WARNINGS: None...unless your offended by male/male sex
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Possible minor movie spoilers.
SUMMARY: First time, "Pirate...lust...Blacksmith" What else do you need?
DISCLAIMER: Jack Sparrow and Will Turner belong to Disney. No money made, no fame claimed..
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Oppurtune Moments

By Lady Oasis

"Ya didn't stay where I left ya, mate!" an indignant voice ghosted down from the rafters of the smithy. Startled, Will looked up to find Jack crouched on the beam above his head.

"How did you get in here?" he demanded, tossing his tools to the bench and straining to see into the shadows. Ignoring the question, Jack swung down to the floor to face Will. Leaning in close to the other man and glaring through narrowed eyes, Jack repeated, “Ya didn't stay where I left ya."

"Of course I didn't,” Will snapped, pushing him away. "I was nearly hung. I left...and quickly."

Will still wasn't sure why he kept allowing the exasperating pirate into his life, nor why Jack kept showing up at all, for that matter. But after Elizabeth's inexplicable change of heart and marriage to Norrington... show up he did, dragging Will from one near disaster to another. The last episode had nearly seen Will hung and he wasn't quite so willing to let bygones be bygones this time around.

Besides, there was that small matter of payment, yet, for the swords Will had crafted for the crew... and the reason he had been waiting in Tortuga in the first place. He had risked life and limb to get the swords to Tortuga and Jack. All he had gotten for his trouble had been an airy “Wait here lad and keep a sharp eye. I'll be right back" from Jack... and that had been the last he had seen of the man.

His waiting and lurking had raised suspicions amongst some of the locals and his escape from the island had been a very near thing. To say that Will have arrived back in Port Royal, angry....was probably an understated assessment. Now all he wanted to do was strangle the man....slowly and painfully.

Turning away and banking his anger, Will added, "I waited two days for you in Tortuga...you never showed up."

"Mmmm," Jack thought briefly, finger poised at his chin. "I was waylaid,” Jack said finally, fingers weaving gracefully through the air as he spoke.

"By whores and rum, no doubt," Will answered, turning back to him.

"Circumstances lad,” Jack soothed, cocking his head to the side and giving, what he thought, to be one of his more disarming grins. "Totally b'yond me control."

Will didn't even try to shrug off his anger now. He simply swung, clocking Jack neatly on the chin and sending the pirate sprawling to the floor. Jack levered himself onto his elbows and shook his head to clear it before tipping it back to squint up at Will.

"Why'd ya do that?" he asked, genuinely confused.

For answer, Will strode forward and planted a booted foot against Jack's chest and pushed him flat again to the floor. "You owe me money for swords delivered, Jack." Will said.

Jack's eyes narrowed dangerously for the briefest heartbeat before smiling sweetly and answering, "Your money's right where it should be boy. Right where I told you to wait."

"In Tortuga?"

"In Tortuga," Jack agreed.

Both men studied each other silently, until Jack finally lifted a cautious hand to Will’s foot and pushed it from his chest.

"Well then,” he said brightly as he sat up, “Seeing as how I've obviously caught you at a bad time... I'll just be leaving then."

"Not this time Jack,” Will said suddenly, launching himself at the pirate and dragging him back to the floor.

Caught off guard by the move, Will had the advantage and despite his best struggles, Jack quickly found himself straddled and pinned to the floor. Sighing in disgust, Jack paused.

"I've noticed a disturbing tendency on your part to be frequently between me and my way out,” Jack snapped, glaring up at Will.

"There's the small matter of my money to be accounted for,” Will answered stubbornly and then laughed outright. "Waylaid... most certainly on whores and rum and probably with my money. After all, a pirate is still, just a pirate for all that, isn't he Jack?"

"Ah, that cuts to the quick, lad,” Jack answered, renewing the struggle to free himself. "Not sure I'll overcome such a grievous insult to my character." Will kept his hold and then Jack huffed out a breath, and stilled suddenly. "Aye," Jack murmured slyly, almost to himself, “a pirate is still just a pirate."

Suspicious, Will glanced down and watched the eyes narrow and a smirk appear on Jack's face and felt the first twinge of apprehension. The man's crafty ability to twist everything to his own advantage gave Will pause and he wondered briefly if it wouldn't be wiser to just release him. The likelihood of second guessing Jack was remote, Will knew that....but still, having the upper hand now, as it were, was a novel situation, and Will found he rather liked it.

Studying the expressive face carefully, he tightened his grip on Jack's wrists and settled himself more firmly astride his hips......and then came to the stunning realization of why Jack was smirking.

Eyes widening in shock, Will watched as Jack gave an unrepentant shrug and then wiggled appreciatively against Will's arse... his cock, undeniably hard.

"A man should always take full advantage when an opportune moment presents itself." Jack grinned.

"Stop that!" Will told him sharply, drawing his hips away from Jack's distracting squirming and scowling in disapproval.

“I suppose," Jack said softly, lifting his head and nodding down at himself pointedly, "that might disavow ya of the notion that I was waylaid by whores." After a thoughtful pause, he added, "Course you bein’ a eunuch an all, you're probably not much for appreciatin’ that fine point."

Sighing, Jack laid his head back and closed his eyes ... much as if he was settling in for a nap and apparently unconcerned with either Will's disapproval or his own arousal.

Will settled himself gingerly back onto Jack's hips again, determined not to relinquish what was beginning to now appear as a rather tenuous upper hand.

"I'm not a eunuch,” Will answered, acutely aware of the firm erection pressed against his arse.

Jack gave a disbelieving snort, before peeking up through slitted lids and murmuring, "Yer welcome to disprove my opinion." Then punctuated his words with a firm thrust of his hips.

"Stop it, I said," Will replied sharply. "I'll not be distracted by your tricks this time."

"You could let me go,” Jack pointed out.

"Not until we've settled payment.”

"Well, mate, then I guess it's all a matter of leverage, eh?" Jack told him, arching his hips again and grinding his cock against Will.

"Jack!" Will hissed

"It seems, young Will, you’ll just have to continue being 'not distracted," Jack leered.

Frowning, he studied the pirates face and considered his options before asking, “It's true then, isn't it...what they say about Pirates?"

Jack stilled his movements, long enough to open his eyes and look up curiously. "What is it that they say lad?" Jack asked.

"They say that...well, you know....that pirates....that they....." He came to an uncertain halt, blushing furiously.


Will shook his head self-consciously and looked away.

"Tell me lad." Jack prodded, obviously enjoying Will's discomfort, “What? What do they say?"

Will nudged back against the hard cock beneath him, heard the startled inhale of breath from the pirate "that" he whispered and nudged again, "with each other."

Will watched the play of emotions that flitted across Jack’s face at his movement. Found himself perversely pleased somehow, to see the heavy lidded eyes drift shut on a sigh.

"Oh, aye, mate,” Jack answered finally, licking his lips. "All that and more."

Will felt the tiniest thrill at the confirmation. Taking a firmer grip on Jacks wrists, Will nudged again. Grinning at the sharp inhale of breath it produced from the pirate, a poorly thought out scheme began to take shape in Wills mind. Another nudge and the kohl rimmed eyes flashed open.

"Careful, William Turner,” Jack warned softly, “You may not want to stoke that fire."

Will felt the first sharp flutter of arousal in himself and with it came foolish courage. "Perhaps, I'll take you Jack Sparrow... services in lieu of monies owed."

He gave another experimental rock of his hips against the hard cock. Jack's response was quite gratifying...he actually whimpered. Will watched avidly as a fine shiver ran through the lithe form... and nudged again, harder this time...felt the surrender in Jack's whispered, “Will, please...."

Riding on his new found sense of power, Will got careless and let his hand trail up the inside of Jack arm. In the very second that Jack felt the easing of the grip on his wrists, his eyes flashed open in triumph and he twisted sharply. Before Will quite realized what was occurring, he had been neatly flipped ...his own wrists clasped firmly above his head and Jack was sprawled across him.

"You tricked me,” Will accused.

"Pirate, luv,” Jack leered, “and I'll be doin’ the taking if it's all the same to you." And then Jack's mouth was descending on Will's.

It was not the tender, coy, kiss of a woman; it was a possession... a hard, raw, hunger that demanded response. Will gasped into the hard mouth on his....squirmed in embarrassment as his own cock filled and hardened. Jack angled his hips and thrust hard against Will and at that first feel of hard cock on hard cock through their breeches. Will cried out at the wicked pleasure of it.

When Will arched back, seeking to prolong that contact, it was Jack's turn to gasp out loud. He drew back from the kiss to trace a wet path down Will's neck, nuzzling and worrying at the soft flesh.

"Didn't expect this of you, dear William,” Jack panted. “Not that I'm complaining, mind you,” he added, "Just didn't expect it."

He felt Jack fumbling with the laces on his breeches and than a hot knowing hand was inside his pants, stroking and coaxing his desire to a fever pitch. When Jack teased the foreskin back from the crown of his cock and circled the head lazily with his thumb, he very nearly came on the spot.

He heard a throaty chuckle in his ear as Jack pinched tight on the head, forestalling the oh so desperately desired orgasm.

"Easy lad,” he soothed, "Easy." Then that clever hand was sliding down, fondling his sack briefly before sliding even farther to trace a delicate teasing path to the entrance of his body.

"What say we take this to a more comfortable location...mmm?" Jack asked licking and nuzzling at Will's neck. "What say you to that?"

"I have rooms upstairs," Will offered hopefully.

It took neither man long to get upstairs and divested of clothing, though Will was mildly affronted when Jack left off from the kissing, and the licking and the fondling to prowl restlessly around the room. Stopping at a small shelf that held storm lanterns and a small flask, Jack picked up the flask and swirling it, held it up for Will's identification.

“Whale oil.” Will shrugged to Jack's questioning look.

"Ahhh, good... That'll work," Jack said, returning to the bed.

Will eyes went wide as the implication of the oil made itself known to his lust fogged mind. Uncertain now and more than a bit afraid, he sat up slowly on the bed. "Jack," he began hesitantly.

Jack's eyes glittered darkly from where he stood at the foot of the bed and in answer to Will's unspoken fear, he simply reached down and grasped an ankle in each hand and slowly drew Wills legs apart.

"Jack, really," Will began again, as Jack crawled up between his legs, "I'm not sure about this."

Jack's eyes narrowed as he reached out and grasped a handful of Will's hair, pulling his face up sharply to his own. "Not to worry, luv," he whispered, leaning in to claim Will's mouth.

Will felt Jack's other hand reach between them and draw their cock's together, fisted them both roughly before pulling away. Panting and near dizzy with desire, Will looked up to find Jack smirking in amusement.

"I've yet to kill a man by makin’ love to him." Jack assured, pushing Will back down against the coverlet.

Kneeling back on his heels, Jack wrapped a hand around Will's cock, stroking gently as the fingers of his other hand began tracing light touches against his opening. Will arched into the touch, then flinched away when he realized that the hand and fingers were already coated in oil....and he didn't know how or when Jack had managed that. Jack didn't pause, just kept stroking Will's cock and pressing more insistently against his opening. Then that finger was inside him and Will huffed out a sigh of relief...it wasn't so bad.... not what he had feared and he pushed experimentally against it, moaning softly at the sensation.

He arched up into Jack's hand and then pressed back against the finger, hissed in surprise when that finger brushed fleetingly against some hidden sweet spot inside him. He pressed back harder trying to catch that elusive spot again.

"God Almighty, Will." Jack gasped hoarsely, as he pulled away. Restraint gone and fumbling for the oil, he coated his own cock with shaking hands. Then working his arms under Will's knee's, he lifted the legs over his shoulders and positioned his cock at the tight opening.

Without fanfare, he pressed forward, ignoring Will's startled cry and breached the tight ring of muscle. He cried out himself at the tight heat surrounding his cock and bit down hard on his lip, against his own rising lust.

Panting raggedly, Will levered himself up onto his elbows. "Jack," he gasped.

"Hurts, lad. I know,” Jack rasped out...sympathizing, though not near enough to either halt or slow his determined course. "It'll ease Will. I promise."

Will looked up into his face and knew that Jack was teetering on the edge of his own control...knew that the pirate was holding back for him...holding back his own need to just take and rut mindlessly, He could see it in his face. Will had a only moments gratefulness for the mercy.

"It does hurt," Will gasped, trying to catch his breath and desperately, clutching at the bedding as Jack sank fully into his arse. He glanced down at himself, noted with some surprise that he was still hard, despite the deep burn inside and he tried to pull away from it. Jack clutched his hips and held him tight against his groin.

"Don't move, Sweet William....just....don't move," Jack ground out.

They both held for several heartbeats and then Jack caught his gaze. "Ole Jack's got a trick or two for you, lad," he whispered. "Savvy?"

Before Will could form an answer, Jack had drawn out a little ways, angled his hips and rocked back in, thrusting sharply upwards.

Desire sizzled up Will's spine and exploded behind his eyes when Jack's cock found and nudged that same sweet spot he had sought earlier. He met Jack's next thrust and cried out at the pleasure.

Jack wrapped his hand around Will's cock, began stroking in time to his own thrusts and Will was lost in a rising spiral of heat and need. Trapped between that stroking hand and thrusting cock

He looked up to find the pirate watching him avidly...gaze black and hungry as the candle light danced off the coins and beads that adorned his braids. He looked like some dark, ephemeral, phantom... pounding into him.

He felt the heat building behind his balls as they draw tight against his body, felt Jack's thrusts grow short and erratic, "Let go, Will" Jack panted, "let go." And with a sharp cry, Will was cumming hard, spilling over Jacks hand.

Jack clutched at Will's leg, gave one last short, hard, thrust and pressing his face tight against the soft skin of Will's thigh, he came with a soft sob, "Ah, Will....it's sweet, it's too, too sweet,” he gasped out and Will could see the wetness of tears on his cheeks.

Stunned, Will watched as Jack squeezed his eyes tight, took a ragged breath and then sank boneless across Will. Will had never heard of a man crying when he came. This one had.

Will stayed silent for several minutes. "Jack,” Will whispered finally in his ear.

“Aye?” he asked, unmoving.

Will tilted his head to look down at the pirate, raised a hand to wipe at the tears on his cheek and Jack lifted his head sharply in alarm. The two gazed at each other for half a moment before Jack's eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Will touched his cheek again, "It's okay, Jack."

The hooded eyes bored into his for another half moment, and then Jack gave the slightest of nods. "Thanks, Will," he said softly, before resettling his head into the crook of Wills neck. Within minutes and cradled in Will's arms...the pirate slipped into peaceful sleep.


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