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Site updates from August to December 2001

14 November 2001

Launched Version 3.0 of Noire Sensus today! Didn't want to do any updates until the site was entirely moved; hence the long gap between updates.

So what did we change around NS? Added a new section to the Quad: Fan Speculation. Yep, exactly what it sounds like; it's where we're sticking theories, opinions and stuff from fans--which means we need input from you guys now! ^_^ Send them over, and we'll see what we can do. Re-did the Dojo; looks much better now. Overhauled the authors files--they look sooo much better now. Finally, thank god! -_- Added/revised our links outta here, cos over 85% were dead. Re-vamped the FF8 profiles, made a few more banners. Re-organising and revised our personal/contact profiles, added a bit more info, tons of new quotes, made a better site map, etc. Nothing much... ^_~

Updates for The Chronicles: (Three new authors today ^_^)

  • Sapfarah has given us her comedic epic, Final (I Hope!) Fantasy, a hilarious crossover of Tekken, Soul Calibur and Final Fantasy VII.
  • Also from Sapfarah, we have her Resident Evil/Tekken crossover epic, Demons of the Past.
  • From new author, Phoenix-chan, we have her Jin X Hwoarang fanfic; Insult to Injury.
  • Another new author, Misato Ishida, has let us hosther songfic Only When I Sleep, also starring Jin X Hwoarang.
  • From our last new author, M. Mishima, we have three fics Lee X Kazuya fics; First Time.
  • Gentlemen, another Lee X Kazuya fic.
  • And last but most definitely not least, Taint, her most recent fanfic.

Updates for Apocrypha Scrolls:

  • Added chapters 17 through to 20 of J. Marie's epic, Only Time - The Sacred Power. I know, me slow.

Updates for the Garden Card Catalogue: (Eleven new authors today! ^_^)

  • Going in alphabetical order: from new author Amber Rose, her wonderful Squall/Irvine fic, Smoke and Mirrors has been added to the archive.
  • A co-authored fic by new authors Atsuko and Rie, Behind Closed Doors, a new Seifer/Zell is up.
  • Three new fics from new author Carly G. The first, Boys Who Play With Boys, Boys Who Play With Toys (long, neh?), with various combinations of Seifer, Squall and Zell.
  • The next, Pretty Boy with similar combinations, but different situations ^_^
  • And the last, Users; same pairing as above, but again, different story. They're all up and ready to be read.
  • From new author CmdrLeonhart, a new Laguna/Squall fic, Melt down of the Heart is up.
  • Three new fics from Domino as well ^_^ The first, A Boy and his GF is a unique BahamutxIrvine fic--never heard of that before.
  • Father Figure is her songfic featuring another first-time pairing: Martine/Irvine.
  • And lastly, Se A Vida E her new Seifer/Irvine songficcie is also up.
  • Updated and revised the first two chapters of GlitterGirl's, New Beginnings, her new Seifer/Squall/Irvine ficcie.
  • Added chapters two and three of J. Marie's Seifer/Laguna epic, Time After Time to the archive.
  • Chapter two of Jamaica's, Barbed Wire has been added, and chapter one chopped into two as per her orders ^_^
  • Added chapter five and six of Julie's Seifer/Zell (with a bit of Seifer/Squall) fic, Rivaling Cygnet.
  • And--wait for it--you won't believe what K-chan's done: she's actually putting out parts of the kiribans now! Finally! NEwayz, the first chapter of Cindy's kiriban (Hit #7000), Bitter Suite, a Seifer/Squall as requested, has been added, and she's working on chapter two.
  • And she's actually finished Sue's fic (#3000). So, When Darkness Falls, another Seifer/Squall is up in the archive.
  • Linked up chapter 19 of Lady Tempest's The Bloodcross Key: Reversals. I think the next is the last chapter...
  • From new auther lorien, a great re-working of the fairy tale classic Sleeping Beauty. And it's a Seifer/Squall ^__^
  • From new author Mouse-chan, a new Squall/Zell shounen-ai fic, Kiss the Pain Away.
  • From new author Purple Penguin, another new Seifer/Squall fic, Longing, where Selphie drags everyone out into the great outdoors.
  • Rie also wrote a fic on her own: Oblivion, her new Squall/Zell AU fic is up.
  • Two updates for Scarlet Fever. The first a one-shot SeiferxZell fic, Fractured Millenium.
  • And Xerampelinae is finished!! Chapters 24 and 25 have been added.
  • From new author Silver Rayne, the first part of her SeiferxIrvine fic, Crimson Transparency, has been added.
  • New Irvine/Squall fic from Sniffles. Slipping Away, with a very AU storyline where I'm not sure what's going on...
  • From new author Snow Illusion, a new Seifer/Quistis with a hint of Raijin/Seifer, Quistis used to use a staff, is up in the archive.
  • And last, but very not least, a new Seifer/Squall humour/angst epic from new author Sodoshiin ^_^ Me happy, me wanted this fic really bad: Illusion, has been added to the archives.
28 September 2001

Added another bunch of quotes to the archive--forgot we actually had a quotes archive for awhile there... All other updates today are fic updates as usual.

Updates for Apocrypha Scrolls:

  • J. Marie's started the second story arc of Only Time and it's a direct continuation of the first story arc. So, today added the first chapter of Only Time - The Sacred Power, to the archive (That's chapter 16 overall).

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue: (One new author today! ^_^)

  • From our newest author Squall Leonhart, a new Quistis/Shiva fic, All That Really Counts, which also means the dawning of a new archive... ^_^
  • Chapter 23 of Scarlet Fever's majorly dark fic, Xerampelinae is up in the archives.
  • Linked chapter 18 of the latest part of Lady Tempest's Bloodcross Key epic, The Bloodcross Key: Reversals.
  • From Domino, the latest chapter of her Irvine/Zell fic, "I'm Not Just A Sniper..." has been added.
  • The first part of J. Marie's new shounen-ai Seifer/Laguna piece, Time After Time is up.
  • And last but not least, from Baby Dragon, her latest fic, The Dance is up. Not sure what the pairing's gonna be yet, so maybe if you ask nicely she might make it a Irvine/Squall or Squall/Zell ficcie, neh? Heck, there may even be cause for a new threesome archive soon! ^_^
19 September 2001

Added a whole heap of new quotes to the Quotes Archive. Go have a read if you like. Otherwise, only updates for the Garden Card Catalogue today. I was gonna do some Tekken stuff today, but I'm just too tired -_- On the upside, I got to see Aeris die again! ^_^ ...sorry if that offends anyone. Personally, I prefer her to Rinoa, but still.

Updates for the Garden Card Catalogue:

  • New (belated--gomen ne ^-^) Father's Day fic from BlackRose: Breakfast in Bed, her latest Laguna/Squall fic is up in the archive.
  • From Julie, chapter three of her Seifer/Squall AU fic, Sentimental Brilliance has been added.
  • We have the latest chapter of Musouka's Squall/Zell fic Deja Vu up.
  • And last but not least, a new yuri fic from Scarlet Fever. Cowgirl her Quistis/Fujin fic, has been added.
13 September 2001

Ah-hahaha... *_* Well, the two-pronged update idea died an abissmal death on Monday--Koorime couldn't get through to Angelfire to update, and since I haven't felt like doing much besides park my ass in front of the TV watching the news the past few days (and if you really have to ask why my answer is "Where the ^&*$ have you been!?"), I felt like updating until today. So, today is the official opening of the Tekken Chronicles, and you can go and have a looksee at the finished version. Have fun! ^_^

Don't worry though. That isn't the only update today...

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue: (We've got one new author today! ^_^)

  • From our newest author, AeroKnight, a new SeiferxSquall PWP, Hunger, set after the game, has been added to the archive. Go have a read! ^_^

And now for the newest archive here at NS--

Updates for the Tekken Chronicles: (And practically everyone's a new author so I can't be bothered telling you how many! ^_~)

  • Victar has given us his renowned cross-over epic starring the Tekken Series and Soul Calibur Ashes of the Phoenix.
  • We also have its sequel, Phoenix Reborn, featuring Soul Calibur and Tekken 3.
  • Dark Ki has given us two fics in a series, and promises there will be more. Firstly, the prequel, Sweet Rivalry is up.
  • And the first chapter of Whispers in the Soul, the sequel to 'Sweet Rivalry' is also up.
  • From Romana, we have a yuri fanfic featuring Nina X Michelle, presenting, Competition Time.
  • Also from Romana, featuring Anna X Nina, Never Were There Such Devoted Sisters.
  • We gotsa het fic! Amazing, ne? This PWP feature, Possessed is written by Deondra and up in the archives!
  • We have lots of fics from Sapfarah! First off, starring an original pairing of Hwoarang X Kazuya, the His Hands So Cold miniseries is up and finished.
  • An even more original pairing of Paul X Kazuya Sweet Rivalry from Sapfarah.
  • Again from Sapfarah, a bittersweet Lee X Kazuya fic, Healing the Wound is up in the archives.
  • One of her many Lee X Kazuya fics Dare Me Not is up.
  • Also from Sapfarah, we have her shameless PWP, Plot? What Plot? also starring Lee X Kazuya.
  • Mana's developing Tekken/Ranma1/2 Crossover, the Hwoarang X Jin series Only Half Ourselves is up.
  • From Poli Almasy, we have her brilliant, angsty Hwoarang X Jin Everything is Relative series.
  • From our beloved Stefi, her own Hwoarang X Jin fanfic, revolving around Garbage's song; You Look So Fine.

Now, officially, complaints and comments for the Tekken Chronicles are meant to be directed to Koorime, but if you can't get through to her, you can always email me ^_^

10 September 2001

We hit 10,000!!! I can't believe it! Okay, honestly, by now we're way past that, but I still can't believe so many people have come to our site... O_O

Today's update will be in two parts: Necromage's (which'll be the FF8 section & FY), and Koorime's (which is the Tekken section). I'm not sure when K-chan'll have her part done, so be patient.

PART A: NM's update

Updates for Apocrypha Scrolls:

  • Uploaded the completed version of J. Marie's Only Time to the archive--in other words, I uploaded the last four chapters today. I also just figured out that this was only the first story ("Deja Vu"), in the 'Only Time' story arc, so I fixed that, too. Well, we can all look forward to its sequel, The Sacred Power, neh? ^_^

Updates for the Garden Card Catalogue: (with three new authors!)

  • Going in alphabetical order, from our first new author, Domino, we have two new fics. The first, an Irvine/Squall songfic, How Soon Is Now? is up,
  • As well as her epic in the making, I'm Not Just A Sniper. Both are up and ready to be read.
  • From our next new author, Musouka, two new fics, too! ^_^ Deja Vu is a multi-chapter Squall/Zell and Seifer/Rinoa,
  • And Drifting is a short angsty Squall/Zell from Squall's POV.
  • And from our last new author Sapfarah, a new SeiferxSquall fic, Envy, has been added to the archives.
  • Chapters 21 and 22 of Scarlet Fever's Xerampelinae are up in the archives.
  • Gotsa new SeiferxSquall pure smut piece from Baby Dragon ^_^ Unrepentant is up in all the relevant archives.
  • The sequel to Alix Vitesse's Something Unreadable, Something As Perfect, telling things from Squall's POV is up. It's also a Seifer/Squall.
  • Couple of new things from Tiffiny. The first, is a Seifer/Zell dark/angsty shortfic, No More and it's up and ready to be read.
  • The other new submission is a sort of 'series' of those Getting To Know You questionnaires. She's filled one in for each of the guys, and I think they're pretty accurate ^_^
  • Uploaded the revised/updated versions of GlitterGirl's Coming Out Party chapter 5, and
  • Chapter two of New Beginnings. Both updated revised pieces are up in the archives.
  • And last but not least, J. Marie's written a new ZellxIrvine fic! And she only got it up on her site yesterday, too, so I'm not that far behind ^__^ And Then It Rained..., set in 'real-life' suburbia has been added to the archives.
22 August 2001

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been sick (funny how you forget how bad being sick can really be, until you're hit with a crappy flu bug), and K-chan has tests all next week, so we've been--otherwise disposed ^_^ Anyway, just a few things to take note of for our authors: J. Marie's contact email has changed to loverboys @, and Destiny Xavier's URL has changed as well. Can't remember it off the top of my head, but you can go check out his author profile to find the new address.

The results of that (IMO) silly poll are in, and we've added the new archives, plus some more. Thanks for voting!

Updates for Apocrypha Scrolls:

  • Added chapters 10 and 11 of J. Marie's fic, Only Time to the archive.

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue: (Three new authors today! ^_^)

  • From our first new author SilverWing, a new lengthy Seifer/Squall Zell/Squall fic, Believe Me, Squall..., has been added to the archives.
  • And from new author, Tiffiny, a cute little quall/Zell fic, The Quiet Behind the Loud, based during the beginnign of the game.
  • From our last newest author, Jamaica, an epic in the making featuring het as well as yaoi pairings. Barbed Wire, has been added to the archives.
  • The latest (and currently incomplete) chapter of GlitterGirl's Coming Out Party is up.
  • Also added GlitterGirl's newest fic, the beggining of her 'Triumvirate Arc', New Beginnings. It's a Seifer/Squall/Irvine ^_^
  • Alix Vitesse's sent us her latest Seifer/Squall fic, Something Unreadable, and it's all ready for reading.
  • We have a ton of new fics from Baby Dragon. The first, Dreaming, a Seifer/Squall is up,
  • As well as her other new epic, Hybrid Theory, which has a glutload of pairings in it ^_^
  • Also from Baby Dragon, two pieces from her 'Introspection' series, Introspection: Squall and
  • And Introspection: Irvine. Both are up in the archives.
  • The next one, Saying Goodbye is an angsty Seifer/Squall ficlet,
  • And the last from Baby Dragon, is another Seifer/Squall, Tied and Bound. They're all up, and ready to be read ^_^
3 August 2001

Just ficcie updates today.

Updates for Apocrypha Scrolls:

  • Added chapter nine of J. Marie's Only Time to the archive.

Updates for the Garden Card Catalogue:

  • Well, I linked up chapter 17 of Lady Tempest's The Bloodcross Key: Reversals, even though I'm not sure the chapter is up on her site yet... If it doesn't work yet, just wait, s'kay?
  • Added Chapters 19 and 20 of Scarlet Fever's very dark epic now, Xerampelinae, and it's in all the relevant archives.
  • Two new fics from BlackRose. The first, the beginning of her new epic (and I mean epic--lookit how long the first chapter is!) Fragments of Memory, has been added to the archives.
  • The second fic, Waiting By The Phone, a short little Laguna/Squall ficlet, is also up. I've had it for ages, and somehow lost it on my harddrive *_* My bad, sorry for the delay...

I had everything all ready to go on Wednesday--and then found out the buses weren't running *_* Hence, today's update... I hope I got all the dates right.

30 July 2001

Reorganised the quotes section, and added two new 'categories' cos of the new ones, and I just found out K-chan totally wiped the last batch of new quotes *_* Lucky I had a back up on my harddisk. Added a couple of links in the 'Friends & Misc.' section, and that's about it... I think.

Updates for Apocrypha Scrolls:

  • Chapters 7 and 8 of J. Marie's fic, Only Time have been added to the archive; I have Chapter 9 sitting all nice and dandy at home, but total laziness has set in and I've gotta start studying *_* Geez, I just got it today, give me a wee bit more time and it'll be up soon.

Rather important note: I added a poll to the main library index about whether or not we should add a new pairings listing to the archive. I couldn't decide, so I need people's input. In otherwords: go vote!!

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue: (Two new authors today! ^_^)

  • From our new author Baby Dragon, a new angsty little Seifer/Squall fic, Windows, has been added.
  • And from our author latest author, Ryuta, a cute little Seifer/Zell songfic, Thank You based around Dido's song.
  • From FlyGirl, chapter seven of her Seifer/Squall, Squall/Rinoa fic, Kurai Kaze, is up in the archives.
  • The latest chapter of Julie's Seifer/Zell fic, Rivaling Cygnet has been added.
  • And chapter sixteen of Lady Tempest's The Bloodcross Key: Reversals has been linked ^_^

Y'know what I did? Since we're getting so many songfics based around her songs, I went out and bought Dido's CD today. Now I just gotta get home to listen to it.

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