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Site updates from January to March 2002

1 March 2002

Added some new links, and revised - again - the Warnings & Ratings index. Also added a whole heap of new quotes to the quote archive.

Updates for the Bookshelf: 10 new authors and 38 new fics

- New Fics -

Impending Fury [Jin/Hwoarang]
by Aaronica and Orfik- Tekken

A Gash of Colour, Ice Cream Quickie, Masterpiece, Microcosm, Miracle Boy, Musicality, and Something Good [all Harry/Draco]
by Kick Flaw - Harry Potter

Rise and Fall of a Hero [no actual pairings]
by Jesse - LotR

Acceptance, and Desire [both Aragorn/Legolas]
by Kitsune - LotR

Name [Jin/Hwoarang]
by Link621 - Tekken

Of Elves and Men [Legolas/Boromir]
by Lyle - LotR

Love is all that matters [Aragorn/Legolas]
by Marylou - LotR

Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams [Harry/Draco]
by Myr - Harry Potter

Domestic Bliss [Seifer/Laguna]
by PurpleRose - FF8

Missing You [Seifer/Squall]
by Purple Penguin - FF8

A Whiter Shade of Pale [James/Lucius, and Harry/Draco], Chained, Draco Malfoy's Christmas Wish, Raincoat!Draco, Sometimes When We Touch, Stuck In A Moment You Can't get Out Of, and When You Say Nothing At All [all Harry/Draco]
by Rhysenn - Harry Potter

The Petronius Series: Uncontrollable Passions, Doing, A Filthy Pleasure Is, And Short, Lustful Beasts, Rush Blindly On, Burning Together [all Draco/Harry, some Snape/Draco and Harry/Fred/George]
by Silver :-) - Harry Potter

A song called "Regret" [Seifer/Squall]
by Silver Wing* - FF8

Heavy Work Load [Seifer/Zell]
by Sodoshiin - FF8

Here Comes The Snake [Snape/Draco], Civil War, Home Fires, Marching Off To War, Mariti, and Welcome To My Nightmare [all Snape/Harry]
by Sushi - Harry Potter

Broken Heart [Squall/Zell, and Seifer/Zell]
by WaitingAngel - FF8

- Updated Fics -

Parts IV and V of Barbed Wire [Seifer/Squall, Irvine/Quistis, and Zell/Selphie]
by Seshat - FF8

Chapter 3 of Keepers [Seifer/Squall]
by Seshat - FF8

22 February 2002

Completely revised the fic submission guidelines; if you're a current author, you may want to have a look before submitting new work. The screening staff's been angsty lately. Added/revised, and added some stuff to the warning index. Revised all the staff profiles. Added more links out of the site and put a 'new' tag next to them so you can see 'em.

We've also added warnings coming into the site, and going into each of the three main fanfiction archives. Navigating them is exactly the same as before (except for the entry level one which is self-explanatory; read it and you'll understand). Those flames in the gbook are so damn annoying when we've already said that NS is a yaoi/slash site. But do they get that? Noooo. ::trails off grumbling:: And they signed it multiple times. I just don't get that... Who sticks around a site they don't like? Also added a note about using the gbook for flames in the main index.

Added a glossary and fic submission guideline to the bookshelf, as well as four new fandoms (HP, LotR, DoA, and FF9). Hey, did I mention we were nice enough to explain the abbreviations in the glossary? Added a few new 'categories' to the Category Index in the Garden Card Catalogue. Minor changes to index formatting in the GCC, nothing to gawk at though. Repeat visitors probably won't notice...

Reformatted all the fics in each archive so they're all basically identical; only the colours are different (the GCC took almost a week *_*). That might change in the future, we'll see how we go. Also decided that when one of the fandoms in the SFA hits 50+ fics, they get their own sub-archive ^_^ All fic updates are now listed in the SFA.

You know what we need? A fic beginning with 'J' for the GCC. It's the only letter we don't have... And we hit 100 authors this update! ^-^

Updates for the Bookshelf: 20 new authors and 39 new fics

- New Fics -

Innocence [Aragorn/Legolas]
by Amber - LotR

Pride in Love [Harry/Draco]
by Amethyst Divergence - HP

Thank You [Aragorn/Legolas]
by Chi - LotR

The Island Closest To Heaven Or Is It Hell? and With Or Without You [both Squall/Zell]
by Darksquall - FF8

To Be Lonely [Seifer/Zell]
by Dianyx - FF8

Target [Seifer/Squall]
by Drakon Sword - FF8

Abstract Nowhere [Hayate/Hayabusa]
by Famira Damaris - DoA

Comfort and No Ordinary Love [both Aragorn/Legolas]
by J. Marie - LotR

Most People [Draco/Harry]
by Kick Flaw - HP

The Beginning Of Love's Truth, Sparks, The Unrequited [all Seifer/Squall], The Dance [Seifer/Squall/Zell], and The Secret [Seifer/Zell]
by Kuttner - FF8

True Love's Kiss [Seifer/Squall]
by Lady Tempest - FF8

Eternity [Aragorn/Boromir; a little Boromir/Legolas]
by Lizzie - LotR

On the Edge of a Dream [Legolas/Gimli]
by Marina - LotR

Marble Skin [Legolas/Aragorn]
by Penelope-Z - LotR

Aggression and Warmer [both Seifer/Squall]
by Pluto - FF8

Road Trip [Seifer/Squall]
by PrincessDesire - FF8

Gotta Study [Seifer/Zell]
by Purple Penguin - FF8

A Fragment From Near the End [Legolas/Gimli]
by Pythoness - LotR

Hero [Seifer/Squall]
by Race Ulfson - FF8

New Emotions [Aragorn/Legolas | Boromir/Legolas]
by Riley - LotR

A Dangerous Game [Zell/? | implied Seifer/Squall], Actions Speak Louder, Never Mine, and Keepers [all Seifer/Squall]
by Seshat - FF8

First Heart's Day in Treno [Blank/Zidane]
by Talya Firedancer - FF9

A Most Disquieting Tea, Almost, At Times, The Fool, Like A Glass, Corresponding, Oh, Just This Once, and Your Horoscope For Today [all Harry/Snape]
by Telanu - HP

Shadows [Boromir/Legolas | Aragorn/Legolas]
by torturedwriter - LotR

- Updated Fics -

Part 4 of Oblivion [Squall/Zell]
by Atsuko and Rie - FF8

Chapters 22 and 23 of Only Time: The Sacred Power [Nakago/Tasuki]
by J. Marie - FY

Parts 7 to 9 of The Bloodcross Key: Shattered Knight [Seifer/Squall]
by Lady Tempest - FF8

The Darkness [Seifer/Zell]
by Purple Penguin - FF8

Part 6 of The New Flesh [Nida/Squall | Seifer/Zell]
by Scarlet Fever - FF8

Parts 9 and 10 of Illusion *COMPLETE* [Seifer/Squall]
by Sodoshiin - FF8

Feel free to give us feedback on any of the changes we've made to NS ^_^

1 February 2002

The Bookshelf is finally up and running (kept putting off making the graphics) - and it's already giving us headaches; the programming and streamlining that is. It's hooked all our current fanfiction archives together, and houses all the new fics that we find around the place and like. Depending on how many submissions we get for it, it'll probably be a predominantly invitation-only section for the site. From now on, considering how long it's taken to do this update, fic update notes will be brief, 'cos we're lazy ^.^

In other updates, the only other new stuff are some nifty new links, and Koorime has a new contact email.

Updates for the Bookshelf: 1 new author and fic

  • A new Suikoden parody from new author Malachite: The Tale of the Sleeping Swordsman.

Updates for the Garden Card Catalogue: 2 new authors, and 5 new fics

  • From Atsuko and Rie, a new chapter in their 'Triad' series, Triad: The Man Who Sold The World, is up.
  • A new snippit of Glittergirl's Coming Out Party, has been added.
  • Also from Glittergirl, the revised version of chapter two of New Beginnings, is up.
  • Chapter 7 of Julie's Rivaling Cygnet, is up in the archive
  • We have a new Seifer/Rinoa, Squall/Zell epic fic from K.N.W: Saving An Angel.
  • From new author Koumori, her Seifer/Squall angst piece, Redemption, has been added.
  • From our other new author Seifer 2299, two new parody pieces. The first, The Pursuit of Seifer Almasy, a Squall/Zell/Seifer fic,
  • And the second is Secrets of Balamb Garden.
  • Last for today: chapters 7 and 8 of Sodoshiin's Seifer/Squall epic, Illusion, has been added.
18 January 2002

We need more fanfics. Everyone's back to school, ne?

Profiles of our Screening Staff are now up in the I.D. Go have a look-see and get introduced to our blessed moogles; Eilis and Devi :) Yeah, we should have done this upon first introductions but hey...

Millions of new quotes, majority of which we can thank our faithful submitter Freya. Check 'em out in the S.D.

Also added Selphie Tilmitt's Fan Spec File, now up in the Quad: "Fan Speculation" - submitted by SilverWing*, and we changed the fan spec colours last update, too... if anyone noticed. We also added some new links (in the last update), but forgot to mention 'em. Sorry, we were a bit distracted (this is what happens when you do an update during a 'staff' meeting >_<).

Updates for The Chronicles: (Two new authors today)

  • From our two new authors, Aaronica and Orfik, we have their collaboration epic In the Skin of a Lion
  • Mana has given us the fourth chapter to Only Half Ourselves
  • Chapters two and three of M.Mishima's Taint series is up.

Updates for the Garden Card Catalogue: Three new fics today

  • From CmdrLeonhart, a new OC/Squall short fic (with a bit of Seifer/Squall angst), A Brief Respite, has been added to the archive.
  • Also from CmdrLeonhart, a nice, sweet non-angsty Seifer/Squall fic, Birthdays and Homecomings.
  • Chapter seventeen of Jeremy Chapter's epic, The Pupu Saga has been added.
  • And the last new fic for the day: a new Seifer/Zell fic from Purple Penguin, The Darkness is up in the archive.
9 January 2002

The new year's brought some changes to Noire Sensus, most importantly, the addition of two new staff members to NS' arsenal. So say 'hello' to Devi Dee and Eilis Siani who'll be heading up all submissions to Noire Sensus as our new Screening Staff a.k.a the Gauntlet (cos K-chan has to give everybody a new title). Hiya, people ::waves:: Also, we hope to get the latest archive to Noire Sensus up soon: the Bookshelf, where we're housing the miscellanious fictions that catch our fancy and come in through submissions.

In other new stuff, some new fan specs. have been added to the Quad, and I finally remembered Rinoa's bloodtype. So yeah, I think that's it.

Updates for Apocrypha Scrolls:

  • Chapter twenty-one of J. Marie's Nakago/Tasuki (and a whole gaggle of other pairings) epic, Only Time - The Sacred Power has been added.

Updates for the Garden Card Catalogue: 6 new authors, and 17 new fics ^_^

  • We have AeroKnight's newest Seifer/Squall stand alone piece, Don't, up in the archive.
  • Couple of new fics from Atsuko and Rie. The first, Suffer, is a Seifer/Squall S&M-ish piece.
  • The second, Triad: Uninvited, a Seifer, Squall, and Zell love triangle,
  • And we have chapters two and three of their fic Oblivion.
  • Lotsa new fics from BlackRose; three from her Battle Grounds Series, and a pre-Battle Grounds fic. In fic-universe order, the first is Battle Grounds: Courage, Friendship, and...,
  • The second, Battle Grounds: Stand Down, set after the game,
  • And the third, Battle Grounds: Truths, set directly after Stand Down.
  • The last new fic is her new Seifer x Squall fic, Tarnished Angel, set before the events in the game.
  • From our first new author (and new NS staffie member ^_^), Devi Dee, a new time-warped Seifer/Squall fic, Futureloop, is up in the archive.
  • From new author Drakon Sword, another new Seifer/Squall fic, Running, is up.
  • We've got the lastest chapter of FlyGirl's Seifer/Squall, Squall/Rinoa triangle fic, Kurai Kaze.
  • Jamaica's revised the first two chapters of her fic Barbed Wire, and we have chapter three up as well.
  • Chapter four of J. Marie's Seifer/Laguna piece (which also means it's finished now, btw), Time After Time, has been added.
  • From new author Kayla Night-Wolf, three new fics. The first, Music of the Night, is a Squall/? fic based after the game.
  • The second, is her Seifer/Squall epic (in progress) The Ties That Bind Us: Power, Blood, Sorrow, Love,
  • And the last is her Seifer/Squall short fic told from Shiva's POV, When the Ice Melted.
  • Koorime's revised the first chapter of her kiriban fic, Bitter Suite, and the new version is up in the archive.
  • She's also revised her first kiriban, When Darkness Falls, so you can see that one, too.
  • The final chapter of Lady Tempest's epic, The Bloodcross Key: Reversals, has been linked to the archive.
  • Couple of new fics from lorien, both Seifer/Squall ficcies. The first, Of Colds and Bunny Rabbits, features a flu-ridden knight,
  • And the second is her parody, What REALLY happened at the SeeD Ball. Both are up and ready to be read.
  • Chapter four of Musouka's Squall/Zell epic, Deja Vu is up.
  • A new Seifer/Squall fic from new author PurpleRose, Alone, has been added to the archive.
  • And from Purple Penguin, the last three chapters of her fic, Longing have been added.
  • Scarlet Fever's started the last installement of her Hourglass Trilogy, and the first three chapters of The New Flesh are ready to be read.
  • And lastly, from new author Tabby, a new Seifer x Squall fic, Hetero Jizz has been added to the archive.

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