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Site updates from April to June 2004

9 May 2004

Mini-update today, because we had to fix some links: we have a new affiliate, The Potter Slash Archive, and the URL for Lirimaer has changed, so please update your bookmarks and links.

Also, people might have noticed that the Chronicles have been updated - it was an accident that occured when we were trying to fix the archive, but what can we do. So! New Tekken fics are up, and before everyone cries foul, I'm trying to get as many fics up as I can for the other archives within the week. It won't be all the fics we need to get up, but at least it'll be something.

Go straight to the Chronicles to view the update; the Bookshelf will be updated when I have more than one archive to report about :)


5 April 2004

I finished uploading the rest of the site today - Noire Sensus is now offically back :)

The Fushigi Yuugi site, Apocrypha, and the Image and Quotes Archives are now available. And silly me, I forgot the profiles are technically part of the Garden - and they weren't ready yesterday. But they're now up, and everything should (theoretically) be accessible. If you encounter any problems please email me. Broken links are not an 'if' they're a 'when' in this case - there've been so many changes onsite, they're inevitable.

There's actually some new content this update: we have two new links, b2 is rtuko's (new author! will be up next fic update!) personal site with plenty of fics from those rarer videogame fandoms, and Ruffled Feathers a new Jack/Norrington fansite. They're both great - check them out! :)

Added more online communities to the Communties Directory but it's still far from complete - email me with any others you can think of.

That's it for today. Next update will hopefully be that long awaited fic update - or at least, part of it. We might have to stagger it to get three months worth up... I haven't forgotten that Final Fantasy VII archive I've been promising; the template is made, we just have to finish putting the support files together.

I'm going to go sleep now. Take care! :)


4 April 2004

And we're back! Sorry to everyone for disappearing without warning. Events beyond our control occurred and the site was suddenly gone. Poof! Disappeared! Black-waltz has shut down, so welcome to our new domain here at Hopefully the move won't be too much of a shock ;) If everyone could please update their bookmarks and links, that'd be great :)

We have two new staff members this update, both on fanfic retrieval duty. We'd like to give a warm welcome to Link who is in charge of CLAMP related fanworks, and Wolfie who's keeping an eye out for Tekken. Eilis will now be focusing on fielding general enquiries instead of working on submissions.

Today's a general site update - our first goal is to get the site up and working on the new server. The major site revision that was waiting in the wings is finally being implemented, and the site is being uploaded as sections are completed. As things stand, all the fanfiction archives are back up and running (priorities ;), as well as the Final Fantasy VIII shrine, the Garden, and the Pirates of the Caribbean site, Bella Donna. Other sections like the Fushigi Yuugi site and the Image and Quotes archives are currently being revised (on that note, FY fics are not up).

That said, the site obviously isn't fully up. Keep an eye out for more updates in the days and weeks to come as more sections become available again. We apologise for any inconvience - and all the confusion! - the site move has caused.

A few important things to take notice of: the submissions page and file formats page have undergone a major revisions in an attempt to clarify the guidelines, and the submissions email has changed to submissions @ The new email account has more storage space - very important stuff, so if authors could take notice of that please. The hotmail account is still working for now. Another thing to note is that there has been a reshuffle in some areas of the site, so file paths have changed. This reminder is more for people who're familiar with the site and prefer typing the URLs in directly.

The new site layout v.5 Nadir has also been colour coded, so you can always tell which section you're in. We've also tried to cut down on the number of graphics used to speed up loading times and tried to make the site easier to use and navigate. Hope you enjoy the new Noire Sensus! :)

22 May 2004

And finally - here's that update we've been promising :)

Remember that new archive I've been promising since - last year? Well, it's finally here: Noire Sensus' newest fanfiction archive dedicated to Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII title is now open for business: Advent. It's called that for a reason; not just because Advent Children's coming out soon :) I swear it is; you'll just have to find out why in its Site Related section (which isn't up yet). Advent isn't just fanfiction - it also has character information, quotes from the game, and some interactive sections.

One new affiliate today, The Black Slash Archive and two new banners which were created for them in the links section. We also have one new link: surrounded by water, Passo personal website.

Plenty of changes among the authors: Carly G. is now going by Kumaguro, and The Dragon Flies is Razzibee in the archives. Contact information for both as also changed, as well as Kris' email, and Jamaica's URL. You can check all their updated information in their Authors Index.

The Quotes Archive has been updated, the glossary revised with some added acronyms, and there's been some other small tweaks around the site. The Character Profiles for FFVIII and FFVII have been revamped so it's all uniform - you can check them out by going to the Garden and Advent. The Update Mailing List has been changed. Everyone who subscribed to the old mailing list has been added to the new one, so you don't have to worry. Trust me, you are there. If you want to check your subscription options, go to the Update Mailing List page, log in, and look around. This is just a heads up so you know why you're getting notifications from a different address.

Big fanfiction update today. We have four new fandoms in our archives: Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball, Fake, Final Fantasy X-2, and Soul Calibur.

To view the fanfic updates, go through the Bookshelf - 41 new authors and 190 new fics today. Almost all our fandoms have new stories in them - Enjoy!

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