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Site updates from July to September 2002

10 August 2002

Yay! An update finally! We can all relate to RL responsiblities and school particularly, but we managed to get this update done eventually. [sigh] Version 4.0 was just crying to get up. Today's update is mainly in concerning fanfics, but hail! We have a new version! ^_^ All say hello to v4.0 Reality Breach, inspired by the games by Soft Max: Magna Carta, and War of Genesis.

A few changes to the links: the links to Lady Tempest and Scarlet Fever's website have been changed, since they've both moved servers. Also, the link to GlitterGirl's Glitterati is still in temporary hiatus, so the problems with getting through are not due to bad programming on our part, but circumstances out of our control. Added links to our new author Jonna's CLAMP fanfiction site, and Takibi's X shrine; accessible through the links directory.

We've added a little thing on Affiliates to the site i.e. how to get your site affiliated with us, and who our affiliates are.

Changed the linkage colour in the Chronicles, Dojo. The purple was just off and really hurting my eyes o_0 Also, as mentioned on the Mainframe, we've added a new Softmax Gallery today, accessible through the Main Directory.

We have some corrections in the quotes archive - basically who said what, and the exact paraphase.

We bid a fond farewell to Emily, an FFVIII author of pasttimes who is now renouncing the fanfic world and wished her work be taken down from all archives. Thus, you will no longer find any more of Emily's work in any of the archives in Noire Sensus.

The new sub-archive this updated: Final Fantasy X

To view the fanfic updates, go through the Bookshelf - 20 new authors and 119 new fics. Hope it was worth the wait ^_^

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