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name :: Noire Sensus Image Archive

maintained by :: Necromage (Mage) and Koorime (K)

founded :: officially? June 2003. But it's been lurking as an ectoplasmic mass since it's first inception as the all encompassing Tekken section on geocities... wonder if it's still there...?

history :: First archive was an ill-conceived jumble of Tekken images. That died and has yet to be reborn. Now it's a whole mess of other things we find - interesting.

current version : v.one » always on my mind... » June 2003
For Riku, because he's the only worthwhile original character from Kingdom Hearts. No really, does anyone else have silver hair? The scariest thing - it was damn fun to play.

This version was affectionately known as the 'pumpkin' theme during its rudimentary stages.

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We in no way take any credit for the images placed in any of these archives. We found them at various times scattered all over the electronic web, and give all the credit to these various sources with our most heartfelt thanks.

Credits - Who we are saying special thanks to:

Thanks to Namikata Kaoru, who kindly lent us the use of her images from her Final Fantasy VIII Image Archive: East of Eden, West of Winhill for use in the Image Archives and Character Profiles.

Credit to Stephanie Huang, Rhyein, Ab, Aeris Gainsborough, Vendrak, glenn, and Jess for the names of the War of Genesis characters. If we missed mentioning you, tell us!

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Now, it's pointless for us to host any images that constitute the large portion of another archive - so we're going to point you in their general direction (these sort of sites have a notorious tendency to move). Almost all these archives are for fandoms our image archive don't host. Choose from the options below what kind of resource(s) you'd like a look at.

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