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Four Gods - Image Galleries

This here is where I've put all the pics I can find of the gods - and there aren't many :( The only god there are any number of images for is Suzaku, which I guess is natural considering it's his seishi which are the heroes of the show...

Instructions: Click on the thumbnails in the galleries to view the full image. All images open in a new window which they share after the window's been activated, and require basic javascript to view. There's no need to close down the 'image' window when switching between archives.

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  Byakko Byakko Genbu Genbu
  Seiryuu Seiryuu Suzaku Suzaku

Disclaimers & Acknowledgements: We in no way take any credit for the images placed in any of these archives. We found them at various times scattered all over the electronic web, and give all the credit to these various sources with our most heartfelt thanks. If you do recognise a picture that is yours, we'll happily credit you; just drop contact us and we'll organise something.

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