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name :: Apocrypha

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founded :: 27 March 2001

brief history / facts :: Second site developed for Noire Sensus after the Final Fantasy VIII section was underway. Slighty - dead at the moment as we're focusing on other things and the FY fandom is particularly slow these days.

layout / design :: v 3.0 » Printed » 29 November 2004

No featured character, just wanted a nice general template that will hopefully rekindle some interest on my part to work on this site again. K wanted different, so it's yellow. Or, off-yellow, whatever you want to call it.

created with :: CuteHTML and Adobe Photoshop 6 with the help of Irfan View and Notepad.

For a list of all brushes used throughout the site go here.

fonts used :: Scriptina for the main title, and LaineyDaySH for background text.

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