Disclaimer: I don’t own Tekken or any of its characters (Namco does). I just want an excuse to make Hwoarang and Jin fuck (lol). Both are awesome characters and I enjoyed writing this (pulled an all-nighter with my college homework, just so I could type this) so I hope you enjoy reading it.

On a different note, Jin and Hwoarang are funny to watch in The Sims. Taking pictures of them flirting, kissing, and fucking is always fun. Ha ha.

Seething Hatred

By Silvius

Hwoarang stepped off the sidewalk crossing it. His walk was that of someone very determined. His determination was matched only by his stubbornness. He wouldn’t let Jin get away from him again. He thought back to last weekend, Jin had avoided him all week. He would find Kazama and would make him pay for embarrassing him at the tournament. Hwoarang knew he was a better fighter.

He had finally reached Jin’s hotel. He knew it was his. It was the finest hotel around here and the little rich snob couldn’t accept any less than the best.

“He will fucking pay…” he muttered under his breath. He thought back to the final blow of his fight. He had swung his leg in a hard roundhouse. Jin ducked and punched him squarely in the balls. He won with a fucking cheap shot.

Now he strode calmly into the hotel looking very out of place. A sexy red and black leather outfit was way out of place in this lobby full of suits. He arrogantly strutted up to the receptionist.

“You there, where is my cousin’s room?” He lied.

“What name would it be under?” She spoke without looking at him.

“Kazama,” he spoke almost with anger. She looked up at him, and then down at his clothes. He was out of place, but with a body like his it didn’t matter.

“421” she slowly mumbled, practically drooling as she said it. He smiled quickly before walking away. She was quite attractive.

The Korean entered the elevator. Four suits rode with him. They looked and even smelled like snobs he thought as they arrogantly got off on the floor below his destination. He checked his hair in the reflective metal surface of the elevator. Carefully, he adjusted his goggles and brushed a few stray hairs back into place. No harm in looking good as he kicked Kazama’s ass. He walked with long strides out of the elevator. He stopped dead as Jin was just walking out of his room. He practically dove into the side hallway. He watched as Jin got in the elevator he had just got off.

“Fuck!” He yelled. Now he would have to pursue the Japanese man. He quickly ran down the stairs located behind him. He got to the bottom as Jin was walking out the front door. He was glad he still had his target in his sights. He ran out of the lobby into the sunlight. He glanced from limo to limo and still didn’t see the bitch. Off in the distance he saw Kazama walk down one of the stone trails leading to the where the fancy fountains were. He quickly ran after. He stayed behind the shrubs on the left and made sure to stay on the grass to keep himself from making noise. He picked up a stone and threw it to the right side of the path. Jin turned to look at the noise. He ran forward and aimed for his target, the crotch of the one he despised. Carefully judging he dropped just behind Jin as he kicked upward hitting Jin in the crotch from below. Jin let out a grunt and crumpled to the ground holding his crotch.

“You fucking deserve every bit of that pain, you fucking brat.” He slowly walked around Jin. Hwoarang crouched next to his rival and looked into his deep dark eyes. He was mesmerized for a second, but that was all it took. Jin quickly grabbed his ankle and twisted sending him spinning onto the path. They were both on their feet in a matter of seconds.

“Goddamn it Kazama!!” He seethed.

“You lost fair and square,” Jin said calmly.

“Bullshit!! You took a cheap shot and that is the only reason you won.” He practically yelled, even though Jin was only two feet away. “Either that or you wanted an excuse to touch my crotch.” Hwoarang grinned widely. While Jin just stared back at him.

“Listen, I’m sorry I hit you……. there”, Jin said.

Hwoarang’s smile vanished. His triumphant feelings left without anyway for him to regain them. He wasn’t expecting Jin to apologize. He stared with anger into the Japanese man’s eyes.

“I’m gonna go eat lunch. Would you like to come with?” Jin said looking at the man who had just assaulted him.

The Korean man just stood there staring blankly into the others eyes. “What the hell is wrong with you? Where have you been? I fucking hate you… and you want to go fucking have lunch with me?” Hwoarang looked at Jin in dismay.

“I was merely being polite,” Jin said not showing any emotion.

He knew Jin was hiding something but what were his intentions? Out of sheer dumbfounded curiosity he accepted the invitation. “O…k… you’re paying though, moneybags.” Hwoarang smirked.

Jin rolled his eyes and started walking down the path that led away from the hotel. “Yes, I’ll pay.”

Hwoarang noticed that Jin was headed away from the hotel. “Where the fuck are you going? Are the fucking squirrels making you a feast?” Hwoarang said very sarcastically.

“I’m finishing my walk first,” He said again with very little emotion.

“You’ve gotta be shitting me.  You expect me to follow your ass out to the middle of nowhere. Who the fuck cares about your walk, let’s go.” Hwoarang said becoming very annoyed. Jin was being polite to the point that it just pissed the Korean off.

“I’m going on my walk whether you follow or not.”

A very pissed off Hwoarang slowly walked towards Jin. “Fine let’s get this the fuck over,” as they headed towards the woods. “You and your fucking nature fetish.”

After an hour of awkward silence, He had to break the silence. The red head smirked, “Where the fuck are you taking me? Are you gonna try to molest me in these fucking woods?”

Jin turned to look at him, giving Hwoarang a look he had never seen from Jin. It almost frightened him. All of sudden Jin grabbed Hwoarang and pulled him in and forced his tongue into Hwoarang’s mouth.

Hwoarang struggled. He was completely taken by surprise. He tried to push Jin away but was overpowered. He struggled trying to somehow end the kiss. Jin finally let go.

“Goddamn it, why the fuck did you do that?!?!” He screamed, wiping the salvia from Jin’s mouth off of his lips. “Have you fucking lost it or what… goddamn it!!!”

Jin just smiled and kept walking, “What? It was your suggestion…” He teased.

“I wasn’t fucking serious you fucking fruit loop!!” He ran to catch up to Jin, “Fuck!” He said in disgust. He kept his distance this time, remaining behind Jin. He thought over the entire thing. It’s not that he was kissed by a man that had happened before in his life. He was just shocked that Jin was dominating him in that kiss. He was not able to cope with being dominated like that. He quickened his pace. Jin may be his rival, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have his fun. He grabbed Jin and spun him around, hungrily kissing him. This time he wasn’t going to be dominated by Jin. To his complete surprise Jin didn’t struggle for control. His kiss got fiercer until Jin pushed him off.

“I thought you hated me?” Jin smiled.

“I do, and your ass is mine,” Hwoarang retorted as he tackled Jin to the ground. He ripped Jin’s shirt off and threw it. Jin’s body was absolutely gorgeous, so firm and muscular. Hwoarang layered his chest with kisses finding his way to one of Jin’s nipples that were now erect. He swirled it with his tongue, grinned, and then he bit it. Jin winced in pain.

“Harder,” Jin spoke aloud.

“Any harder and you won’t have a nipple left,” Hwoarang responded with a grin. He roughly took Jin’s pants off. Jin was already hard. Hwoarang took Jin’s length in his hand. He slowly massaged Jin’s length.

He realized his pants were getting tighter by the second. Hwoarang undid his own pants with his other hand. He flung his pants to the trees. He put his attention back on Jin. He placed his fingers near Jin’s opening. Jin shivered from the coolness of the grass on his body. Hwoarang plunged his fingers in without warning. Jin jumped. Jin winced in pain at first but soon started to moan as the redhead’s fingers rhythm proceeded slowly stretching Jin’s entrance. He moaned.

“Harder,” Jin spoke again. His hands clenching fistfuls of grass.

“You are one sick fuck,” Hwoarang said mockingly, but then fulfilled his request. Jin gasped and the Korean stopped. Hwoarang positioned Jin in front of him, and without hesitation plunging his manhood into Jin’s opening. Jin let out a small scream. Hwoarang just smirked.

“You could’ve given me a warning…” Jin said as he cringed in pain.

“I thought you liked the pain…” Hwoarang smiled enjoying every moment of his rival’s pain. Hwoarang found his rhythm and started fiercely slamming against Jin’s soft tender flesh. Jin moaned in pleasure. Hwoarang reached around and firmly grasped Jin’s length. Jin let out a bigger moan. Hwoarang came deeply inside Jin’s pliant body. He pulled out and let go of Jin’s length as Jin came, his seed hitting the grass. Hwoarang quickly got up and retrieved his pants.

Jin glanced at Hwoarang as he retrieved his own clothes. They both slid their clothes on. Hwoarang started walking away without a look at Jin.

“You’re not coming to lunch?” Jin asked.

“No, I’m gonna find my way out of this damn forest and have a smoke,” Hwoarang replied sharply. “I did what I came here to do; I pounded your ass, even if it wasn’t what I had in mind.” Hwoarang grinned and spoke again,” I pounded your sweet little virgin ass.” He smiled seeing Jin’s reaction. “Oh and don’t you dare try to ever be a seme again or I’ll have to come back and fuck your ass into a dimension of uke-ness you’ve never been before.” Hwoarang smirked, walking away from his sexy, defeated rival.

The end?

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