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Sites affiliated with Bella Donna:

Black Pearl

To view all sites affiliate with Noire Sensus, go here.


Bella Donna is the first Noire Sensus sub-site which we are specifically accepting affiliates for. Affiliates with sites related to Pirates of the Caribbean will be listed here on Bella Donna, as well as in the main site affiliates section.

If you have a site not directly relate to Pirates of the Caribbean, you can still become an affiliate, but will be listed on the main site only.

We ask that your site be a cut above the rest both in content and design, be easy to navigate, and be maintained (i.e. you haven't abandoned the site in pursuit of other interests).

If you're still interested, drop us a line including your site's name, URL, and fandom. Affiliating is decided in committee, so it may take us a little while to get back to you.


If you encounter problems, please contact a member of the staff or consult the FAQ.
Report a broken link.

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