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Updated: 22 May 2004 | 8 new authors and 47 new fics

- new fics -

Deca [Jack/Barbossa]
by Annie D

A Pirate's Musings, or, Why God Made Rum [Jack/Bootstrap Bill]
by flameboi

Fortune's Favor, Surprisingly Pleasing to the Heart, and Taking Advantage [all Jack/Norrington]. And Fulfillment and Left Behind [both Barbossa/Jack]
by Garnet

Scoundrels [Jack/Will/Elisabeth], Breathless, Breathless Too, Complicity, Collision and The World Turned Upside Down [all Jack/Norrington], Gentlemen's Relish [Jack/Norrington, Jack/Gillette, Jack/Groves], Out of his Depth [Jack/Will], and Ten Years Gone [Jack/Barbossa]
by Gloria Mundi

Best Laid Plans and A Plan Well-Laid [both Jack/Norrington]
by hija_paloma and Webcrowmancer

Emptiness, Fallen Wine, Stricken Bones, and Sway [all Jack/Will]. Meetings [Jack/Norrington], Musings on the Pearl, Pretty Thing, Rum and Blood [all None], and Pallor [Jack/Sands].
by Ignited

Leave-takings [Jack/Will]
by Kanzeyori

Dare You, Formal Engagements, The Best Things In Life, and 'Til Death [all Jack/Norrington], and Red & Gold [Gillete/Groves]
by L.M. Griffin

Oppurtune Moments [Jack/Will]
by Lady Oasis

Persuasion [Jack/Norrington]
by Monkeypuzzle and Webcrowmancer

The Very Secret Diary of Captain Jack Sparrow [None]
by poor_napoleon, ladymoonray and Gloria Mundi

Further Ashore and Stain [both None], Purgatory [Jack/Bootstrap Bill implied, Jack/Will implied], Shackles [Jack/Barbossa], and Stigma [Jack/Norrington]
by RD

Terms For A Cease-fire [Jack/Norrington]
by Tarnneth

Captain Of Her Heart [Elizabeth/herself], Obsession and Redemption [both Jack/Barbossa], and Sunlight and Worshipping [both Jack/Norrington]
by Webcrowmancer

- updated fics -

Chapters 2 to 4 of Afflictions [Jack/Will] (Formely titled "Wounded")
by The Golden Brett

Chapter 4 to the Epilogue of Rant [COMPLETE] [Norrington/Gillette]
by L.M. Griffin

Parts 7 and 8 of Mercy [COMPLETE] [Jack/Norrington]
by Webcrowmancer

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