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Site updates from February to April 2001

30 April 2001

And the last update for the month ^_^

Found a better version of Squall's poster, so I've uploaded that one. Just a little note, if you saved the old version of something...

Thanks to people for adding their Theme Songs to the Quad. They're great! ^_^ Now I gotta go listen to them.

Only have time for a quick update, FF8 Quotes is up in the Quad. We've formatted them to fit into a conversation, nifty, ne?

Made a new banner! And changed the old one... You can find them both on the Links & Webrings page.

Updates for the Fushigi Yuugi Apocrypha: Scrolls:

  • New author Night~Mare is letting us host her epic: Heavenly Playground, which is about the very beginning of the Four God's reign in Shi Jin Tenchi Sho. It's cute! This is one of my favourite FY fics, so I'm very, very happy ^_^

Updates for the Garden: Card Catalogue:

  • New author Gayguy's SeiferxSquall fic The Memory Remains has been added to the archive.
  • The sequal to BlackRose's Tease, Would You? Could You?, another LagunaxSquall is up.
  • Latest chapter of Scarlet Fever's epic, Xerampelinae, has been added. Chapter eleven is now available ^_^
  • Latest installment of Scars: Rooftops, by Glittergirl has been added to that chapter. So to read the latest bit at the end, scroll to the end of the updated chap, s'kay?
  • Chapter nine of Sniffle's Don't Try To Save Me is up.
  • And Jeremy Chapter's latest work, The Stray, an alternate sequel to Arian's piece, "Reviresco", has been added to the archive.
26 April 2001

We have a new author in the archives:

  • Jeremy Chapter's new epic Pupu's Saga is up.

As well as that, the final questions in the second poll of the Final Fantasy VIII - Quad have been added. Didn't have time the other day to put them up.

21 April 2001

Today I mostly just fixed up what I didn't get enough time to fine-tune in my mad rush around the site yesterday (shouldn't waste so much time browsing -_-). For some really annoying reason, uploading was taking ages, so I didn't have enough time to do anything but update the Garden Card Catalogue indexes - I didn't even update the author's pages... Very bad.

Also a note about the Card Catalogue: You might've noticed we've split the Main Archive in two. The reason was, the file was getting too big, and I figured it would slow down peoples' downloading, and hence, reading, so now it's in two parts: A-M and N-Z. Sorry if this causes any initial inconvinience.

Oooh! Forgot to mention: finally found some profile pics for Irivine, Cid, and Adel. Many thanks to Namikata Kaoru for letting us use her pics ^_^

Added Theme Songs to the Quad. Come and add that song that reminds you of a character from FF8.

Added more images to the Garden Cafeteria. I don't know why we have so many pics of Squall, it just turned out that way.

Messed around with K-chan's baby, the Garden Quad - it still needs a lot of work.

Fixed some of the links, cos some are just dead and we can't figure out if they've moved or not.

20 April 2001

Only enough time for the Garden: Card Catalogue today:

  • J. Marie's new fic Sword and Sorcery is up.
  • And BlackRose'sTease, a LagunaxSquall is up in the archive.
18 April 2001

The holidays have finally arrived! YES!! And again with the major update. We should update more often *_* Seriously, uploading over six megs at once is starting to stress me out. We actually started updating yesterday, but didn't finish... gomen.

Added the Quad to the Garden. You can take Polls now ^_^

Added the Cafeteria, too. Go gorge on lotsa eye candy! The image galleries have arrived! Finally!! o_O They're all up - and there's a quite a few of them. Over five megabytes worth of piccies.

For the Garden: Card Catalogue (y'know, the library??) we have four new authors, and quite a few new fics:

  • Chapters seven through to ten of Xerampelinae by Scarlet Fever have been added, as well as her new fic,
  • Silence Is Golden, the sequel of Something's Burning. It's a great SquallxZell ^_^ haven't seen them in awhile...
  • From our new author Krystiana we have three SeiferxZells: Dream Encounter, Good Chicken, and Words.
  • From another new author Glittergirl, Scars, a new SeiferxSquall - inprogress, so expect more...
  • And her sister Flygirl's also joined us ^_^ Kurai Kaze, her SeiferxSquall SquallxRinoa is up in the archives. It's the first SquallxRinoa I've liked... probably for the other pairing, but hey.
  • Chapters five to seven of The Bloodcross Key: Reversals by Lady Tempest have been linked.
  • And from our last new author - who barely got in this update (lucky I was checking my email before uploading o_O), Angelcake52's sent us her cute lil SeiferxSquall fic, Punishment, Indeed.
  • From Sniffles, two new fics, both featuring Irvine (betcha someone's happy ^_~): Can You Keep A Secret, a little SquallxIrvine, and
  • Strawberries and Cream another IrvinexSomeone fic. You gotta pick out who the 'someone' is ^_^ We've got a few ideas...
  • Also from Sniffles, chapters six to eight of Don't Try To Save Me are up. See? The author's are writing faster than we can update!
  • And something I should've done ages ago: added the revised version of BlackRose's Eye of the Beholder.

Ah, but we're not finished yet! We also have two new fics for the Fushigi Yuugi archive from new author Aeanagwen. Added to Apocrypha:

  • Duty of Heaven, an interesting take on why Seiryuu demolished Tokyo, and what was going through the dragon's head, and
  • Prayer in Open D, a nice little reflective songfic about Seiryuu. Did I mention I like dragons?? ^_^

And I think that about does it for this update. Doesn't seem enough to warrant over five hours worth of uploading time, what happened?? Oh, btw, I have J. Marie's newest SeiferxSquall, but it won't be up until the next update. I've still gotta read it through ten times (for fun, I always do this to fics, I swear ^_^), and then format it and put it up, so don't hold your breath. It's up on her site though, if you wanna read it before next week ^_~

2 April 2001

Koorime: Yes, we have finally started writing our own fanfics! I'm sure Necromage is happy, now she can sign us up to even more webrings.

  • I (Koorime) have written a new songfic called Save Yourself, my first fanfic starring SeiferxSquall.
  • Hidden is Necromage's Fushigi Yuugi fanfic with SeiryuuxSuzaku, but refuses to post it ;)

Necromage: Ur, kyoudai no baka... I'll do the proper update now... and yes I did post the damn thing!

For the Final Fantasy VIII Library Archive:

  • New fic by Koorime Save Yourself (she already said this... o_o)
  • Chapter Five of Don't Try To Save Me by Sniffles is up
  • Also by Sniffles (she writes really fast O_O) Burn. Yes! Now there are two whole fics in the SeiferxIrvine archive!!!
  • Latest edition to the Battle Grounds Series by BlackRose, Making Luck (a IrvinexZell+Squall *_*) has been added.

I'll add the updates for Lady Tempest's Reversals fic as soon as she's updated her site.... Temp files are tiring. Also, she'll probably be adding another addition to 'Shattered Knight', so keep an eye out for it.

For the Fushigi Yuugi Scrolls index:

  • First fic in the archive, Hidden by Necromage has been added.

Other things: Fixed a coupla links.... added a couple more... nothing much.

27 March 2001

Alright. And here's the major MAJOR update I've been promising. There's so much stuff to put up, I'm not sure I'll get 'em all in...

The Fushigi Yuugi section has been added. Check out Fushigi Yuugi: Apocrypha - I've written a fic, but haven't gotten around to posting yet...

Fixed the Links section. Added lotsa links and put 'em on separate pages.

For the Final Fantasy VIII Fanfic Archive, we have three new authors and over fifteen new fics:

  • Added Chapter Six of Xerampelinae by Scarlet Fever.
  • Needs chapter two by Alix Vitesse has been revised/rewritten and is now called Frustrated.
  • Life in the Big City J. Marie's newest SeiferxSquall epic.
  • From Sniffles two new fics: Fur Immer - Ich Liebe Dich , a new SquallxLaguna, and
  • Don't Try To Save Me, SeiferxSquall
  • BlackRose has written two new parts for her Battle Grounds Series: Calm Before the Storm, and
  • Fear, Like Death. Both are IrvinexZell.
  • Also from BlackRose, our first CidxEdea fic (and it's a cutie! ^_^) A Knight of Honor.
  • The second part of Lady Tempest's Bloodcross Key story arc is up. Reversals, chapters 1 through 4.
  • From new author twentysix years of therapy, Broken, a new SeiferxSquall fic
  • Ryan Wong, the second of our new authors, has also written a SeiferxSquall fic: Betraying the Lion's Heart
  • And last, but not least, Angie has written seven fics which are up in the archive. Just briefly they are: Birthday Joys, SeiferxSquall
  • If, SeiferxZell
  • Dona Nobis Pacem, IrvinexZell (heh, I play a piece called that.... *_*)
  • An Untitled fic which is a SquallxIrvine, SeiferxZell fic thus far.
  • I Wish, a reflective Squall piece
  • A fic where the guy's haveta dress in drag for their latest mission ^_~ Queen For A Week
  • And a parody! Plan B.

Heh. I did promise a few people lots more SeiferxSquall fics... ^.^ Gosh, and that's just the FF8 archive.

Added a coupla Quotes, and the I am Woman file (been meaning to do that for ages...).

And basically just messed around with the index page - and toyed with the idea of making a mirror, but after actually attempting it, and making progress in the negative values, gave up.

9 March 2001

Fixed K-chan's poetry page cos she was bitching about the background. Apparently, I forgot to upload it... oops.

In regards to the FF8 Fanfic Archive: We have six new fics from four new authors!

  • Santa Baby, Dark Angel Genesis' SeiferxSquall fic.
  • From Flamika we have two firsts for the archives: a poem, Bleed about Seifer and Squall's rivalry,
  • and our first major crossover fic: Legacy of Reiginsei, a FFVIII/Vampire Hunter D crossover.
  • Sniffles' written two as well: Frail a SquallxIrvine songfic and
  • her newly completed Stupify, which is mainly a KirosxLaguna fic are up in the archives.
  • And we'ze got a parody! Z.Q.S is letting us host his SeiferxSquall fic Sleeping Handsome

Fiddly-didling took ages. Man I'm tired.... -_- I'm gonna go poke things now...

7 March 2001

Nothing much done today. Just changed the look of the main page a little - converted the text links into images and such. Nothing fascinating, but it did take me three damn hours to make the gifs *_*

6 March 2001

NM: Okay - quick quick quick update cos I gotta run to a lecture 1km and it starts in under ten minutes *_*

Added to the FF8 Archive:

  • Epilogue to The Bloodcross Key: Shattered Knight by Lady Tempest - yay, it's finished!!!!
  • Tomorrow's Gonna Hurt by J. Marie and
  • Something's Burning by Scarlet Fever

Check 'em out! They're good.

Also got us linked up to some webrings ^_^ That's my good deed for the day.

5 March 2001

Finished uploading the rest of the site because now I luv Angelfire ^_^ It's all working and doesn't bitch at me!!

In regards to fanfics: added the link to the two newest parts of Lady Tempest's fic 'The Bloodcross Key: Shattered Knight'. Of course that's in the FF8 archive ^_^ It's the only archive up right now!

Added the Links & Webrings, Poetry, and basically made sure the silly pages were working.

23 February 2001

Moved the site from Crosswinds to Angelfire (for now) If we don't like Angelfire we'll move again @_@ gomen.

Couple of updates to list in one go, even if they were added a few days ago (I'm so lazy ^_^), and almost all of them are for the Final Fantasy VIII Library Archive:

  • Added the J. Marie's newest fic Soap Opera. The entire fic is up - it's four chapters long *and* it's another SeiferxSquall one. Yay!
  • Also added the side story for 'Soap Opera', Boys At Play, a IrvinexZell fic, so now there's something up in that archive...
  • BlackRose's newest addition to her 'Battle Grounds Series', Tending Wounds is up; another IrvinexZell fic - they're starting to pour in o_O
  • BlackRose also wrote a one off fic, Unsung Songs about how Laguna feels when he hazta send Squall off to fight Ultimecia.
  • Alix Vitesse's newest addition to her 'Needs Series' is up, Search. I also had to reformat all her stories in the archives when I realized they were all supposed to go together. *_* That took awhile.
  • The March Hare has *finally* written another part of Control (YIPPEEEE!!!) So, part two is up in the archives.

And on a completely different note, Koorime-chan has started her Poetry Page. There isn't much there at the moment, and it's really roughly formatted - but at least it's up!

y'know what? I likes Angelfire so far. It's way easier to use than Crosswinds.

18 February 2001

Added two new fics by J. Marie to the Final Fantasy VIII Library Archive:

  • The Oedipus Complex, and another installement of the 'Meant For Each Other...' series
  • That's the Way Love Goes.

They can be accessed through the Main Archive, Author Index under J. Marie, and the Pairings Index (but that assumes you know what the pairings are! ^_~)

16 February 2001

Necromage: And we're off! FINALLY!!! Took us ages to find a bloody webhost -_- *sigh* Obviously this is the first posting for our new site, Noire Sensus. But it's up! Or it will be by the end of the day. Ech, and I still gotta go to Uni today o_O

What's up so far:

  • FF8 main page
  • FF8 Fanfiction
  • and FF8 Profiles (Gotta find a good pic of Irvy...)
  • Quotes Pages (those always seem to go up first)
  • This page, obviously

We're trying to go with our current obsessions. If ya've got any preferable order you want the site to go up in, email us.

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