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  Name: Aikawa Fuuko
E-mail: ryuenchou310 @
Website: Blood & Camellia
X | X/1999

Millions of Dreams Series

Millions of Dreams [Pairing] Subaru/Seishiro, Fuuma/Kamui
[Summary] This is the making of the infamous movie X/1999. This is the truth behind the scenes. Everything is not as it seems
[Warning] G AU, Parody
[Added] 29 November 2004

Chapter 1 - The ‘Heartless Bastard’
Chapter 2 - The Angsty Onmyouji
Chapter 3 - The Psychotic World’s Savior
Chapter 4 - The Sadistic World’s Destroyer
Chapter 5 - The Over-Cheerful Dog-Lover
Chapter 6 - The Family Reunion
Chapter 7 - The Cute Little Stalker

The Twenty-Fifth Dream – Winter [Pairing] None
[Summary] A side-story of Seishirou's childhood.
[Warning] M AU | Suicide themes
[Added] 29 November 2004