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Softmax Gallery

This is the mini-gallery for Softmax's RPG video games, Magna Carta and War of Genesis I and War of Genesis III (both War of Genesis installements are archived together because we can't definitively say who belongs in what without playing the games ourselves). Now, considering the damn things are completely in Korean, I'm never gonna get to play them, much less understand the naunces of the storylines - which, from what I have gathered is at least as complicated as Final Fantasy X.

All the images here are Softmax, and are the official character design/profile pictures and artwork for the characters. For screen-caps you'll have to check out other fansites (over 90% of which will be in Korean). Go to the official site for all their fabulous - official - wallpapers, with many more pictures of everyone. It's well worth the time.

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» Magna Carta [Archive : 39]
» War of Genesis [Archive : 67]

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