couldnít be more right.  Killing him now would be too much of a privilege on the bitchís behalf.

Right when Iím about to get up off the rough cement, Iím suddenly caught off guard when Lei grabs the back of my neck with his hand and waste no time in giving me a whet kiss to the mouth, surely tasting his own blood on my tongue.

What the fuck? 

He then whispers in my ear, trying to shield his voice from the pain filling his broken body. ďI know youíre trying to make me crave your contact again, and that you want thoughts of you to endlessly plague my mind to the point where I go mad with anger, regret, and lust.  Sorry, Bryan, thatís not how I feel about you, but how you feel about me...Ē

I backhand the bitch right across his blood-streaked face for his smart talk.  Iíd like to rip that fucking jaw right off that pretty little face of his and shower the cement completely with his thick, crimson blood in a freak fest of red rain.  I then hear the distant sounds of those motherfucker sirens sparking noises in the distance.  A loathing grin rather than frown resurfaces on my lips when the thought crosses my mind of how exactly the hell Leiís going to explain what happened to him.  Heíll fucking lie, thatís for sure.

ďCatch you later, partner,Ē Lei mocks as my back turns, his voice pain-filled, though he tries to hold it back to seem less weak.  Usually, Iím the one always mocking that last statement he made to him, always right before I get away.

ďFuck you, yanse lang,Ē I state.

ďShi, weíll see about that...Ē

I will.  I certainly fucking will.






A/N: For those of you who were wondering... that was Bryan calling Lei a "man whore" in Chinese at the

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