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Site updates from October to December 2002

5 December 2002

Fic update! More new fics have been added to FF8, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. I'll try and get the Tekken fics up tomorrow.

Also, the form for reporting broken links is now up and running through the Bookshelf at the bottom of every page; it still has to be added to the Garden and Dojo, though. It'll probably go up in one of those background updates that happen when we need to fix things. Thanks to everyone who's reported links thus far :)

Added 5 new images to the Softmax Gallery. Two for Magna Carta: Estell (can't believe I forgot her the first time!) and Joker, and three for War of Genesis. Of course, I haven't a clue who the new War of Genesis people are...Typical.

In other news, Koorime has put kiribans on hold until further notice - all past kiribans will be completed and sent to their respective 'hit owners' as well as posted onsite.

Most archives now have some sort of backlog option through the 'last update' index page so you can see recent updates and won't miss and update.

The new sub-archive this updated: Final Fantasy 6

To view the fanfic updates, go through the Bookshelf - 6 new authors and 17 new fics. It's mainly a 'update multi-chaptered fics' update.


2 December 2002

Alright! Since doing this update is so slow going, and I really want to get some of it actually up I'm posting what we've managed to do so far - so there's new stuff for FF8 and Harry Potter. Mind, it isn't the complete update; this isn't even half of the fics that are meant to go up this week. We'll be posting small updates over the next week up until the 11th, and hopefully, we'll get all the fics in by then.

To all the people who have submitted their work but don't see their stuff up: we're not done! You'll be up by the 11th, I promise!

Other changes around the site: we have a new affiliate, Aniron Slash, a LotR slash fansite. To see how to become an affiliate, go here. Also, we have a new author's (Rachel Sabotini) website in the links section (even though her actual fic isn't up yet >.<); we'll get there.

Mailing lists now have their own special directory page, as well as a new author's contact page, which lists our authors website, journal, and other fanfiction accounts (if we know them). If we missed anyone (of the info is wrong) please drop us a line.

Revised/made new link banners - I know, I'm a fickle thing.

The submission guidelines were revised back in September; nothing big, just trying to streamline the information so it's easier to read.

We now have all the War of Genesis characters named in the Softmax Gallery! Thanks to the people who sent us their names.

To view the fanfic updates, go through the Bookshelf - 6 new authors and 38 new fics. Hope it was worth the wait ^_^

Things to come:

  • More fics!
  • More Softmax pictures - found more, and we'll have them up when I remember to make thumbnails.
  • The broken links form - still fine-tuning it (I keep forgetting things I have to add).
  • Revision and expansion of the FF8 image archives
  • And, if I can be bothered, a general feedback/contact page.

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