Summary: The after effects of Will's wound are cause for concern. Jack again sets out to help heal Will


Chapter 2 - Healing

By The Golden Brett

Will rolled over in his bed. He was still feeling a little sick. Ever since his recovery, at any given moment, he would be violently ill. It hadn't happened for a few days, but last night was one of those times. He groaned as he remembered when it just had to happen.

He was sitting on deck watching the stars when Jack had wandered up from the party that was being thrown below deck. In each hand was a glass. He walked slowly over to Will, who had yet to notice his presence. One of the deck boards let out a groan when he stepped on it, and Will jumped, obviously startled.

"Oh God, Jack, you scared the hell out of me," he said, his hand over his heart.

Jack smiled and sat down next to Will, handing him one of the glasses he was holding. "Why aren't you downstairs?"

WIll accepted the glass and shrugged, looking away, "I don't feel up to it."

It had been three weeks since he had been with Jack. Neither one had made any attempt to speak to the other about it, and Will was beginning to suspect that Jack hadn't meant it when he had told him that he loved him. He was coming to the conclusion that it had been a one night stand; the thought of that alone made him want to vomit.

"You look sick," Jack said.

Will shook his head, "I'm fine."

"Then why don't you look at me?"

Will swallowed hard and turned his head. "Better?" he asked.

"Not really," Jack responded.

"Why not?"

Jack shifted so he was resting mostly on his right hip, facing Will. "You've been avoiding me."

Will looked away but Jack's hand on his chin made him return his gaze. He shrugged. "Not really," he responded, stealing Jack's line.

"I'm a pirate, Will, I can see through a lie a mile away," Jack said dropping his hand, letting it rest on Will's knee.

Will sighed. "It's... I just thought... that..." he stopped and tried again, "I thought that you and... that you and I... had..." he stopped again and looked away for a moment. This time Jack gave him the time to compose his thoughts. "That we had... something," he said turning back.

Jack's eyes studied his own, making Will shift uncomfortably, but maintained eye contact. The longer the silence between them stretched on, the more positive Will became that he had been right in his suspicions that what had happened between him and Jack was a one shot deal. He felt the sting of tears in his eyes and looked away. Once again, Jack's hand turned his face towards his own.

"We do," he said quietly.

"What exactly... do we have, Jack?" he asked in a whisper.

Jack's hand slipped around behind his head. Will's heart rate picked up, and Jack leaned in, pressing his lips lightly to Will's. Will's own hands grasped Jack around the waist, pulling him closer. Jack tilted his head, pushing his tongue into Will's mouth; his hand sliding up his thigh. Will spread his legs as Jack's hand reached the junction between them. He groaned into the kiss, as Jack's hand began to rub over the growing hardness in the front of his pants. Finally, he and Jack were... he never finished that thought as his stomach cramped up and he pulled away.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked him

Will didn't have time to respond as a fresh wave of nausea swept over him. He stumbled to his feet in time to make it to the edge of the ship and vomit.

He knew his face was flushed, not only from the immense feeling of sickness, but from embaressment. Jack probably thought he was a complete fool. But when he could finally pull himself away from the railing, he found Jack beside him, hand on his back. He hadn't felt it there.

He tried to turn away from Jack, he was so embaressed. But Jack took hold of his arm, "You need to lay down." He said softly. Will's face was still flaming as Jack's arm wound around his waist; leading him to his room.

Jack helped him to his room and put him to bed. After that he was left on his own to curse himself. Even though he had no control over his new weakness, he felt like his only chance with Jack was gone.

But that was where he was wrong.

Jack went back to his own room after making sure Will was settled in for the night and spent the entirety of it worrying about him. He felt completely responsible for what had happened to his friend, and now, it looked like the after effects of the bullet wound were going to last a long time.

"I shouldn't have left him alone!" he muttered to himself as he paced up and down his room. "It was too soon, he should have stayed with me, or on the ship! God, this is all my fault!" Jack had run this conversation with himself several times, and he knew where it was going to lead him.

His utter confusion about his feelings toward Will.

Sure he had told Will that he loved him, but he was certain that Will had just gotten caught up in the moment. And so did he. Jack sighed as he remembered the feeling of burying himself deep inside Will; spreading those lightly tanned thighs, knowing that he was the first and only man to ever see Will like he had... sweaty, moaning, writhing, begging for release. God, he was so tight and hot. It was utter bliss to come inside him. In that moment he knew what Heaven felt like.

The second he felt the fimiliar stirring in his pants, he pushed the memory out of his mind. Will was the first man he had ever felt a physical attraction to, and lusted after him from the moment they met.

Jack had been with his fair share of women, and couldn't understand this attraction. What confused him even more so is the fact that after he slept with a woman, he had no interest in doing so again (he also had no interest in sleeping twice with the one other man, besides Will, he had been with). But with Will that wasn't the case. Far from it in fact. He wanted nothing more than to kiss, touch, feel, hold and to make love to him again.

Make love? What the hell?! When did he start sounding like a bloody woman?

He sat down heavily on his bed, resting his chin in his hands. Somewhere inside him, he knew he had meant it when he told Will he loved him; but was too scared to admit it to himself.

The plain truth was, he was falling for Will, but refusing to see it.

Well, now was as good a time as ever to think about his feelings. He didn't think he ever really had before. A pirate really has no need for feelings other than greed, anger, blood-lust, and self preservation.

He ran this through his mind. "Why would Will even want to be with me?" He asked the room as he stood and began to pace again. He couldn't come up with anything. No reason why someone as kind and as caring as Will would want him.

Well, he'd never been shy before about anything in his life, so he wouldn't start now. He decided to himself, that first thing in the morning, he would approach Will and they would talk about what was going on between them.

As it turns out, all the pacing and worrying that he had been doing over Will, had worn him out. He slept through the entire following day, hauling himself out of bed at dusk.

Eating a quick meal, he found out from talking to his men that Will had not been out of his room the entire day either. No one had seen him, and he wouldn't allow anyone inside his room. Jack fixed up a tray when he was done and took it with him for Will.

He hesitated once he reached Will's room. Swallowing his fear, he knocked on the door.

After a moment of silence, he heard Will's voice call out to him, "I'm not in the mood for visitors."

Jack decided not to respond vocaly and knocked again.

"I said, I'm not in the mood for visitors!" Will practically shouted.

"Not even your Captain?" He asked.

He heard Will get up out of his bed and scurry to the door. It opened just a crack, "I'm not feeling well, Jack, please go away."

When he made to close the door, Jack pushed his hand against it, stopping his attempt. "You really shouldn't go all day without eating." Jack told him, "Let me bring this tray in, then I promise I'll leave."

Will seemed to think a moment before stepping away from the door, allowing Jack to open it and step into his room. Will hurried back to his bed and climbed in it, pulling his blankets around him.

Jack walked over to the table next to Will's bed and set the tray down. He then turned to Will, who wasn't looking at him.

"Will?" he asked.


"I'd like to talk to you about-"

"Not now Jack, I told you I'm not feeling well," Will interupted him.

Jack nodded and turned to leave. A few steps from the door he paused, turned around and walked back to the bed. Will looked up at him and Jack leaned down, planting a chaste kiss on his lips. "Feel better," he said, smoothing Will's hair back before he turned on his haunches and left, closing the door quietly behind him.

Will sat on his bed some moments after, staring after Jack. He brought his fingertips to his lips. Though the kiss had been brief and really nothing, he felt the under-lying tenderness to it. He wanted to say love, but he was no longer sure he believed Jack's declaration to him.

He thought a moment, and decided that he had to know for sure the true nature of whatever it was that was going on between them. He tossed the covers back and made his way to the door.

He walked through the last remnants of light, quickly and silently to Jack's bedroom.

Once outside his Captain's quarters, he hesitated, unsure of whether or not this was really such a good idea. Finally he just forced himself to knock. There was a moment of silence, and he guessed that Jack had gone to bed. He was ready to give up and go back to his room when the door opened.

Jack stood before him, wearing nothing but his pants and an open white shirt. The dull glow of his oil lamp from the room behind him, cast a shadow over his body that made him look even more alluring to Will.

"Will," Jack said, looking a bit stunned. "Come in." He stepped out of the way and allowed him to enter.

Jack closed the door and locked it behind him; an unconscious habbit of his. Will just stood in the middle of his room, looking around. It turns out that Jack had been going over papers of some sort in bed. He was stunned to learn that Jack could read.

Jack made his way over to his bed and crawled back under the covers, "Are you just going to stand there shivering or are you going to come over here?"

Will had failed to realize that he was wearing only his pants, and was shivering terribly.

"I... I don't think I should, Jack," he said.

"Oh come now, do you really think I'd take advantage of you?" he asked.


There was a small pause, then they both began to laugh.

"Okay, so maybe I would. But only under the proper circumstances." Jack's comment caused them both to burst out laughing again.

Will was much more relaxed now, and made his way over to Jack's bed; climbing under the covers. After another quiet moment, Jack stacked up the papers he had been looking at and set them on the stand next to his bed. He turned his head towards Will, who was examining his hands with utmost concentration.

"Will," Jack said, causing him to jump and turn wide brown eyes on him. Jack noticed he was still shivering, and swung his arm over Will's shoulders, pulling him closer. Will swallowed nervously. "What is it you came to see me about, love?" Jack asked him, toying with a strand of his hair.

He seemed to think heavily for a moment before responding, "I... I don't really know, Jack."

"Now what did I just get through telling you about lying to me?" He asked.

Will sighed, "That you can see through it a mile away."

"That's right." He ran his fingers up Will's neck and into his hair, feeling the shiver that raced through him at the contact. "So why don't you tell me what's really on your mind?"

Regaining interest in his hands again, he responded quietly, "We never finished talking."


He swallowed hard, "What's going on between us."

Now it was Jack's turn to be silent.

Before he could say anything, Will spoke first, "Did you mean it?" He was almost positive he knew to what Will was refering, but hoped to the gods that they hadn't arrived at that point already, "When you said you loved me."


Jack honestly did not know! He didn't know if he had meant it. Shit! He needed more time than this to think! He bit the inside of his lip, his mind racing.

After a moment, Will's eyes teared up, "You didn't, did you," he said, not a question. When Jack didn't respond, he grew angry and grabbed his chin, forcing the pirate to meet his blurry glare. "Tell me the the truth, Jack."

"I don't know, Will. I don't fucking know."

Will's lip quivered, and the tears began to flow, "So you just played on my emotions, and my weakness to... get into my bed?" He said, voice waivering, "You took advantage of my injury to fuck me?!"

Jack had never heard Will use profanity as he just had. Suddenly a ringing slap was delivered to his face.

"You bastard." Will whispered, climbing out of his bed, "Tomorrow, you set a course for Port Royal. I'm going home," he said as he ripped Jack's door open.

"Will!" Jack yelled getting out of his bed, "Damnit, come back here!" But he didn't. Will tore out of the room, heading to God only knows where, with Jack chasing after him. "Will, stop acting like a bloody woman and come here!" he yelled as Will reached the side of the Pearl.

Will's stomach was cramping up, he felt the cold sweat start to form on his brow again as he turned around to Jack. "Stay away from me." he growled.

"Will, come now, there's no reason to act like this..." he trailed off as he noticed how Will had paled. Sweat was running down his face. One hand grabbed his stomach as he began to shake, "Will?" He stumbled backwards, almost falling over, "Will! What's wrong?" Jack asked, moving towards him.

But Will continued to back up, "Stay away..." he said.

"Will, stop. You need to lay back down," he continued to approach him.

Will hurriedly stepped back again, and lost his footing. His low back met with the railing in such a way that it caused him to lose his balance and topple backwards over it.

"Will!" Jack cried, running to the side, just as he hit the water. Jack spun around and yelled for Annamaria who came running. "Will's fallen overboard!" he said, climbing onto the railing. "Stop the ship, now." She nodded and ran to do as Jack had instructed.

Jack dove over the side of his ship, not seeing Will's body anywhere. It wasn't helping any that the sun was completely gone. He took a deep breath and swam under the water. He could barely see anything. Shit! How was he going to find Will?

His head spun in all directions but he found no trace of him. He re-emerged, gasping another breath and dove.

By the time he came up again, his thoughts were pegged only on his terror. The thought of losing Will to the ocean was unbearable.

'Oh God Will, where the fuck are you?!' his mind screamed, his heart pounding fiercely. As he turned on the surface, he caught a glimpse of something a few yards away. It looked like a hand, or fingers, something that belonged to Will anyway, and it had just sunk below the water line again.

He gasped a breath and submerged himself, shooting over to the spot where he last sighted the pale flesh.

He looked about the dark water. There! He saw it! Sinking below him, was Will's body.

Jack swam lower and grabbed Will by the arm, pulling him up. He hooked his arms in the crook of Will's and kicked for the surface.

His head broke through the water and he pulled Will's up too, swimming towards his now stopped ship.

Manuvering Will over his shoulder, he climbed, with great difficulty, the ladder that had been thrown over the side of his ship.

Setting Will's lifeless body on the deck, he yelled at his crew to give him some room. He pressed his fingers to Will's throat, feeling a weak pulse. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Breathed? Breathing! That was something that Will wasn't doing!

He grabbed Will's forehead, tilting it back and his throat up. He listened, but heard no breathing at all. Supporting Will's neck with one hand, the other pinching his nose shut; he covered Will's mouth with his own, forcing a breath down his throat.

Will's chest rose with the inflation of Jack's breath, but he didn't start breathing on his own again. Jack pulled away and waited a few seconds before placing his mouth back over Will's again.

Re-tilting Will's forehead, he lowered his ear to his mouth, but still felt no rush of air.

His heart went into overdrive as he used his thumb to find the end of Will's rib cage. Delivering fifteen pumps with the heel of his hand, just as he had been taught to.

Again, he listened for the rasp of Will's breathing, and again found nothing. "Damnit, Will, breathe!" He hissed before repositioning his head and forcing another breath down his throat. 'Please, Will!' he pleaded, breathing into his mouth again. Will began to cough.

Thank God!

Jack removed his mouth from Will's and sat back on the deck, waiting to drop dead of a heart at any moment.

Will hauled himself into a half sitting position and vomited up all the water he had ingested.

He was breathing deep, with new life; though his throat was completely raw.

The crew breathed a sigh of relief, most clapping Jack or Will on the shoulder, and dispersing. Annamaria brought over a blanket and handed it to Jack before leaving them alone on the deck.

Will's chest continued to heave as he looked at Jack, who slowly rose to his knees and wrapped the blanket around Will's shoulders.

He surprised Jack, as well as himself, by throwing his arms around him; sobbing into his neck.

Jack sat back, pulling Will into his lap. He ran his fingers through his tangled black hair, holding Will.

"Shh..." he murmured into the night, "It's okay, Will. You're okay now." He began to rock, back and forth, Will's crying form. "Shh... stop, you're okay." But Will continued to cry. He ran his fingers over Will's smooth cheek, the other wrapped around his body as it set in Jack's lap.

Will seemed to calm at the touch, turning his face into the palm that now held it. Slowly, his tears dried as he sat in Jack's arms, relaxing into the the feeling of being held by Jack. Oh God how he missed the feel of these arms around his body.

"I love you, Jack." He whispered; having to say it. Needing to tell him that no matter what, no matter his rejection of him, that Will had meant it when he told Jack that he loved him. And that he still did.

Those four simple words worked more magic on Jack than all the voodoo in the Carribean ever could.

Tightning his hold on Will, he used the hand that was holding Will's face to force his head back gently.

Tear filled eyes met his and he felt his heart overflow.

He loved Will.

It was so simple now. So easy for him to see, so easy for him to read. He. Loved. Will.

He smiled calmly, "I love you, too, Will."

Will's eyes were lit with a spark he had only seen one other time; when he was bringing him to release. But it died quickly again, causing Jack to frown. "I mean it, Will."

"How can I trust you?" Will asked him, in his new found raspy voice.

Jack ran his fingers through Will's hair, tucking it behind his ear, "When I couldn't find you, I was so scared. When you weren't breathing, all I could think was, what if I couldn't save you. What if I lost you right now, because I'm a fool." Will's pale cheeks began to flush, "You are more beautiful than any treasure that ever existed or I will ever find." He continued to stroke Will's face, "Because I want to be with you."

Will could feel the blush in his cheeks, opening his mouth to respond; but Jack beat him to it.

"Because I need you." He whispered.

Will had never been told by anyone that he was needed, or that he was beautiful. Not wanting to cry again, he snaked his hands into Jack's hair and pulled him in, their lips meeting.

Chaste at first, but quickly progressing onto more, Jack's tongue forced it's way into his mouth. WIll groaned at the contact and slanted his head to the side, granting better access to Jack's tongue.

Jack's hands slid down to grab Will's ass.

Will moaned gently as Jack's hands grasped him, pulling him forward. He spread his legs and wrapped them around Jack's waist. His fingers found their way to his chest, running his hands into Jack's open shirt.

He started to push it off his shoulders, when Jack pulled back, grabbing Will's hands.

He shook his head, "No,"

Will's eyes went wide, "What? Don't you want me?"

"Of course I do. But this isn't the place for it, love." Jack said, brushing his fingers through Will's hair.

Will looked around, "Oh, yeah." He had forgotten that they were still sitting on the deck of the Pearl; anyone could see them.

"Come now," he said, "Get up so we can take this somewhere else."

Will quickly climbed off of Jack's lap and stood up; offering his hand.

Jack took it and pulled himself off the deck, letting go and pulling Will in for a quick kiss, "Let's go."

They couldn't have made it back to Jack's room fast enough.

The moment Will shut and locked the door, Jack had him pressed up against it, kissing him hotly on the mouth.

Their tongues warred in their mouth's and Will's hands returned to the task of taking Jack's shirt off. He ran his fingers up Jack's chest, causing him to shiver and sigh into his mouth. Will's hands rested on his shoulders before sliding the wet material from Jack's body.

Jack dropped his arms, allowing his shirt to fall from him, meeting the floor; then quickly grabbing Will once again. He enjoyed touching Will's soft skin, and decided that he would never again go without it.

Will's neck was resting in the crook of Jack's left elbow and his right hand moved from Will's hair down to his chest. First rubbing over his nipple, then skimming the damp skin to the waist line of his pants.

Will broke free from Jack's lips, panting heavily, "Jack," he whispered.

Black eyes met his, "What is it, love?" Jack asked gently, hand sliding past the top of his breeches.

"Touch me, please."

Jack found himself undone by Will's plea, and kissed him hard on the mouth before wrapping his hand around the evidence of Will's arousal.

Against him, Will moaned and thrust his hips forward to Jack's stroking palm.

This time, Jack was the one to break their kiss, pressing his forehead to Will's sweaty one, "You like that?" He asked with a smirk, running his thumb over the head of Will's erection. Jack watched as Will's eyes closed in pained pleasure, bringing him closer to release. He nodded.

Will suddenly grabbed his arm, "Stop... stop." He panted, eyes meeting Jack's

Jack looked confused, pulling his head back, "Stop?" He asked.

Will nodded, closing his eyes again, "I need..." He swallowed and tried again, "I need..."

"I'm trying to give you what you need, love," Jack said, starting to move his hand again.

But Will haulted his actions once more, eyes finding Jack's, "Not yet."

Jack kissed the tip of his nose, "When?"

Will's next words were nothing but a whisper, "When you're inside me."

Jack was overtaken by the lust Will's words sparked inside him. He grabbed Will away from the door and shoved him down on his bed; hands already at work on the fastenings of his breeches.

Finally the clasp came loose and he began tugging them down his hips. Will arched his back off the bed, allowing Jack to rid him of his pants.

After Jack had tossed his pants on the floor, Will sat up and pushed Jack down onto his back. Fingers finding the ties of his pants and working to undo them. Jack grinned up at him, gold teeth gleaming. Will pressed his lips to Jack's once the ties were open and tried to work them off his hips. It was turning out to be more difficult than he had anticipated though.

Will pulled back to see what the hinderance was, but Jack's hand on the back of his neck, pulling him down again, ruined that plan. Not that he minded. Jack's tongue met his again while his other hand wormed down between their bodies, reaching Will's. Covering Will's fingers with his own, he led them to the clasp of his breeches.

"Take them off." Jack breathed, before kissing Will again.

Shaking fingers unhooked the clasp and began pulling them down. Jack aided him, lifting his hips, allowing them to slide off easily. They joined Will's pants on the floor as Jack broke the contact of their lips again.

Breathing heavily, faces close to one another's, Jack ran both hands through Will's hair, "Beautiful." He breathed, as Will's fingers ran over his chest.

Jack spied the sudden look of discontent as Will's fingers ran over a groove on his chest. Will pulled back a little in order to see what he was touching.

The tips of his fingers were resting in a pair of gun shot scars.

Jack thought he saw disgust as he looked at them and his heart rate picked up at the thought of being rejected by Will.

But Will lowered his head and placed a gentle kiss on each one of them before moving up to suck on his neck; hands running up Jack's arms.

Again, his fingers encountered scars. He lifted his mouth from Jack's neck and held up his right arm. He examined the "P" that was branded onto his wrist, knowing that someday he too could have one of these.

His fingers moved on to the tattoo of a sparrow flying in front of the sun and a gentle smile crossed his features.

As the tip of Will's tongue traced his brand mark (compliments of the East India Trading Company) he smiled. No one had ever wanted to explore, touch or feel him the way Will was now. And the thought of it being Will that was doing this to him, made him all the more happy, his heart beat faster and the excitement between his legs intensify.

Will moved on to Jack's left arm, and he put his excitement on hold. The inside of his left arm was home to, probably, his most unsightly scar. He almost held his breath as Will began placing kisses on his brand-less wrist. And as luck would have it, Will discovered the edge of the odd looking mark.

He turned Jack's arm over with his hands, gasping quietly.

Jack waited for the disgust and possibly even rejection that was sure to follow.

Will's eyes met his, and it was Jack's turn to be surprised; there was an incredible saddness in those brown orbs. "Jack," he whispered, "Did it hurt?"

Jack's hand right hand reached out to cup his cheek, "Don't worry about it, love."

"How did it happen?"

Jack shook his head, "Some other time, Will."

As much as Will wanted to know what had happened to cause such a terrible scar, he didn't want this moment to be lost.

He leaned down and planted a kiss at the start of it, and worked his way down towards Jack's fingers; placing a kiss on each one. His mouth moved to Jack's stomach, kissing there too. He dipped his tongue into Jack's navel, eliciting a quiet moan from him. He continued his trail of kisses down. Jack's breath hitched as Will's tongue ran over the head of his erection; fingers curling around the sheets of his bed. Will glanced up as he placed a soft kiss on Jack's most sensitive flesh. Jack had his head thrown back and was breathing heavily.

He smirked and enfolded Jack's erection in his lips. Gently raising and lowering his head, he sucked and licked every inch of him.

Though he had never done this before, Jack's moans assured him he was doing a decent job. Again lowering his head, he increased his pace.

Jack was panting hard now, raising his head to look down as Will's head bobbed up and down between his thighs. This was incredible. Never had having his dick sucked felt so good. He pried his own fingers from the bed sheets and ran them through Will's hair; letting them settle gently on the back of Will's head.

He let his head fall back against his pillow, "That's it, Will." He breathed, "So good."

Will continued to work between his legs, Jack's moans urging him on. Sooner than he would have expected, he felt Jack's stomach tighten. He ran his fingers up and back down his torso, feeling the muscles twitch. Jack was moaning louder now, bucking his hips slightly, and tightening his hold on Will's hair. He had to be close.

Will redoubled his efforts and sucked harder, causing Jack to groan and thrust upwards.

Only a few moments later, Jack whispered hurriedly, "Will... stop... stop, I'm gonna... You don't have to... Will..."

Will's response was to take Jack as far into his mouth as he could.

Jack gasped and cried out as he released himself into Will's mouth.

Will swallowed eagerly, wanting to know the taste of him.

Jack was still panting hard as he grabbed Will by the shoulders and pulled him up his body, crushing their lips together. Still kissing wildly, Jack rolled them over, so he was on top of Will.

He ran his fingers over the light skinned body below him, feeling it arch at his touch. He broke off the kiss, gasping for breath before pressing his mouth to Will's throat. Sucking hard, he drew a groan from Will, before he slid three of his fingers into Will's mouth. He went to work on Jack's fingers, coating them with his saliva.

When Jack was satisfied with the dark blue bruise he had formed on Will's neck, he pulled his fingers from Will's mouth and kissed him wetly.

Jack manuvered so he had one knee between Will's parted legs and one on his side, and gently inserted his first finger into him. Jack broke off their kiss, pressing his forehead to Will's as he worked his finger in and out of the tight entrance.

When his second finger pushed inside, Will drew an uneven breath, causing Jack to pause. "Hurt?" he asked quietly.

Will shook his head and Jack began to move them again. Jack's arousal was back, pressing into his hip; helping Will to forget about the slight discomfort.

That was soon put on hold as Jack's third finger breached his body. He hissed in a breath and Jack paused again.

"Fine, I'm fine," he said, attempting to quell Jack's concern.

Obviously Jack didn't believe him, "Relax," he whispered, "I won't hurt you."

"I know," Will said quietly.

They maintained eye contact; Jack watching for Will's discomfort or pain. It made Will smile to know that Jack was so concerned for him.

Jack went about opening Will up, determined to make this as painless as possible; wanting to bring him nothing but pleasure.

Will surprised him when he whispered, "Now, Jack."

Jack studied him carefully, "You sure?"

Will nodded, kissing him.

Jack knew he probably wasn't ready quite yet, but the insistant erection pressing into his stomach told him otherwise. He pulled his fingers from Will's body, quickly wiping them off on the sheets. He broke their kiss and worked his way between Will's parting legs.

He could see the fear in Will's eyes as he leaned over him, weight supported on his left forearm; his right hand going down to pull Will's leg around his waist. Will got the idea and lifted his other leg and secured it behind Jack's back; feet locking at the ankles. Jack placed his other arm on the bed, bracing himself over Will.

He pressed his lips briefly to Will's, "I'll stop if it hurts." He said quietly, looking into Will's eyes.

He nodded and Jack began to push into him. Will held his breath as Jack tried his best to ease himself gently inside, but it was impossible for this not to hurt.

Will's eyes widened in pain, but he kept persistantly silent; afraid to express his discomfort at all, for fear it would make Jack stop.

His heart began to beat faster when Jack haulted, "What's... wong?" Will ground out.

"It pains you, it's easy to see." Jack said, breathing deeply.

Will shook his head, "Don't stop... please."

Jack nodded, leaning down to join their lips together before pushing forward again. Will could feel himself stretching to accomidate Jack's intrusion on his body, but tried his best to ignore it, closing his eyes.

When Jack paused again, his eyes flew open to meet the black ones staring down at him, "Why did you stop?" He asked, breathing hard.

Jack just smiled and looked down a split second before returning his gaze to Will's. He furrowed his brow before understanding. His eyes followed the path Jack's had taken, and looked down between them. Jack was fully sheathed inside him.

He smiled unsteadily as Jack gave him a moment to catch his breath; fingers brushing over his sweaty cheek, into his hair. A moment later Jack placed a kiss on his lips before drawing his hips back and pushing them forward again. Will was surprised at how fast the pain of their union diminished. This time was a lot easier to enjoy than the first.

As Jack continued to move in his body, Will began to raise his hips to meet Jack's thrusts.

"That's it, Will," Jack said pushing harder, "Feel it."

Jack's words pulled a groan from his throat. Eyes closing, his head fell back on the pillow; his fingers raking up and down Jack's back. This was the most intense feeling of Will's life. Having Jack inside him, fucking him. It was too much.

Jack's arms wrapped around his body, bringing them closer together; Will's erection pressed between their stomachs. He moaned at the contact, his entire body rocking from the force of Jack's thrusts.

"Jack..." Will moaned, eyes still closed.

"Open your eyes, Will," Jack breathed, "Let me see you."

Will did as he was told, brown eyes meeting black. Somehow it seemed all the more erotic looking at one another, and Will couldn't help but pull Jack down by his neck. Pressing his lips firmly against Jack's; keeping his eyes open by request.

Jack's tongue was forcing it's way to the back of his mouth while Will's hands roamed over his body, coming to rest on his ass. Will gripped him hard and pulled him forward; forcing Jack even deeper inside him.

Jack groaned, he was close to coming again. Determined to make Will lose himself first, he pushed his hand between their grinding bodies; wrapping his fingers around Will's still un-gratified erection.

When their flesh touched, Will let loose a moan unlike anything Jack had ever heard.

It caused Will nothing but pure pleasureable agony to have Jack touching him. He was so hard it hurt.

It took only a few pumps of his hand, a couple of hard thrusts and Jack saying "Come for me Will." For him to lose it.

Arching his back so far, Jack feared he may have hurt him; Will cried out loudly, "Jack!"

Liquid heat hit Jack's stomach and flowed over his fingers as Will came hard. The sight of Will's back arched at that angle, the look of pure pleasure on his face, and his perfect voice crying out his name, was nothing more than absolutely beautiful; causing Jack's breath to catch in his throat.

He let Will ride out his orgasm, still thrusting inside him; before capturing his lips in a wild kiss.

Will pushed his hands into Jack's hair, pulling hard, ripping a deep moan from his mouth. "Come on, Jack," Will whispered harshly before plunging his tongue back into Jack's mouth, "You feel so good."

Will's words proved to be the final stimulation he needed. Bringing himself hard against Will's body, he lost himself, crying out, "Will!"

Just like their first time, Will held Jack to him as he shook with the after shocks of his orgasm running through his body.

Jack rested his head on Will's shoulder as his breathing slowly returned to normal; holding him. Will's arms were around him, and his legs were now bent at the knees, feet resting on the bed; Jack still between them. Jack's rough fingers ran up and down Will's smooth, scarless arms; relishing in the feel of being this close to another human. Never before had he ever felt the need to do so, but now, he couldn't think of any other place he'd rather be.

Will yawned under him and kissed his neck. Jack pulled back and looked him in the eyes, "I love you, Will Turner." Then added as an afterthought, "And I really do mean it."

Will smiled and leaned up, kissing his gently on the lips, "I love you, Jack Sparrow. And don't ever forget it."

Jack smiled and rolled off of him. He turned onto his side and pulled Will into his arms, kissing him soft and slow; whispering his response, "I won't." Will smiled and curled into his arms, tucking his head under Jack's chin.

"Goodnight, Will." He said placing a kiss on his forehead.

"'Night." Will mumbled as he allowed sleep to claim him; happy for the first time in weeks. Knowing now that Jack really did love him and that there would be many more nights where he would fall asleep in these arms.

And that thought made his heart smile.

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