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Site updates from April to June 2002

18 June 2002

I'm sooo tired... I'm so tired I keep getting the date wrong, so please excuse any mistakes in the archives. This update is the fruit of 4 days straight of programming. Four days. That's how long it took for us to track down all the information, fics, and then archive them. I-am-very-tired. I should be studying for exams this Friday :(

In difference to my sore eyes, here's the short list (sort of) of what's been changed around the site:

We've expanded the glossary, so it's now more - complete. As it should be :)

Re-vamped the Bookshelf; it has a completely different look (Kuja from FF9, because Eilis knows how to nag. She loves that game.) now, and I think it's an improvement. Not really sure yet, we'll see how things go. Added a demented FAQ you can get to through the 'contact' page in the Bookshelf. Not sure why we made it, though.

Created the new HP sub-archive, Gramarye (took two goes, but got there). Very mixed feelings from the staff over everything to do with this archive: the name, the look, the colours... but it's done. And that's what counts :)

Directly linked the the creation of the new Harry Potter archive are the new HP banners for the site... is this worth mentioning? I dunno, but since it required some effort on my part, I thought, why not.

Updated K-chan's contact info for kiribans - correct email now. Very sorry about this - she keeps having to change her email due to reasons out of her control.

I've revised/expanded the submission guidelines for NS - 3 new submission methods available. Go read about it and all the details here. The point is to make it easier for you guys. Not me, this just complicated my life by a factor I do not want to think about.

We have updated Mage, K, and Eilis's profiles. Not very interesting news, huh?

Revised the index page of the Garden - looks a bit better now.

Added HP theme songs, accessible currently from the index/update page of Gramarye. In serious need of input, I seem fixated on FF8.

Added tons (and I mean it) of new quotes to the archive, and moved old ones into their pages. Or something. Yeah. But they're all pretty good, I think.

Now for the important stuff: due to the sheer size of the fic update this month (100+ fics), I've decided that from now on, to look at the fic updates for the Sensus Fanfiction Archive, you actually have to go to the Bookshelf. It's easy, just get past the warning, and go to the updates. Trust me, it's well worth your time. If you're on the ML, I list 'em all. It's a bit crazy.


22 April 2002

Mostly a fic update today - we're working on a new template for the site, but that requires Photoshop - which hasn't been moved to the new comp yet, and effort while we figure out what it should look like. In the links section, we have two new links: the first to one of our new author's site - HTH, as well as a link to a new fanfiction/fanart page, The Seme-Seme Club. Changed a few things in the Fushigi Yuugi section - nothing to go crazy over, just a few aesthetic adjustments.

New mini-section in the Special Directory: didn't feel like doing any 'school type' work the other day, so I started working on wallpapers. So far we've got two Harry Potter Snape themed ones - both made with Dee's artwork; they both have the same general idea, just different background colors ::shrug:: Couldn't decide which one to go with, so just put them both up. So far they're only for 800x600, but I'm working on bigger screen sizes.

On another note, I've lost a whole bunch of site-related files somewhere on my computer. It's really annoying &_&

Updates for the Bookshelf: 12 new authors and 39 new fics

- New Fics -

Witness [None]
by Aaronica - Tekken

Afraid to Love: Don't Ask [Laguna/Squall]
by BlackRose - FF8

Down and Dirty [Aragorn/Legolas]
by Daegwenn - LotR

Desire Stone [Seifer/Zell]
by Deena - FF8

Don't do Drugs [Seifer/Squall]
by Drays Shorty - FF8

Fifth Avenue [Seifer/Squall]
by Elise Maxwell - FF8

Something Worth Having [Seifer/Zell], and Fragile Hope [Seifer/Squall]
by fyre byrd - FF8

The Gull's Cry [Legolas/Boromir]
by Guanin - LotR

In the Fading Twilight, and Touch [both Aragorn/Legolas]. Also, Vulnerable [Seifer/Squall]
by J.Marie - LotR and FF8

Connecticut [Seifer/Squall]
by Jamaica - FF8

Double Edged, and Perfection [both Aragorn/Legolas]
by Kitsune - LotR

U [Kuja/Zidane]
by Kuja's Moon - FF9

The Rain is Falling [Kuja/Zidane]
by Lady Kuja - FF9

My Dear Instructor [Seifer/Squall]
by Leonard Loire - FF8

The Lion's Tears [Zell/Squall]
by Lone Wolf - FF8

No Rest for the Wicked [None]
by Loquacia Dee - Harry Potter

Caught in the Rain, Epitaph , and It's My Turn [all Jin/Hwoarang]
by Link621 - Tekken

Desire and Love [Aragorn/Legolas]
by linteloteiel - LotR

Lothlorien [Aragorn/Boromir]
by Lizzie - LotR

Of Snakes and Sex [Boromir/Legolas]
by Lyle - LotR

Who Lives On Love Lives On Forever [Aragorn/Legolas]
by Marylou - LotR

The Mirror of Maybe [Harry/Snape]
by Midnight Blue - Harry Potter

Of Loss and Hope [Kiros/Laguna]
by Nytedancer - FF8

Without You [Seifer/Squall], as well as Simple times, I will always love you, and Happy Endings [all Seifer/Zell]
by Purple Penguin - FF8

My Liege, My Love [Aragorn/Legolas], and Trio of Lust [Aragorn/Legolas/Boromir]
by Riley - LotR

Wish You Were Here... [Seifer/Squall]
by Seshat - FF8

"I've got a Problem." [Seifer/Squall]
by SilverWing* - FF8

Promises [Zidane/Blank]
by tir-synni - FF9

War Begets Quiet [Harry/Snape]
by Telanu - Harry Potter

Comfort and Grievances [Beatrix/Dagger]
by Wannon - FF9

- Updated Fics -

Chapters 8 to 10 of Innocence [Aragorn/Legolas]
by Amber - LotR

Chapter 12 of "I'm Not Just A Sniper..." [Zell/Irvine]
by Domino - FF8

Chapter 2 of Sacrifice [Seifer/Squall]
by Kuttner - FF8

Chapters 2 to 6 of Love is All that Matters [Aragorn/Legolas]
by Mary Lou - LotR

Chapters 17 to 18 of Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams [Harry/Draco]
by Myr - Harry Potter

Chapters 14 to 16 of Darkened Sunrise [Seifer/Squall]
by Persephone - FF8

Chapters 4 to 6 of Missing You [Seifer/Squall]
by Purple Penguin - FF8

Chapters 2 to 4 of Through Bitter Chains [Aragorn/Legolas and Boromir/Legolas]
by Rhysenn - LotR

Chapters 10 and 11 of The New Flesh [Squall/Nida, Seifer/Zell]
by Scarlet Fever - FF8

Chapter 5 of Son of the Dark [Harry/Draco]
by Silver :-) - Harry Potter


5 April 2002

First update for the month - on over a month. Gomen. >.< New links to Bishonenink added, some revisions to staff profiles (I think it was K-chan), and I've taken the [status] tag out of all the fics which are already complete - to reduce file size. Or whatnot. Oh, and I changed the font face in all the sub-archives. Verdana's much prettier. Major major fic update today - sorry about the wait. Remember, if you actually go into the Bookshelf, the new and updated fics are all linked in the Bookshelf updates ^_~

On a completely different note, the Noire Sensus Forum is up, all thanks to Dee - I didn't even know the staff wanted a forum. Go join, have a looksee, or do whatever you like; we promise not to bite ^_^

Updates for the Bookshelf: 11 new authors and 78 new fics

- New Fics -

A Regret [Seifer/Irvine], and Somewhere in between [Squall/Zell, Seifer/Squall implied]
by Darksquall - FF8

Who can Tell [Irvine/Zell]
by Deena - FF8

Delusional [Martine/Irvine, and Zell/Irvine]
by Domino - FF8

Choices [Seifer/Squall/Zell]
by Drakon Sword - FF8

Longing for your smile [Seifer/Zell]
by Forbidden Angelus - FF8

To Hesitate [Aragorn/Legolas]
by gelfling - LotR

Under the Evening Sky [Boromir/Legolas]
by Guanin - LotR

Fellowship of the Ring's Deleted Scenes [no actual pairings], and Wicked Game, Solace, and Samain Night [all Aragorn/Legolas]. Also, After the Applause Died Down, Farewell, and Mist [all Kuja/Zidane]
by J. Marie - LotR and FF9

Embracing the Abyss [Legolas/Aragorn]
by Kitsune - LotR

Sacrifice [Seifer/Squall]
by Kuttner - FF8

daddy almasy [Squall/Zell, Seifer/Squall implied], the dreaming [Kiros/Laguna], taste of danger, good enough, sorceress dreams, turn a blind eye, who has seen the wind?, Vividarium Intervigilium Viator [no actual pairings], parley, hereandnow, storm warning, scars, sense of fear, disarm [all Seifer/Squall], stay, le chevalier mal fet, darkened sky, floating, make me smile, the first time, and (try not to breathe) [all Seifer/Fujin]
by llamajoy - FF8

Voice Lost in Silence [Kuja/Zidane]
by Masika V - FF9

Swirling Leaves [Legolas/Aragorn, Aragorn/Arwen]
by Ola - LotR

Clouded Night, and Darkened Sunrise [both Seifer/Squall]
by Persephone - FF8

Happily Ever After [Seifer/Squall]
by Race Ulfson - FF8

Irrisistable Poison [Draco/Harry], and Affirmation [Aragorn/Glorfindel], Make Me Forget [Aragorn/Legolas], and Through Bitter Chains [Aragorn/Legolas and Boromir/Legolas]
by Rhysenn - Harry Potter and LotR

Aishiteru [Blank/Zidane]
by Sakurablossom - FF9

Thunder and Roses [Zell/Squall]
by Seshat - FF8

Reflections [Seifer/Squall]
by Sodoshiin - FF8

Son of the Dark [Draco/Harry]
by Silver :-) - Harry Potter

Heard the World Around, In the Doghouse, Little Things, Second Opinion, and Throwing In The Towel [all Snape/Harry]. Also, Shedding Skin [Snape/Draco]
by Sushi - Harry Potter

Please Understand [Sirus/Harry, Sirius/Remus]
by Telanu - Harry Potter

Final Heaven, Hindi Diamonds, Rescue by the Book, Innocent Man, Eden, The Compression of Time, Violence of the Storm, The Politically Correct FFVIII Fic [no actual pairings], Random Encounter, Golden Hour, Angel of the Morning, Silver and Gold, The Wedding Fic [all Squall/Zell, some Seifer/Squall implied] Just Swimmingly, Menage a Triad [both Irvine/Zell], Desperate Measures [Seifer/Zell], Touchstone [Seifer/Squall], and It's a Wonderful Final Fantasy [Seifer/Fujin]
by Tenshi no Korin - FF8

Bleed and Fade [Legolas/Aragorn]
by Tobin - LotR

I want to be your...canary? [Blank/Zidane]
by Trunks - FF9

- Updated Fics -

Chapter 5 of Oblivion [Squall/Zell]
by Atsuko and Rie - FF8

Chapter 6 of Coming Out Party [Seifer/Squall]
by Glittergirl - FF8

Chapters 24 - 27 of Only Time: the Sacred Power [Nakago/Tasuki]
by J. Marie - Fushigi Yuugi

Final chapter of Barbed Wire [Seifer/Squall, Zell/Selphie, Irvine/Quistis]
by Jamaica - FF8

Chapter 5 of Homecoming [Seifer/Squall]
by Lady Tempest - FF8

Chapters 2 and 3 of Missing You [Seifer/Squall]
by Purple Penguin - FF8

Chapters 7 - 9 of The New Flesh [Squall/Nida, Seifer/Zell]
by Scarlet Fever - FF8

Chapters 4 - 7 of Keepers [Seifer/Squall]
by Seshat - FF8

Chapters 24 and 25 of Civil War [Snape/Harry]
by Sushi - Harry Potter

Chapter 2 of BrokenHeart [Squall/Zell, Seifer/Zell]
by WaitingAngel - FF8

Take care! Byebye now.

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