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Welcome to Version 2.0 of the Chronicles, one of the many things overdue for a revision. For those of you who think I am biased towards Jin (you'd be right) but in all honesty, this was the only picture we had that was the right size. Hope you enjoy.

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Updated: 29 April 2005 | 4 new fics and 2 new authors

- New Fics -

To Feel Again [Kazuya X Lei]
by Chlover

Taming the Devil [Jin X Hwoarang]
by Jesse

The Quality of the Sword (is Determined by the Wielder of the Flame) [Hwoarang X Jin]
by M. Mishima

Seething Hatred [Hwoarang X Jin]
by Silvius

- Updated Fics -

Chapter 2 of Demolition Lovers [Hwoarang X Jin, Jin X Steve, Hwoarang X OC]
by Chlover

Chapter 5 of Faded Rivalry [Hwoarang X Jin]
by Prosopopeia

Chapter 13 of Hands Clean [Jin X Hwoarang]
by Saihitei Seishuku

Chapter 12 of The Past is the Past [Bryan X Lei]
by Sapphire17

- Last Update -


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