Author's Notes: This is a PWP fic I wrote for my Kenji because he is currently frustrated with Tekken 5 (but you all can read it too of course ^_~) It takes place after Tekken 5, but there's no spoilers in it.

Taming The Devil

By Jesse

Hwoarang stared straight ahead as he sped recklessly down the road. He skimmed in between two trucks then cut the one on the right off. The driver yelled something at him, probably an obscenity, but he paid no mind.

Soon the road cleared up. It was just him and his bike. A shadow swooped over Hwoarang and the redhead looked up briefly. Nothing but the cloudless moonlit sky looked back at him. The man shrugged and looked back at the road. He squinted. There was someone standing on the road in the distance. He hoped it wasn't some suicidal bum hoping to jump in front of his bike.

"This sucks." He muttered.

Hwoarang was going much faster than he thought. He was almost on top of the figure in the road when he recognized who it was. A small gasp sounded in his throat.


Well...he looked like Jin...sort of...


The redhead slammed on the brakes and turned the bike sideways, trying to stop. Jin smiled and held his arm out, palm facing Hwoarang. The bike exploded and Hwoarang went flying. He was vaguely aware that the blast sent him sailing right past Jin's head by a few inches. Hwoarang cried out as he hit the pavement, hard. He felt the bones in his hip and leg grind and crunch together painfully. With a small moan he looked up. Jin was walking towards him, what was left of Hwoarang's bike in flames behind him. The redhead couldn't believe what he was seeing. Jin looked like a complete psycho. Well...not completely. There was still a look in the creature's eyes that reminded Hwoarang of the Jin he knew. That was begging for help.

"Come on..." Hwoarang challenged, getting to his feet.

The redhead was fully aware of his shitty situation. Here he was on a deserted road with no help and an injured hip and leg. Now the question was should he kick with his bum leg or try to support his weight on it? At least the Jin-creature wasn't in any hurry. It was still calmly walking towards Hwoarang with a coolly psychotic smile on its lips. The redhead finally decided to kick with his injured leg. His kicks wouldn't be as powerful but if he tried to support his weight on it he'd probably fall over and Devil Jin would destroy him. The Jin-monster walked closer and Hwoarang became aware that the pavement was cracking slightly beneath its feet.


With an inhuman cry Devil Jin unexpectedly charged at Hwoarang. The redhead dodged the lumbering creature and placed a precise kick to Devil Jin's head. The raven-haired creature turned his head so his horn scratched along Hwoarang's shin bone. Hwoarang's teeth tingled at that feeling and he yanked his leg away. His jeans were split open along with his skin. Blood dribbled down onto his sock and soaked in. Devil Jin turned straightened up briefly, then charged again. This time Hwoarang leapt into the air and brought his elbow down to strike Devil Jin between the shoulder blades. The creature stumbled but did not fall and his forearm smacked into the redhead's stomach, winding him. Hwoarang stumbled back but not before he kneed Devil Jin in the ribs. The man nearly cried out in pain. It was as if he'd kneed a cement beam. With a low groan Hwoarang fell onto his backside. The Jin-creature towered over him.

"I won't let you kill me!" Hwoarang shouted.

His hip and leg throbbed in agony as he kicked Devil Jin in the stomach sending him stumbling backwards. Hwoarang managed to get to his feet and he frowned thoughtfully. Was it his imagination or did something happen to Devil Jin every time he hit him?

[Yeah...his horns are longer and his claws too. Fighting him only makes him stronger...] The redhead dodged another blow from Devil Jin as he was thinking. [I'm not going to get anywhere fighting him. He's just going to kill me..]

The man cried out as Devil Jin's fist connected with his already sore hip, sending him onto his backside again. That look...that "Jin look" was still in the monster's eyes.

[He seems to understand English and he's still Jin in there somewhere...I hope this doesn't kill me.]

Hwoarang kicked Devil Jin back again and stood up. He looked around and spotted what he was looking for, a park.

"Come and get me, dickweed!" He spat at Devil Jin.

The creature snarled and Hwoarang limp-sprinted towards the park.

[Don't let him catch me, don't let him catch me...]

There was a whoosh of air and Devil Jin took flight chasing after Hwoarang. He snarled in frustration when his opponent vanished into the cover of the trees. Devil Jin landed and walked into the park. Hwoarang was standing there with his back to Devil Jin and looking around. The monster smiled and crept ever closer. Electricity began to spark on his gloves and he thrust them both forward, aiming to sever Hwoarang's spinal cord.

The redhead waited until the last possible second to reach up and grab the branch above his head. He pulled himself up just in time. Devil Jin's fists missed him by bare inches. The redhead then dropped down into the circle created by the creature's arms. It looked quite surprised at that move.

[Please let his work...]

Hwoarang grabbed Devil Jin by the shoulders...and kissed him.

"Oomph!" Most of the air rushed out of Hwoarang's lungs as the monster's strong arms encircled him tightly.

[Needy little bugger...]

The redhead tried not to shudder as Devil Jin's forked tongue lapped at his lower lip, inviting him in.

[Holy shit...his fucking teeth are like...serrated! There's no in hell I'm putting my tongue in that mouth!]

Hwoarang tugged Devil Jin's shoulders, pulling the creature closer. With a small inward shudder he opened his mouth and let Devil Jin's tongue inside instead.

[At least he isn't trying to kill me. I think his claws lost a few inches already...]

The redhead moaned slightly. Devil Jin's tongue was...hugging his.

[The advantages of having a forked tongue I guess. Ugh...gross...]

Devil Jin was quite a wet kisser as well. A small stream of saliva ran down the side of Hwoarang's mouth. Then without warning Devil Jin grabbed the back of Hwoarang's thighs, lifting him up. The redhead didn't argue and wrapped his legs around Devil Jin's waist even though his injuries were still throbbing in pain. Hwoarang nearly squirmed when the monster's hands cupped his backside. He could feel Devil Jin's claws poking into his ass. Hwoarang opened his eyes slightly. Feathers were slowly falling from Devil Jin's wings and fluttering to the ground. The tattooing on his forehead was starting to fade as well.

[It's working...]

Devil Jin broke their kiss and went to look over his shoulder. The redhead quickly turned Devil Jin's face back to his and kissed him again. Hwoarang moved against the other fighter slightly, rubbing their bodies together. Something that sounded like a purr rumbled in Devil Jin's throat. Hwoarang pulled back slightly. A long thin line of silver connected his lip to his current lover's. Devil Jin licked his lips. The tattooing and the gem had faded from his forehead. Feathers were still falling from his wings. The redhead decided not to waste too much time and moved his kisses to Devil Jin's collar bone. He was still moving against the raven-haired man slowly. Hwoarang winced slightly as the grip Devil Jin had on his ass tightened slightly. The tattoos on the fighter's chest started to fade as the redhead traced his tongue along them. Devil Jin was still purring. With a small moan Hwoarang ran his tongue over one of the man's nipples.

Hwoarang grunted as Devil Jin abruptly dropped him and his knees connected harshly with the ground. At first he thought the creature had caught on until he saw the bulge in Devil Jin's pants that he was eye-to-crotch with. The redhead unbuckled Devil Jin's belt then frowned slightly. The chains wound tightly around his hips didn't seem to have a way to open them. Hwoarang looked up at Devil Jin slightly panicked. The monster looked down at Hwoarang then reached down. With one tug the chains broke apart and Devil Jin tossed the fragments aside. The younger man breathed a small sigh of relief and he unzipped the older fighter's pants, tugging them open. One eyebrow shot up. Devil Jin had no pubic hair at all. Instead there was a fading tattoo that looked similar to Fatal Lightning. Hwoarang smirked crookedly and leaned in, licking the pre-cum that had gathered on the tip of Devil Jin's cock. Claws threaded into the redhead's hair and slightly pricked at his scalp. Hwoarang wished those claws would vanish. When he looked up at Devil Jin he realized that the man's horns and wings were gone. The tattoos had finally faded from Devil Jin's chest as well. However his eyes showed that Jin was still struggling internally. The fighter's eyes drifted back to the creature's length.

[I highly doubt Devil is that interested in teasing...]

The redhead ran his tongue up the full length of Devil Jin's erection before taking the head into his mouth. The Jin-monster growled/purred softly and tugged none-too-gently on Hwoarang's hair. The redhead didn't complain and his tongue lapped harshly at Devil Jin's slit. Devil Jin seemed to really like that. His grip on his fistful hair of Hwoarang's hair tightened painfully. The redhead grunted but kept going. His head hurt, his knees hurt, his hip hurt, and his leg was throbbing but he continued to give Devil Jin head. The monster growled again as Hwoarang pulled almost all of the man's erection into his mouth and down his throat. The redhead worked his throat muscles around Devil Jin's length as his tongue rubbed the underside of it. With a low moan Hwoarang deep-throated Devil Jin's entirety. The black curls that had since replaced a Fatal Lightning-like tattoo tickled his nose. The redhead started to bob his head to alleviate the pain in his scalp. He was certain that Devil Jin had already pulled some of his hair out.

Suddenly Devil Jin yanked on his hair like he wanted him to stand up. Hwoarang slurped free and quickly stood up. He jumped a little bit when Devil Jin grabbed his pants and tugged. The redhead's zipper broke open and the button on his jeans went flying. Hwoarang only got one leg free from his jeans when Devil Jin hauled him up onto his hips again. Hwoarang shivered when he felt Devil Jin's slick erection brush against the cleft of his buttocks. He wrapped his arms loosely around the older man's neck. Devil Jin lifted Hwoarang up slightly then plunged him down on his cock. The redhead bit into his lower lip and moaned loudly, half in pain and half in pleasure. Gripping onto Hwoarang's thighs tightly thrust his hips up into the redhead. It hadn't hurt as much as Hwoarang expected but his ass still stung slightly. Nails, human nails, scratched over the skin of the redhead's thighs. The man was glad those claws had finally vanished. Jin's eyes were still that ominous white-gray though.

Hwoarang panted slightly. His semi-erection was constantly rubbing against Devil Jin's muscular stomach sending delicious tingles through his body. If he didn't hurt so much the pleasure may have cancelled the pain out. Devil Jin increased the pace of his hips, humping into the redhead's backside. Hwoarang bounced himself up and down on Devil Jin's cock, moaning almost constantly. Suddenly the pace began to slow and Hwoarang opened his eyes. Jin's warm brown eyes stared back at him.


The redhead smiled. "Finish Jin. I want you to."

Jin wasn't as strong as Devil Jin plus he could now feel the injuries Hwoarang had bestowed upon him earlier so he slowly sank to his knees.

"Are you su-."

"Shh." Hwoarang kissed Jin. "Don't talk yet. Just fuck me."

His hands moved from Hwoarang's thighs to his hips. Even though his leg still hurt Hwoarang continued to ride Jin's cock. Jin gently squeezed the redhead's hips, helping Hwoarang ride him. The redhead contracted his muscles, hugging Jin's erection tightly. Jin's cock twitched and he moaned loudly in response. His orgasm was starting to build. Hwoarang braced his hands on Jin's shoulders, riding the man fast and hard.

"Hwoarang!" Jin cried.

His balls tightened. He was so close. Hwoarang rolled Jin's hardened nipples between his forefingers and thumbs before giving them a slightly harsh pinch. That pushed Jin right over the edge. With a long sated moan Jin came hard, shooting his load deep inside Hwoarang.

"Hwoarang..." He panted.

Jin looked his friendly rival over. His jeans were tangled around one leg. The other leg was bruised from ankle to hip and caked in dirt and blood. Jin shook his hand to free a near handful of crimson hair from his fingers.

"Hwoarang...what did I..."

"The only thing that wasn't consensual was you blowing my bike up." Hwoarang replied. "I wouldn't do anything differently if given the chance."

Jin smiled slightly. "You didn't cum."

The redhead laughed. "Naw. I'm in too much pain to cum."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize. I'll heal, I'm not traumatized, and I'll cum later."

Jin's eyes watered slightly. "It will happen again. I know it will."

"Then I guess I'll have to be there to tame you." Hwoarang replied.

The raven-haired man looked up at his...friend? "You...will?"

"Of course! Who else could tame you? Ling?" The redhead snorted. "She couldn't handle you."

Jin laughed softly. "You're right."

"You're damn right I am. But you could teach your 'better half' about using proper lube. My ass stings."

"I'm sorry."

Hwoarang sighed and rolled his eyes. "It was a joke, Jin. My ass does sting but I can handle it. Uh Jin? Would you mind pulling out, please? My ass is also cold."

With a low moan Jin carefully pulled his softening length from Hwoarang.


Hwoarang stood up and pulled his pants up. "Can I borrow your belt?"

Jin nodded, closed his pants, and stood up. He removed his belt from around his waist and handed it to Hwoarang. The redhead closed his pants with Jin's belt and smiled crookedly at his rival.

"I'm still going to kick your ass in an honest fight one of these days, Kazama."

'Kazama' smiled. "I look forward to it."

"Hey Jin..."


Hwoarang pulled Jin into a kiss then smiled. "You're a better fuck than Devil Jin. Just FYI..."

That joke Jin actually laughed at and he scooped Hwoarang up into his arms.

"My leg isn't broken. I can walk y'know." The man said indignantly, struggling a bit.

"Oh shut up and let me carry you home." Jin chuckled.


Jin smiled and left the park with Hwoarang. Firemen had put Hwoarang's bike out and there were people and police gathered around the scene as Jin and Hwoarang walked by. The raven-haired man hoped that no one recognized either of them. No one did. Once they were out of ear-shot Hwoarang looked up at Jin.

"You owe me a new bike, Kazama." He pouted.

The End


Sex can fix anything XD. I may turn this into a series of more smutty fics but that all depends on how busy I am with work and how lemony I feel. So don't get your hopes up quite yet.

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