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Site updates from April to June 2003

19 May 2003

As you can see, the fortnightly update plan didn't last long >.<

Small changes here and there since the last update - you might've noticed them or not. Small addendum to the Submission Guidelines, nothing to major. Affiliate page has been revised, and SyntheticKiss has become void *. Added a new cliques page, added more banners (don't look at me like that! They're fun to make!) and a few new links: The Bard's Den, Fantasy Garden, Fictions by Sukunami, forbidden haven, Lovers and Rivals, and Lure of the Ring have also been added to the links page.

The only major development this update has been that the Quotes Archive has been revised, reformatted, updated, and moved into the Main Directory - it's now a proper section :)

Little miscellaneous note when navigating the fanfiction section: if you see the wrong date on any of the archived fics for this update - it's because the update was meant to go up a week ago, but we were running late and missed a few dates that were meant to be changed.

Oh, and Koorime finally managed to complete Kiriban #30,000 - A FF8 Seifer/Squall fic for Dream Kreuz.

Two new sub-archives this update in the Bookshelf: Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VII (finally!).

To view the fanfic updates, go through the Bookshelf - 32 new authors and 109 new fics today. Also, plenty of updates for work in progresses. Go click, have fun :D

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