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Site updates from October to December 2003

25 December 2003

[sings] "We wish you a Merry Christmas
we wish you a Merry Christmas...
we wish you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!" [/sings]

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we sing, we dance, we serve and we are here just in time for Christmas and the end of 2003! Good luck and best wishes to all for the coming new year! We're sorry it took us two months to get an update done, but we're here with news both fresh and recounting, and a sound fanfic update.

First order of service is a kiriban notice from Koorime: due to responsibilities and duties in her real life schedule she will be unable to continue the practice of gift-giving (writing kiribans) in future. However, she will deliver those still due to LaughingWolf (#7,000) and Lisa Beshears (#45,000) in due time. For the proper speech, click here.

"The Bookshelf" has a new template! v3.0 :: Eden still features Kuja from Final Fantasy IX, was designed for 800x600 resolution, but it's "more spiffy now" (in Mage's words. Yeah.). For some it may be a bit busy, but we hope it will agree with most, if not everyone's browsers.

On the note of new designs, Mage has also revamped the "Broken Link Report" template, so go on over and take a look, and please be sure to send one in if you find a broken link. The chances are that with this current update there are a few hanging around.

We have a new affiliate; Black Pearl is a Jack Sparrow/Will Turner fansite that features fanfiction, media and more.

Two new links have been added to our compendium: Glass Papyrus is the homepage of hosted author Jamaica, and Where A Bird May Love a Fish is home to one of our newest authors, Mephisto Waltz.

And Mage hit someone's counter and got a kiriban. Yay. All join and celebrate in her joy, you can go on over and read her gift here. Thanks to Link621 for her generous gift.

Finally, for those interested, we would like to broadcast that if there is any one particular staff member that you would like to keep tabs on, we all have our respective blogs. Warning: you will not necessarily be cuddled and offered warm milk at all venues. ;] Braken can be caught at static, you can find Eilis at bananafis, K haunts her Blurty occasionally, D maintains her own domain at void *, and last but not least, the Bossmaster herself has finally made her own livejournal, which you can find here. Yes, the latter was pretty much the entire point of this announcement.

New archives this update in the Bookshelf: Trigun and X/1999.

To view the fanfic updates, go through the Bookshelf - 19 new authors and 126 new fics today. Enjoy!

Again, Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!


3 October 2003

We've managed to keep to a weekly update scheme (it's lasted a whole fortnight, go us) that, today, primarily features a fic update.

We've also added three new PotC links: "The Black Smith's Pirate", "Port of Call", and "Savvy", all brilliant PotC archives well worth checking out. In addition, we have joined various PotC fanlistings, all of which can be found on the splash page of "Bella Donna". On that note, the structure and look of "Bella Donna" has been finalised.

To view the fanfic updates, go through the Bookshelf - 7 new authors and 26 new fics today, as well as a few updated stories - it has only been a week ;)

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