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Sleeping Beauty

By Link621


“How do I get myself into these situations?” Subaru wondered, his face in his hands as he shook his head. Beside him, Seishirou smirked, putting an arm around the smaller man. Subaru took a moment to shoot Seishirou a dirty look, but didn’t do anything about the arm. On his other side, Kamui was giving Seishirou a much more intense dirty look.

Fuuma, Mr. Helpful, was the first one to answer Subaru’s rhetorical question. “Well, Kamui came here to find me. You followed him because he was inevitably going to get his ass handed to him, and Seishirou follows you everywhere.” Fuuma then motioned to the young man/woman/whatever it was sitting in front of him with a large smile. “Kazuki was so distressed that he asked me to tell him a bedtime story. For this reason, you are all here.” Nataku, looking a little surprised to have been mentioned, looked at his three visitors and his “father” strangely.

“Thank you, Captain Obvious,” Kamui grumbled darkly.

“What story do you want to hear, Nataku?” Seishirou asked pleasantly, leaning forward, and pulling Subaru forward with him. Subaru made a small noise of annoyance, but Seishirou either didn’t notice or didn’t care.

“I… I don’t know,” Nataku replied. “I don’t know any stories.”

“I’ve got a story for you, Kazuki,” Fuuma commented.

“No,” Kamui snapped, looking quite annoyed. Then, he looked pensive for a moment and turned to Subaru for some sort of support. “My mom never really told me fairy tales… I’ve been getting this ‘destiny’ crap all my life. How ‘bout you, Subaru?” Kamui, watching the small struggle going on between Seishirou and Subaru as far as seating arrangement was concerned, began to compulsively twitch.

“My sister tried… when I was sixteen.” Subaru was now not looking at Kamui, but rather glaring daggers at Seishirou who had effectively managed to pull Subaru onto his lap. “My grandmother mostly told me stories about a certain blossom star I know, telling me to watch out for him.” Seishirou just laughed at Subaru’s words, snuggling up against Subaru.

“I know a story we could tell,” Seishirou volunteered.

“This ought to be good,” Subaru muttered.

Unperturbed, Seishirou continued, “Sleeping Beauty.”

There was a long silence, and then Kamui and Fuuma began to laugh. Subaru just twitched while Seishirou looked pretty pleased with himself. “You are not going to be the one telling it, are you?”

“Of course I am,” Seishirou replied. “Don’t be so cruel, Subaru-kun.” Seishirou then smiled at Nataku. “Do you know that story?”

“Do you?!” Subaru shot back in disbelief. Meanwhile, Nataku shook his head cutely, looking intently at Seishirou.

“Long ago there was a kingdom…” Seishirou began. Fuuma and Kamui were now rolling on the floor in laughter.

“This is un-freaking-believable…” Subaru grumbled.

“Let me tell the story, Subaru-kun,” Seishirou chided, pouting. “So, yes, long ago there was a kingdom…”


The king and queen of Sakura kingdom were very happy, for the queen had just given birth to a beautiful, young prince. The boy was named Subaru, after the type of car the royal family drove. He had eyes like emeralds, and skin like the snow… wait, this isn’t Snow White, it’s Sleeping Beauty.

In any case, they decided to hold a huge celebration in honor of Subaru’s birth. Everyone from the peasants to the fellow nobles of surrounding areas were invited. Well, all but one person. But, we’ll get to him later. Anyway, one of the families invited was the Sakurazuka family—the queen and her only heir, who she planned to betroth to the young prince Subaru.


“Oh, hell no!” Subaru grumbled, punching Seishirou in the shoulder.

“No way!” Kamui agreed, looking for a way to be possessive of Subaru while Seishirou was holding the man on his lap, with his hands on his right thigh and stomach respectfully, and Subaru himself was not trying to get away.

Fuuma honest-to-God giggled, and positioned himself closer to Kamui, putting an arm around the boy. Nataku, meanwhile, looked at his “father” for an explanation of the sudden interruption. “Clash of interests,” Fuuma explained simply. Nataku seemed to consider asking what an “interest” was before Seishirou jumped right back into the story.


As I was saying, the young Prince and heir of the Sakurazuka kingdom, Seishirou, looked upon his future… bride… and fell instantly in love. He knew he would remember that face until the day he died. So, he leaned forward and said to the prince, “I’ll make a bet with you… when we next meet…”


Okay, okay, just then, the three good fairies, Nokoru, Akira, and Souh entered dressed in gold, pink, and blue respectively. They came with the promise of each giving the prince one gift—no more, no less. The first, the leader and gayest one of the bunch, leaned over Subaru’s cradle and promised, “I give the gift of beauty. So, when you reach the age of sixteen, your sexiness will be rivaled only by that of Prince Seishirou.”

The second, Souh, looking annoyed, leaned over the cradle and promised, “I give the gift of dexterity. So, when you grow to be sixteen, you will be able to fight of hordes of monsters with little pieces of paper.” The other two good fairies looked at Souh skeptically. “And you’ll sing like an angel,” he added reluctantly. Nokoru and Akira nodded approvingly.

Just as Akira was about to give his blessing, the room turned dark, an the one uninvited guest made his scrawny little appearance. He had jewel-like evil violet eyes, and dark, wild hair. He was the one who went by the name Kamui. He strode the cradle, saying, “I only come to give my gift.” He leaned over and lightly whapped Subaru on the forehead with his “wand”. “I too bless you with beauty, song, and… dexterity. But, before night falls on your sixteenth birthday, you will trip on a Sakura tree, hitting your head, and will get amnesia. Then, I will make you think that you were actually in love with me, and you will spend every night in my bed and….” Kamui was dragged out of the room on the charge of indecent exposure.

“We really have to undo that spell,” the king commented, looking quite perturbed. The queen nodded her agreement, looking positively speechless.

“I still have my gift!” Akira remembered. “I can’t undo Kamui’s magic, but I can try to help…” he spoke as he went to Subaru’s side. He looked down on the child and smiled pleasantly. “When you are sixteen, all the things Kamui said would come true; but this is my gift to you. When you trip, you will actually fall into a coma, and you will only be able to be awakened by true love’s kiss. But, until then, you’ll also have mad cooking and thievery skills.”

And, so the party disbanded. And, the three fairies had a meeting. They knew that Subaru would not be safe as long as he remained in the kingdom. Realistically, there was no way for her to get away from all of the sakura trees in the kingdom. So, between the three of them, in council, they decided they should take him to Naokru’s mansion on CLAMP campus in a controlled environment where they could make sure he never got too close to a sakura tree. Feeling smarter than before, the three genius fairies got their ideas cleared by the king and queen and took Subaru into their care, where they could hide him from the evil Kamui.


Subaru glared at Seishirou. “Okay, you’re done.”

“Subaru-kun, the story has hardly even begun,” Seishirou complained.

“Yes, and you’re done. Someone else can continue the story, but it isn’t going to be you,” Subaru shot back, trying to twist his way out of Seishirou’s arms. “Could you please let go of me?”

“I could. I won’t, but I could.”

“I hate you so much, sometimes.”

“You love me.”

“Fuck you.”

“I’d like that.”

“I’ll continue it,” Kamui ventured, hoping to shut the two arguing ohmyouji up.

“Awe, Kamui, you made them stop. They’re so much fun!” Fuuma whined. Kamui rolled his eyes before looking worriedly back at Subaru and Seishirou who were now effectively wrestling as Seishirou tried to kiss Subaru, and Subaru just tried to keep the older man off of him long enough to find a way out of Seishirou’s hold. Finally, both of them fell out of the chair, landing on the ground with Seishirou, unfortunately, on top. Now, Subaru couldn’t fight back. Kamui’s eye twitched ever-so-slightly.

“Seishirou-san!” Subaru complained just before being kissed. He didn’t fight back, either. In fact, he seemed to get pretty into the whole kiss thing. Kamui’s eye began to twitch more violently.

“Are you going to tell the story?” Nataku asked, looking horribly confused. Kamui, who had nearly forgotten the fact that the sexless being was there, turned back, looking sheepish.

“Yeah, yeah. Sorry.” Kamui ignored the noises in the background, and began, “So, sixteen years passed, and Subaru had indeed grown into a beautiful young man…”


On Subaru’s sixteenth birthday, Nokoru, Akira, and Souh busied themselves about the house, getting everything ready. Souh was making a fine tuxedo fit for a prince, Akira was baking a wedding cake, and Nokoru was neck deep in his paperwork. “You look really flaming wearing gold,” Souh commented off-hand as he was sewing.

“You’re the one making clothes,” Nokoru shot back.

“I’m good with my hands!” Souh growled, hiding his blush by looking down at his project.

“Just because I’m a fairy doesn’t mean I’m gay, Souh,” Nokoru said triumphantly signing his name on the piece of paper in front of him.

“Please, Kaichou, you’ve got wings and everything,” Souh grumbled, shaking his head.

“Baking a cake… baking a cake…” Akira sang as he danced through the room.

“Souh, you have wings too… does that mean…?”

“Kaichou…” Souh began to twitch.

“With sugar and flour and all my love…” Akira continued to sing as he began to mix the ingredients.

“I never thought you would turn out to be one of ‘them’…” Nokoru muttered, taking another paper from his stack.

“One of… what the… Kaichou!” Souh threw the pin cushion at Nokoru, pegging him in the forehead.

“Cake… cake…” Akira, oblivious, continued to sing.


“He isn’t gay,” Subaru argued from his new position on the floor, sitting on Seishirou’s back, holding Seishirou’s face into the ground with the flat of his palm.

“Actually he is,” Fuuma disagreed. “His wish is to be together with Souh forever. Actually, he has interesting dreams if you…”

“No,” Kamui and Subaru said in unison, cutting Fuuma off.

“I’d like to know,” Seishirou said pleasantly, as his nose was ground into the carpet.

“Well…” Fuuma began.

“Back to the story,” Kamui said shortly. “At this time, Subaru was in the woods, collecting berries…”


The young prince, who at this point had no idea he is a prince, was frolicking about in the forest with the animals, collecting berries. Of course, this was impossible because there really weren’t any trees, there were definitely no berries, and it was actually the downstairs living room of Nokoru’s mansion. Nonetheless, he went about, looking for berries, sorting through all the random exotic animals that Nokoru had claimed were left over from a childhood prank, wondering why the three fairies sent him on such a dull, pointless, and impossible task.

This was all well and good, but little did Subaru know that another young prince was, just then, entering the mansion on his way to see Nokoru. The prince of the Sakura kingdom, Kamui—


“Wait a second! I’m supposed to be the prince of the Sakura kingdom!” Seishirou said, annoyed, rolling over so that he was in Subaru’s lap, and no longer being smashed into the ground. Subaru seemed to give up, letting his arms flop down across Seishirou’s stomach.

“My story, my names,” Kamui replied shortly.

Fuuma glanced over at Nataku to see if this was going to need explanation, noticing that the androgenous being was actually already asleep. For a moment, a very small moment, he considered telling the others they could stop. Then he thought about it. Why would anyone in their right mind try to stop this?


The prince of the Sakura kingdom, Kamui, heard the faint sound of a beautiful voice. Though, he was sure he wanted to see Nokoru, he was also sure it could wait for the sake of listening to the heavenly voice. Transfixed, he found himself gravitating to the living room where he saw a familiar man dancing around, singing some nonsense about dreams.

So, Kamui tried to join in with the tune of the other young man. Subaru turned to him, and they regarded each other carefully for a long minute before Subaru went to Kamui, his hand brushing Kamui’s cheek curiously. “Have we… have we met? You look so familiar…”

“… ‘When we meet again’…” Kamui whispered, taking Subaru’s hand in his, and lightly kissing the upturned palm.  Kamui knew, somewhere deep inside him, that this face was one he could never forget. It was the face of someone who he had once known so long ago…

Subaru and Kamui both leaned in a little, as though they shared the same thought, their lips meeting in the middle. Slowly, they wrapped their arms around each other, never breaking the kiss. In their moment of bliss, Subaru suddenly remembered he was told specifically never to talk to strangers—especially if they were gorgeous and had dark hair. So, he pushed the other boy away, jumping back as though he had been burned.

“I, uh, have to go, now.” Subaru said lamely, grabbing his basket and running away.

“But, I don’t even know your name!” Kamui yelled after Subaru. Unfortunately, he lost the other boy somewhere between the lion and the ostrich, and was forced to give up his chase. Kamui kicked the coffee table in frustration, bruising his toe, and cursed and limped his way up to Nokoru’s office.

Little did he know, he was being watched the whole time by the henchman of the evil witch—the Shikigami of the evil Seishirou!


“That does it. I don’t like his version,” Seishirou said definitely. Behind him, Subaru just looked perturbed.

“It’s… uh… graphic,” Subaru said uncertainly. “On the other hand, Seishirou-san, you are pretty evil. And Malificent did have a bird as a henchman.”

“Evil, yes. But, he forgot the ‘sexy’,” Seishirou said as though it was the obvious error in Kamui’s ways. Subaru just raised his eyebrows at Seishirou. “And, he forgot that you are mine and no one else can lay a finger on you or I will personally bite off that finger and feed them to the tree.”

“…Graphic,” Subaru repeated.

“You weren’t doing any better,” Kamui hissed, giving Seishirou a glare of death. A lame glare of death, but a glare of death all the same.

“I’ll go, then,” Fuuma opted with a huge, genki smile.

“That’s just not right,” Subaru muttered, hiding his face in his hands again. Seishirou reached up, pulling down Subaru’s hands by the wrists, and stared into Subaru’s eyes for a long moment before kissing him again. Once they were lost to the world, Kamui and Fuuma just looked at eachother.

“Well, are you going to start or not?” Kamui wondered, twitching horribly.

Fuuma grinned seductively, licking Kamui’s cheek before he began. “Well, back in Nokoru’s office…”


Nokoru, Akira and Souh threw a wonderful party for Prince Kamui’s sixteenth birthday. Yes, Kamui. Kamui is the one with the curse on him. He was named for the gods, not for his parents car or something ridiculous like that. Kamui. His prince is Fuuma. Yes, Kamui and Fuuma.

And the evil witch’s name? Breast-bitch Konoe, of course. Just as it has been for the whole time.

Anyway, Kamui waltzed into the office, happy for his gifts from the two fairies and the straight man—er—three fairies, but even happier that he had discovered his one true love—Prince Fuuma. But, he didn’t know Fuuma’s name, and Fuuma didn’t know his, so it was a bad start of a relationship. Nokoru, noting that dear Kamui was in distress, decided that it was the perfect time to fuck with his head even more by telling him that two out of the three people that raised him were gay, that they were all fairies,  and that he was really a prince. He took it pretty well. By pretty well, I mean that he blew up half of Tokyo, like the cranky baby he could be.

So, the three fairies left him to sulk in front of the vanity while they prepared to go to the castle. This, of course was a dipshit idea. Konoe entered Kamui’s dreamscape, walked him out to the nearest sakura tree, and made him trip on it, putting him in a coma.

So, while the three fairies put the whole of Kamui’s kingdom to sleep, evil breast-bitch captured Fuuma, telling him that he would have to go through her if he ever wanted to rescue the prince before he got old and ugly and undesirable. Though Prince Fuuma was unconcerned about this, knowing he would always be the peak of sexy, he didn’t think he could make it much longer without molesting Kamui.

So, when the three fairies came to him, offering him a shinken and a kekkai and freed him so he could go save Kamui, he wasn’t about to argue with it. So, he charged to the palace on his noble steed and…


“This isn’t working,” Subaru grumbled. Fuuma, who he was referencing, had lost track of his narration because he was whispering suggestive things in Kamui’s ear. He followed this by licking the outer rim of the ear and sucking lightly on the lobe before nibbling hard enough to draw some blood.

Kamui, being the submissive little bitch he was, just took it.

“It’s your turn then, Subaru-kun,” Seishirou commented, lightly tracing patterns on Subaru’s chest. Subaru batted the hand away absently, and Seishirou took hold of that hand, kissing each finger separately before kissing the palm.

“I guess so. But, I am changing the names for good. You…” Subaru looked pointedly at Seishirou, “are the evil witch. He,” Subaru motioned to Kakyou, who was (as always) asleep in the throne Fuuma had provided him, “is the Princess Aurora character, and the Prince Phillip character will be Hokuto-chan.” Subaru’s tone was one that didn’t allow for argument.

“Okay,” Seishirou agreed.

“Sure… Fuuma…” Kamui groaned the latter, looking as though he really hadn’t meant to say it.

Fuuma didn’t respond, being otherwise occupied.

Subaru had to pause for a second before he could begin because Seishirou had taken to licking his fingers before sucking lightly on each one, moving methodically. Once Subaru could get his thoughts under control, he began, “So, Princess Hokuto hacked her way through the Sakura branches that surrounded the castle where her love slept…”


In the form of a dragon, Seishirou reared up before Princess Hokuto. She had lost her Shinken while in the sakura, and now stood, unarmed in from of the dragon with a beaten Kekkai. Out of nowhere, she produced a bread knife, driving it through the fiend, and Seishirou faded into a cloud of sakura, having been beaten.

Hokuto ran up the long spiral of stairs to the room where her love lay. His thin form was breathtaking—beautiful blonde hair, pale skin, and a gentle frown gracing his lips as he slept. Without delay, Hokuto went to his side and sat on the bed beside him. She bent at the waist, leaning down to place a light kiss on Kakyou’s lips. His eyes fluttered open, and he looked upon his savior with a small smile.

The whole kingdom awoke along with their prince. The ceremony set to take place that day for Kakyou’s birthday proceeded as planned, and Kakyou was once again reunited with his parents. Only a week later, he and Hokuto were happily married, joining together the two kingdoms in a peaceful and successful alliance.

Seishirou was never heard from again, in that kingdom. Though, as the legend goes, Princess Hokuto’s brother spent the rest of his days searching for the fallen witch.

The three fairies eventually figured out their respective sexualities and found their own little slivers of happiness in the world.

So, though things would not always be perfect, for things never were, they, for the most part, lived happily ever after. The end.


Subaru looked down to see that Seishirou was quietly sleeping in his lap. For a moment his heart twisted at the sight. He lightly brushed the hair out of Seishirou’s face, leaning down to place a light kiss on the man’s forehead. Looking around, he could see that he was actually the only one still awake in the room. Nataku was curled up in his bed, Kakyou was always asleep, and Kamui was being spooned by Fuuma across from Subaru.

Though he didn’t want to disturb everything, Subaru knew that waking up in the morning like this would be big trouble. Besides, they had made it one night without any fighting, so he didn’t want to push his luck. He went to Fuuma and Kamui, and gently managed Kamui out of Fuuma’s arms, cradling the boy against his chest as he prepared to leave.

“I missed the end,” he heard someone whisper. He could feel that person’s breath against his ear. Subaru turned to find himself as close to Seishirou as Kamui’s body would allow. “Did they live happily ever after?”

Subaru smiled, tilting his head to the side a little. “As best as they could.” With that, Subaru, carrying Kamui, left Seishirou, Fuuma, Nataku and Kakyou behind. Seishirou watched him go, a small, real smile on his face.

“As best as they could…”

~*~ The end ~*~

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