Author's Notes: I'll still go ahead and state to everyone that this may be rather scary... I wrote this as a present for my now unfortunately ex-best-friend.

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The Soul He Didn’t Have

By Sapphire17

  I’m not going to let it happen again this time... No, I’m finally putting an end to all of this for good…

Detective Lei Wulong had repeatedly thought this same phrase over and over again to himself for so long now; but this was it.  He was finally determined to settle some long overdue matters – they’d been stretching out too long.  Oh no, Bryan Fury wasn’t going to blackmail him anymore...

Lei was determined.  Determined as ever as he continued to drive down the darkened street path, the route which would lead him to the complex where the callous Fury was currently located.  The raven-haired man was tired of both Fury’s physical and mental torment he’d been inflicting upon him for so long.  Even during the long period of Bryan Fury’s absence; a death that wasn’t ultimate; Lei’s mind had been haunted by the memories of his past, washing all other thoughts he’d tried to overlap them with clean.  The memories were like a shadow of darkness that followed him in even the brightest surroundings, inexorable of prevention.

The detective hastily pulled into the moderately full lot, not at all surprised at the persistent absence of any activity this late at night.  Of course.  Both Fury and Wulong wanted it this way.  Neither of them wanted to attract any potentially detrimental attention during their meetings, and Lei also figured this was the precise reason Fury had picked such a crummy location to stay in for the time being, though Lei figured Fury all the more preferred these surrounding more or less.  Yes, why wouldn’t Fury want to stay in a location where suffering among people was so common?

“This is it...” Lei sighed to himself in determination upon stepping outside of his parked car, which for once wasn’t a police car.  Once again back to the issue of distraction, which was one being precisely avoided.  Lei still, however, was wearing rather elegant clothing in the way of his authentically Chinese attire, complete with a beautiful silken shirt different shades of blue with elegant patterns and a line that buttoned in an offsetting string across his chest.  His hair was also beautifully groomed, a reasonable portion of his ebony hair hanging around his face in both the way of bangs, and added cascading strings of black tendrils around his ears, and shoulders.

Lei honestly looked like he had just taken a trip to the local beauty salon, but why?  Why would he want arrive looking so delectable to Fury at a time like this?  Simple.  Lei was going to show Fury what he now couldn’t lay his hands on, even in knowing how dangerous it was to raise Fury’s temper in even the smallest amounts.

The determined Lei strode forward up the stairs of the daunting apartment complex, suddenly feeling much more timid than he’d expected to or had been a little earlier, despite the continuous lines of assurance replaying over and over again in his head.  Lei hated it when his own thoughts weren’t sincere.  Insincere thoughts were always worse and more threatening than the insincerity of ones words, for this way it was so much easier to unknowingly fool yourself. 

The topography of this place was nothing short of atrocious, making Lei feel very out of place due to pretentious arrogance, and at the same time, right at home...

Right after reaching the end of the railing which lined the cement floor, Lei couldn’t help but turn to glance at the sky, like a dreaming stargazer from a high balcony, even if this was nothing of the such.  It was almost as if the long-haired man was trying to supplement his memories with few last pleasant intakes of visions... Almost as if this was the end of the line... a crooked line...

Without further consideration, Lei turned from the black railing in order to face a door, trying to retain his arm from making a shaking motion when he reached his right fist forward to knock on the burgundy wood.  Wulong didn’t know why he had even bothered in this action.  Fury wasn’t one to fear what lay on the other side of any door...  Come to think of it, did Fury have any fears?  Lei slowly cracked open the door...

“I’ve been expecting you, Lei,” came a voice from within the room’s darkness.

“And what made you so sure that I would even come?” Lei insolently inquired, shutting the door behind him.

Fury walked forwards a few more steps towards Lei, who still latently stood in the darkness. “Why Lei, you always cum in the end.”

“You… asshole!” Lei growled, knowing his choice in words had been a mistake, no matter how good saying them felt. “I came here to question you – and that’s that.  To finally settle this.  ...You’re not getting any from me this time.”

The other man walked closer still to Wulong, until he only stood a mere two feet to his front. “You act like you’re in a hurry?”

Lei remained motionless, his eyes narrowing more to some degree.  The look on Fury’s face was disturbingly content... “Even if I am, it’s none of your business.  My life never was – and still isn’t – any of your business.”

“Hmm… this sure is a change from the other night, when I felt your body submit so quickly beneath my own at your free will,” Bryan spoke rather casually, which wasn’t something you would expect from Bryan Fury...

“It-it was a mistake...” Lei had wanted to state this in a firm tone, though it came out in a seemingly helpless murmur.

Fury began pacing once more, walking in a careless circle around Lei with his arms folded behind his back. “I see… a mistake…”

“I’m not buying anymore of this blackmail shit from you,” Wulong now stated in the voice he had meant to use before, “I paid my fucking dept to you, Fury.  The deal was, you keep your mouth shut, and I make sure you don’t have cops on your ass 24-7.  Do you even realize how much this puts my career in jeopardy?  What would happen to me if my force were to find out I’ve been purposely leading them in the wrong direction from you all this time?”  Lei then abruptly turned around to where Fury had paced to.

“First of all, you can never pay off your debt to me.  Unless I kill you, that is.” Fury then grinned all too spitefully.

 Lei sighed in a flustered manner, so tired of hearing this. “I’ve told you a thousand damned times how sorry I am for starting that shoot-out, but it was still your own fault,” Lei’s voice suddenly changed back to it’s annoyed and angered tone, “And I’m pertaining to your careless involvement in drug distribution, in case you really are that stupid.”

Even though Lei had prepared himself to block an attack from the other man after making this statement; none came, and Fury just... stood there, seemingly intent on Lei’s words, but not actions.  This angered Lei even more, making him feel in a sense that Fury was showing off his absolute fearlessness of the elegant Chinese.

“I’m not buying it anymore, Fury,” Wulong once more assured, surprised for once that he was actually doing more of the talking this time, “Even if you do come forth and reveal our affairs of the distant past, what actually makes you think anyone will believe you in the end?  It’s your word against mine, rendering yours nothing short of futile.  I’d advise you to either move clear of my path, or be run over in the way of it.”

“Hmp,” Bryan spat rudely, unfolding his arms and leaning forward from against the wall. “You think you’re so fucking smart, when stupidity and fear is all you truly reek of.  You and I both know I could crush you like the fragile weakling you are at any moment, yet you still think to mock me.  Keep in mind, Lei Wulong, that I am one to find more honour in spilling the blood of another on their own hands than having my palms so much as specked in my own, unlike you.”

“That’s because you care for nothing, and no one, but yourself,” Lei stated following Bryan’s words, “This consuming hatred of yours has twisted you into something so evil.  It takes the place of the soul you don’t have...” he said, though it yet again came out much softer than Lei had intended.

“Your words have always been nothing but trash, Wulong,” Bryan once more spat, yet that evil grin still remained ever so present on his face, as inappropriate as it was in Lei’s eyes.

“Whatever, I’m leaving now... Don’t forget what I told you...” the Chinese man sighed in a silent whisper, turning around and walking towards the door, when in an instant, he stopped dead in his tracks...

“I don’t think so,” Bryan whispered while holding a razorblade knife to Lei’s throat from behind...

“Wha-what are you doing...?” Lei gasped as he felt the cool metal of the blade pressed against his flesh.

“Whatever the hell I want with you, bitch.” Bryan then began to walk backwards, dragging Lei along with him.  Lei was very well aware that Fury was dragging him towards the bed...  Wulong had nothing short of foreshadowed something like this happening, as it had so many times before, so why had he even come to think for even a split second that it would be any different this time?  Simple.  He hadn’t... and now his pride was taking an even more drastic dive than it ever had before with Fury; something that had somehow managed to slip the depths of his tormented mind before.  Easy.  Now that Lei didn’t have what he had been using as true justification to stand for his submission, the blackmail that had served this purpose, Bryan was going to show the other he’d never needed it in the first place... 

And this was true.  Bryan Fury was going to heighten his own amusement in the midst of all this by in the end proving that Lei could not be raped by him; finally reveal that Lei, in fact, did desire this and hadn’t been simply providing some service of debt.  Now, no matter how much of Lei’s pride had already been broken by Bryan in the past, this, this was when Fury would finally see it shattered into pieces...

Bryan slung Lei down violently, as Wulong hit the mattress of the bed, face first.  Lei instantly tried to turn over, but Fury had followed to hold him quick.

“Stop it!!” the Chinese still refused to give into this.  No.  He still had too much respect for himself to do anything of the such.

    No... no!  I can’t let him do this to me!  I don’t want this!  I don’t want this!  

“Did I forget to mention you’re looking intriguingly beautiful?” Fury stated in a low, malicious whisper.  Lei didn’t need any eye contact to know that grin was still on Fury’s face.  He hated it...

The shorter man started to struggle like crazy beneath Fury, making an attempt to launch any form of resisting attack he could from his current position.  Pointless. 

“So weak...” Bryan sarcastically laughed, completely amused at the scene present before him, “And pitiful.  I think I’ll kill you this time, but not before I have some fun with you first...” Bryan then took the extremely sharp knife he still held in his right grasp and slit Lei’s silken shirt straight down the center, causing a thin trail of crimson to surface on Lei’s back in the process.

“Get off of me!!!” Lei ordered, though it came out more like a plea.

Bryan tore the remaining part of the shirt straight from Lei’s body, as Wulong continued to struggle still more.  Annoyed by this, Bryan delivered an agonizingly hard blow to the back of Lei’s head from behind with the ball of his right fist.  That did the trick...

When Bryan felt Lei temporarily cease to move, he reached his arms underneath Lei’s form, his eager hands instantly ripping the buttons free from Lei’s pants, then sliding them all the way down directly afterwards.  Wulong for the moment couldn’t think straight, the blow to his head borderline short of knockout intensity.  When he finally regained enough consciousness to realize the truth to his current situation, Lei honestly wasn’t too thrilled...  Oh why oh why did he ever think for even a moment that this wouldn’t happen?  And to top it off, Fury had made the vow to end his life once through with him, once he’d taken his pleasure in this.  Why couldn’t Fury have just gone ahead and killed him?  Lei then felt as Bryan grabbed him at the waistline, raising him to all fours.

“Now it’s time to see how much I can make you bleed, Lei Wulong,” Bryan evilly spoke, noting the way Lei was trembling.  He didn’t even give Lei a chance to recourse, and plunged the tip of his huge and slick cock straight past Lei’s tight ring of muscle.

Lei screamed in pain, feeling as Bryan raised him slightly further off the mattress, grasping his lower waist and pulling him backwards, forcing Lei to impale himself further on Bryan’s huge member.  No mercy was to be shown, Fury began to pound into the unwilling Lei vigorously, smiling the whole while.  With that grin.

“Please stop!!!  Please!!!”

And after all the times Lei had sworn and promised himself he’d never say these words...  Not like this, at least.

“You’ll be begging for me not to stop in a few more moments,” Bryan snickered, knowing this was all too true.  He’d known it right from the start, and not only that, but he knew Lei had denied knowing this in his own mind.  Wulong truly did underestimate Fury’s intelligence, to get right down to it.

The American grasped the Chinese tightly around the waist, forcing Lei to rock his hips back against Bryan’s, in sync with the rough rhythm he had established.  Lei was completely helpless...  He couldn’t believe this was being done to him, but at the same time, couldn’t believe that anything else besides this would have been done.  Fury normally hadn’t been quite this rough with him; not at first at least, and he had used lubricant.  But this – this was just pure pain...

“Stop...” Lei once more pleaded, feeling tattered and broken, along with mounted shame from the tears that left lucid streams upon his squinted face.

“I’m going to make you want this,” Bryan spoke with lust, “I’m going to make you beg for this,” Fury then reached his right hand down to Lei’s own dripping length, wrapping his fingers around it and stroking feverishly.  He then added on by making his thrusts sharper, longer, deeper.

“Ah...” Lei gasped, his fingers grasping into the sheets beneath him, an exasperating sensation like no other suddenly overtaking his lithe, sweaty body.  Lei’s head hung downwards, his long and beautiful hair hanging in long, licorice strands on each side of his shimmering face as he began to moan. 

“You want this, don’t you?” Fury questioned, immediately noting the sudden change.

“No...” Wulong whispered between the tears.

“You want me to fuck the living hell out of you, don’t you Lei Wulong?” Bryan spoke mockingly, tracing the tip of his hot tongue upwards along Lei’s sweated spine while continuing to ram into him with unbelievable power the whole while.  Then suddenly, Bryan stopped... pulling his hard member from Lei’s body in one, quick motion.


“What was that?”’

“Please... don’t stop...” Lei breathlessly pleaded.

“You have to tell me how much you want it first,” Bryan evilly laughed, “You have to tell me how much you want me to fuck you.”

“...I ...I.”

“Say it.”


“SAY IT!!!”

“Fuck me!!!” Lei choked on the words, choking on his own tears.  So this was what it had come down to... though Bryan Fury had always had this power over Lei Wulong.  The power to pain him, pleasure him, torture and tear him.  It was the power no one in their right mind ever desired anyone to have over them, and a power which could only be unlocked in the depths of someone truly evil...

Fury laughed, leaning his face down over Lei’s abused entrance, darting his tongue out, and into, the tender walls.  He tasted what he’d wanted.  Blood.

“Stop teasing me like this...” Lei couldn’t help but implore, his member already leaking with precum that dripped onto the sheets soft sheets below. “You need it just as much as I do!”  This torture was just too much to take on his behalf.  Lei didn’t know what he was feeling.  Pain, pleasure, anger, love, hate.  Fuck.

Bryan loved nothing more than to hear Wulong beg, continuing to eagerly lap away at Lei’s opening while Lei meanwhile continued to writhe in his grasp.  As always, Bryan Fury held 100% control, and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Fury wouldn’t be satisfied any other way.

“Inside of me... please...” Lei once more begged, involuntarily arching himself back onto Bryan’s teasing hot tongue.

Bryan grabbed Lei at the waistline, forcefully flipping him over to where they were now facing each other.  Of course; Fury preferred it this way as well.  Preferred all the more to see the expressions on the face of his conquests.  After flipping him over, Bryan then eagerly took Lei’s sweaty legs over his shoulders.

“Oh god please hurry...” Lei frantically panted.

“Fucking pathetic,” Bryan whispered with utmost loathing, right before thrusting his full and erect mast forward into Lei once more, who moaned high in intense pained pleasure.  Unable to control himself, Lei made a rather quick effort to grab his own aching length in hand, but Bryan grasped Lei’s hand first in anticipation to keep him from doing so.

“It’ll be a privilege if I allow you to cum tonight,” Bryan spoke with authority before twisting Lei’s wrist to a rather painful degree while continuing to thrust into Lei’s sheer tightness and heat.

“Please, Bryan...”

Lei couldn’t think at this point.  Suddenly, his world had been abridged to nothing but this, nothing but getting fucked.  Lei Wulong was completely memorized by Fury’s unrelenting power, the same way Bryan was entranced by Lei’s delicate beauty, though neither of them would admit this.  Then of course, there was their shared past together from all those years ago, when they had been a little more than just partners on Lei’s force.

“Umm, I just love your body,” Bryan moaned in pleasure, suddenly pushing either of Lei’s legs forwards and down by the bend at the knees, pinning them against Lei’s chest.  Fury then leaned further over Wulong, who was still writhing mindlessly. “It feels good, doesn’t it, Lei?” Bryan whispered before forcefully kissing Lei’s trembling lips.

“Goddamn you...” Lei whispered back; short of breath while Bryan now did well in holding Lei’s arms down on either side of his sweated body, keeping him immobile from giving himself any pleasure.

Bryan kissed Lei’s flushed face, tasting the salted tears, before giving him yet another intense, yet passionate kiss to the mouth, which Lei still returned...  Lei was in quite a bit of pain alongside from the pleasure, and Fury could tell just from the feel of his thrusts that Lei was bleeding rather badly...

“Don’t stop...” Lei winced.

In response to this comment, Bryan came back in an incredibly hard thrust, bucking Lei’s hips back and up as Lei cried out in desperation.

“Whatever the fuck gave you that idea?” Bryan accused, acting as if Lei had been purely insane to make such a statement.

Wulong looking up into Fury’s blue eyes.  They were ice-cold; a stare that always managed to send a chill up the spine of anyone who managed to get close enough to look into them, freezing your mind stiff of any thought whatsoever.  Those who did look into his eyes were sure to die...

Lei tried to maintain his breath. “You slowed down for a moment... and I could see it in your eyes... the guilt... for what you’re doing to me... because I know you can feel my blood just as easily as I can...”

Bryan narrowed his eyes more than they had been to begin with. “You don’t think I enjoy the sight or feel of your blood?  Not to mention the feel of you bucking your hips beneath me like the wanting bitch you are, though in the position you’re currently in, you’re pretty much disabled of movement anyhow.”

“Shut up and fuck me... Cum inside of me and get it over with...”

Bryan sneered in response to this while repetitively thrusting into Lei, suddenly releasing his grasp on Wulong’s arms; surprisingly taking Lei’s hard and dripping member between their sweaty bodies into grasp and beginning to rapidly stroke in rhythm to his thrust.

“Nnn... Bryan...” Lei couldn’t help but moan, his legs wrapping their way around Bryan’s torso while his hands jumped to either of his lover’s shoulders.  Lover.  This was definitely the wrong word to use, for Fury was nothing of the sort to him, just like Lei wasn’t to Fury.  No.  Fury was the tormenter, and Lei was the toy...  This was a relationship purely based on hate, blood, and addiction.  Nothing more.

“I can tell you're enjoying this,” Fury whispered with undertones of derision while kissing the underside of Lei’s neck.

“Goddamn you, Bryan...” was all Wulong managed to say in a wincing whisper as the pleasure invading his body became nothing short of unbearable, vacating his mind clear of anything else still more. 

Bryan rocked their hips together incredibly hard and fast, striking Lei’s prostate over and over again until the writhing Chinese could take no more...  “Unn... Bryan!!!!” Lei screamed his name in an outstretched cry, even though he hadn’t wanted to.  It was as if this only added on as some form of prize to Fury...

Fury’s hand was drenched with the salty essence of Lei’s hard release, knowing his own was soon to follow.  Bryan let out a loud grown of intense pleasure, sheathing his length inside of Lei to the max as he filled Lei with his own hot and thick load of cum, causing Lei to let out another lingering cry.  Wulong was then met with a fervent kiss to the mouth at the exact same moment.  Tongues tangled spontaneously in ardent lust, continuing for what felt like an eternity.

A thin wire of saliva stretched between Bryan and Lei’s lips when Fury pulled away, an unreadable look present on his face.  For a change, this was an expression on his face you were surely not to see very often.  It was an expression of... confusion.  Bryan didn’t so much as speak a word, and fully pulled away from Lei, pulling out of him at the same time.  This motion wasn’t temperate at all, reacting in a slight yelp of pain from Wulong at the sudden feeling.

Lei was now the one to watch in confusion as Fury simply stood up, slid into a pair of black pants, put on a long-sleeved, dark green shirt, and headed for the front door.

Bryan hadn’t killed him...

While standing at wooden door’s foot, Fury turned to face Lei Wulong one last time, who still lay on the bed delirious and perplexed.  Bryan placed the long razorblade knife he always carried with him in the right holder to this pants, before letting the base of his shirt fall forward to shield the knife’s presence from anyone’s view.  Bryan Fury showed Lei that look yet more.  That damned grin.  Somehow... in the depths of his soul... Lei felt perhaps Bryan only used this as a cover up for what he truly felt in his... the soul he didn’t have...

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