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name :: Advent

maintained by :: Necromage (Mage) and Koorime (K)

founded :: 22 May 2004

brief history / facts :: Launched 22 May 2004 with 22 fics (a much smaller number than usual) and 16 authors. Sub-archive from the SFA where it started; decided it was time to develop its own separate archive. Also, news of the new movie, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children gave us tons of new material to work with.

The reason we decided to call this archive 'Advent' was because for us (i.e. the two founding staff members) Final Fantasy VII is the game that first really got us 1.) in to video games (especially RPGs - we'd never played one before) and 2.) cemented our interest in fanfiction. If dented-sky had never let us borrow her copy with the promise 'that it's a really good game!', Noire Sensus wouldn't exist today.

So it took us awhile to create its archive; better late then never!

layout / design :: v 1.0 » eidolon » 22 May 2004

Featuring Sephiroth and Kadaj from the new CGI stills and promos from the Advent Children movie, because hey. Can't be Final Fantasy VII without Sephiroth ;) Wasn't conciously trying for blue (still think it resembles the Final Fantasy VIII section a tad too much. Oh well.), that's just how the stills ended up influencing the finished product.

created with :: CuteHTML and Adobe Photoshop 6 with the help of Irfan View and Notepad.

For a list of all brushes used throughout the site go here.

fonts used :: Dali for the main title, and Silkscreen for all subscript.

Have any questions? Why don't you refer to the FAQ first.

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All characters depicted on this site belong to their copyrighted authors; Noire Sensus does not claim any ownership, or receive any money for the running of this site.

Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children characters, names and images are the property of Square-Enix (formerly Square a.k.a Squaresoft).

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All site design layouts are Noire Sensus. All fanfics hosted in this archive belong to their respective authors - no outside linking/archiving without their express premission and credit.

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