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Millions of Dreams

Chapter Four - The Sadistic World’s Destroyer

By Aikawa Fuuko


“Damn it!” Sumeragi Subaru kicked his red sport car in frustration. The goddamn thing had broken down again. He’d known from yesterday that it had some problems and needed to be brought to the garage as soon as possible, but he had hardly got any time to do that. Now he really regretted it.

Fortunately he had managed to drive it to an empty car park near the road. Subaru sighed desperately, hoping that he could find some way to get home before it became totally dark. Hokuto would throw a fit if he came home late this time. Today was a very special day. His sister had spent the whole morning preparing a birthday party for...

“Need some help here, Subaru-kun?” A familiar warm voice suddenly spoke up from behind him.

Subaru let out a startled yelp when he swirled around and found Seishirou smiling sweetly through his car’s window. He unconsciously took a step backwards, not really surprised when his face started to heat up again. The dark-haired man looked incredibly handsome and attractive today with his dark silk shirt and dark jeans. Subaru gulped at the fact that the first button of Seishirou’s shirt was opened…

“S-Seishirou-san! What are you doing here?” Subaru finally managed to ask, feeling proud that he didn’t stammer too much this time. Seishirou smiled casually, brushing some of his dark messy hair aside.

“I was driving on the road home as usual when I suddenly saw you kicking your car over there with frustration. Had some experience my own, you know. So I figured that you’d need some help.” He shrugged cheerfully. It was a really nice surprise to meet the Sumeragi here. “Have you called the garage?”

“Er, not yet…” Subaru blushed. He hurriedly took out his cell phone and dialed the number of his garage. They would come to take his car back to the garage soon. Now the problem was how to get home…

“I’ll drive you home.” Seishirou said matter-of-factly.

“What?” It wasn’t that Subaru hadn’t heard Seishirou clearly, but something about Seishirou driving him home made him a bit nervous. Sure that the older man was very nice and kind and gentle, but… he… Argh, since when had he been even unable to sort out his feelings like this? Life just got more and more confusing to him these days…

“I need to go meet one more actor for the movie now anyway. You can go with me. Come on, it’s not like I’m going to eat you alive or something!” Seishirou laughed with amusement. He realized that Subaru was being troubled by something, but he didn’t quite understand. Having a feeling that he shouldn’t ask, Seishirou decided to just leave the problem there.

“Of course you aren’t.” Subaru laughed a little. He finally thought that he was just being silly. How would he get out of this place if Seishirou wasn’t here anyway? And that was just perfectly normal. He also needed to give the older man the script of Tokyo Babylon. After rearranging all his thoughts and feelings back to place again, Subaru smiled cheerfully and nodded, thanked the man’s kind offer…


“So you’ve found the actors for the two main characters? Pretty fast, aren’t you?” Subaru asked with wide eyes.

“Yeah, I think so, too. I am pretty lucky with this movie, I guess.” Seishirou was sitting next to him, looking absolutely cheerful about something. They were driving along the highway, chatting about the movie and its preparation.

Subaru felt both amused and annoyed by the fact that his sister wanted to give her characters the actors’ names. He had to admit that weird idea of hers was pretty interesting and unique. However, on the other hand, it also meant that she would find endless chances to tease him during filming. He wondered if he could survive through it. Really, Hokuto was just seeking for chances to laugh at him…

“It’s not that bad, Subaru-kun. Don’t forget she also gets a role. You can also use it against her.” Seishirou winked mischievously. Subaru smiled weakly at Seishirou’s encouragement.

“But she only has a few scenes, Seishirou-san! However I have a lot and she’d kill me with her jokes! Especially the scenes with that sakura guy…” Subaru’s weak smile turned painful and desperate, recalling what Hokuto had said about his romantic love story. Seishirou chuckled at Subaru’s wincing face when he mentioned the sakura guy. He still hadn’t told Subaru about that…

“So we’re going to meet one of those two now? Which one?” Subaru apparently decided to change to a better subject, a subject without his evil sister.

“The sadistic one.” Seishirou smirked, going along with this change of topic without asking. Subaru snickered at the way Seishirou called the Dragons of Earth’s leader.

“And who is that?” Subaru felt sympathy to any actor who would be called by that, especially when their name would also be the name of that evil guy.

“Monou Fuuma. I guess you know him. In fact everyone knows him.” Seishirou smiled, shook his head as a car tried to get pass them. He opened the throttle and swiftly grazed past the other car, almost throwing Subaru out of his seat.

After a couple of minutes in the dark-haired man’s car, Subaru had been able to come to a conclusion that Seishirou was a very impressive driver. That was not the first time in their drive he felt his heart nearly fall out like that. Deciding that he should start to get used to it, Subaru made no comment this time, just rearranged his position and continued on their conversation lately.

“The famous singer Monou Fuuma? That’s really cool, Seishirou-san. How could you invite him?”

“It was not really easy, I tell you. It took me one whole week to persuade him to take the role. Actually at first when I offered him that role, he was really interested in it. But then he told me that he wouldn’t have time because he had a lot of concerts at that time, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to come to the film studio.”

“Then what?” Subaru asked impatiently when Seishirou stopped, his emerald eyes turned to look at the older man with curiosity. Seishirou glanced back and found himself almost trapped inside those brimming emerald eyes. He shook his head and turned back to the road, continuing his story, though he found it rather hard to concentrate this time.

“Err…Then I kept calling him, talking to him, persuading him that the role was only for him, blah blah blah. He’s really good, you know, so I was determined to get him. One week, and he finally said that he surrendered. He really wanted it at first place anyway, and he managed to arrange his schedule. Now I’m driving there to give him the script.” Seishirou smiled with satisfaction.

Subaru smirked. In his opinion, Seishirou’s satisfaction was like a hunter’s when he finally got his prey. Poor Monou-san, he sure had had a very memorable week, being chased after like that, by anyone but the Sakurazuka…


“This bar is his?” Subaru asked with amazement when they stepped in a very stylish bar full of silvery metal chairs and tables. In the centre was a small stage with a very modern stereo system, decorated by endless and countless crimson silk ribbons everywhere. It was quite dark inside here, with only hazy warm lights across the room.

Although it was only four in the afternoon, the bar was crowded, unlike the normal bars which were only crowded at night. Subaru was really surprised by that fact till he realized that Monou Fuuma was the one who ran this bar, so of course his fans had to come here a lot.

“Yes. He opened this about one year ago and it soon became very successful and famous, just like him.” Seishirou smiled, leading Subaru through the full tables, towards a place near the stage. Coming nearer, Subaru realized that the one who was singing on the stage since they’d come in was Fuuma. Everyone was watching him with concentration.

Subaru had to admit that Fuuma’s voice was incredibly warm and very attractive, just like the man himself. That was the truth. Fuuma was also very handsome, with dark hair and amber eyes like Seishirou. No wonder why he had that much fan girls. He was wearing a stylish dark crimson shirt and jeans. Subaru noticed that his clothing style was also a bit like Seishirou’s. He was singing a pretty dark and slow song in English, to Subaru’s surprise…

“…You say, ‘Beauty is within us, your mother knows’

‘There’s a beauty that’s within us, just like a rose’

You say, ‘Beauty is within us, so let it grow’…”

The faint light illuminated Fuuma’s face, hazy in the darkness. But his beautiful amber eyes were glowing in the dark. Eyes tainted with loneliness and sadness, along with a strand of hatred…those eyes were melting with the words of the song…

“But it’s grown so dark…I cannot see you anymore…”

His voice rose at the last words. The background beat fastened a little, the violin was also rising…

“…’O beauty is within us, mother knows’

‘O beauty is within us, like a rose’…”

Subaru had a feeling that Fuuma was actually purring and moaning in every word. His voice was like stained of pain and distress…

“…’O beauty is within us, so let it grow’

O mother dear, let me out…of here…”

The music slowly died out, leaving everyone in a floating state of mind. Only when Fuuma himself regained his usual and bowed at his audience, everyone blinked and started to applaud enthusiastically.

Subaru blinked, startled when he realized that he had been standing and staring at Fuuma the whole time without moving. He unconsciously let out a breath he hadn’t known he had been holding.

“That… was incredible…” Subaru whispered with amazement.

“I’ve told you, haven’t I? He’s great. The special point in his music is that he acts along with his songs. That’s why I want him in the movie. You’re not the only one to be affected like that by his music.” Seishirou smirked, motioning towards some people who still had their mouth hanging open. Subaru blushed but said nothing. He really thought that this guy’s music had the ability to enchant people.

On the stage, Fuuma smiled brightly and bowed again.

“Everyone, now please welcome ‘Mask’!” Everyone clapped even more enthusiastically. Subaru heard someone whistle. “And…” Fuuma suddenly turned back and smiled at someone. “This time, with a special guest of mine!” Then the music started, fast and rushing.

“Special guest? Hey, do you think that he’s invited her again?” A guy at a nearby table talked to his friend enthusiastically, his eyes brightened. Not only him but all the others were also whispering excitedly. Subaru raised his eyebrow, wondering who they were talking about, but Fuuma had already started.

“Mystery - mashou wo utsusu purachina no tsuki akari…”

//Mystery - the platinum radiance of the moon reveals deviltry//

Unlike the last song, this one was fast-paced and brought a sense of seduction, especially when it was sung by Fuuma’s voice. He was smiling sweetly in the faint light, eyes sparkling.

“…kasukani hohoemu kuchibiru…azayakani someta…”

//The faint smile playing on her lips glistens brilliantly//

Fuuma turned around and started to take a few steps backwards in everyone’s surprise. And only in the next moment, a graceful shadow appeared…

“…Mitsumeteite sorasanaide

Anata no sono shisende fuuin wa tokareru...”

//Keep your eyes on me--don't take your eyes off me--

Your stare will relieve me, of the seal that binds me!//

Subaru blinked. That was not Fuuma’s voice, but a sweet and seductive voice of a girl. Her voice was ringing like silver bells with every word. The girl slowly made her way upwards the stage in the sudden cheer of everyone in the bar. All the guys stood up and whistled excitedly towards her.

“See? I told you, that’s her!” The guy lately whacked his friend’s head in excitement.

Fuuma smiled widely and slightly bowed towards the girl. She stepped on the highest position and moved on to the chorus with Fuuma, her voice also rose to the highest note with an incredible strength.

“…Shy na Venus kamen sutete

Yasashikute zankokuna

Sugao wo misetai no

Anata dake ni ageru secret…”

//Shy Venus, cast aside your mask;

Please be gentle in your cruelty...

I want to see your uncovered face,

I have a secret that's only for you!//

Now that she was standing in full light, Subaru had the chance to look at her more clearly. She had long dark hair flowing in the air whenever she swiftly swayed around along with the song’s beat. The girl seemed quite young and had a gorgeous, pure beauty. She was smiling sweetly at all the guys. The way she sang made them think that she was singing for them only, winking and moving around. She seemed familiar to Subaru somehow…

“…I want to kiss you, surrender to your heart

Nigebashou no nai yajuu

Ai no meiro no naka de ikitaeru made…”

//I want to kiss you, surrender to your heart;

I am a beast that has nowhere to run,

Until the day that I pass away, trapped in the labyrinth of love!//

Fuuma’s and her voice blended together in the perfect harmonious melody. It was when Subaru suddenly remembered who she was. He immediately turned and saw Seishirou stand there gasping at the girl.

“What the hell is she doing here?” Seishirou exclaimed in shock. Meanwhile, they had moved to verse two. This time the girl sang first, Fuuma just stood next to her, smiling.

“…Sadistic--jounetsu no muchi de odorasete ageru

maru de haritsumeraretai to ayatsuru youni…”

//Sadistic--I want to give you a passionate, shameless dance;

I want to be completely controlled, like a puppet on a string.//

Fuuma stepped forwards and raised his strong warm voice.

“…Tokimete koe de sakebu "I love you"

Kono mune ni kizamikomu,

kienai akashi wo...”

//When I hear your fluttering voice cry out "I love you,"

My heart is filled with another of your wounds,

Don't ignore the proof!//

Within a moment, Fuuma walked towards her and suddenly closed his embrace around her slender waist. Not being startled at all, she even leaned in to the touch. Everyone in the bar literally swooned and screamed in excitement. Seishirou’s eyes flew wide. He opened his mouth as if wanting to say something, but in the end kept his silence.

“…Zurui Venus kamen suttee

Yasashikute zankokuna

Sugao wo miseru no wa

Daremo shiranai toki no carnival…”

//Sly Venus, cast aside your mask

Please be gentle in your cruelty...

Oh, show me, your uncovered face,

No one knows the time of the carnival!//

They stayed like that through the final chorus, with Fuuma caressing her and her looking lovingly at him as if they were two beautiful love birds.

“…I want to hold you, surrender in my heart

Ai ni oboreta yajuu

Yume ni kokochi no mama ne ikitaeru made…”

//I want to hold you, surrender in my heart;

I am a beast that's fully drowned in love,

Until the day that I pass away, dreaming of this feeling!//

The girl suddenly broke away from Fuuma, her voice shot through the hazy darkness like twinkling bells…

“Oh my darling, I love you

And the kid who just stands tonight!”

And the song ended.

A wave of applause resounded fiercely. Everyone shouted for more and screaming their names. Fuuma and the girl bowed politely, but then hop down the stage, walking right towards Seishirou and Subaru. So Fuuma and she had already noticed them entered. The young girl cheerfully greeted Seishirou by an enthusiastic embrace.

“Hi, niichan! Was that cool?” She pushed her hair backwards, but still held on Seishirou tightly.

“Definitely cool. I didn’t know that your half-time job was to be an amateur singer here.” Seishirou smiled at his little sister. He’d known that she loved singing, but this was just beyond belief. He wondered why she’d never told him.

“It’s not a half-time job, niichan, because he doesn’t want to pay me!” She finally released him and waved playfully at Fuuma. Seishirou looked at him with curiosity, but Fuuma just smiled.

“Oh, who’s the one that was all excited and babbling a whole week when I told her she could sing with me here?”

All her response was a sulky ‘hmmph’. But then she quickly turned to Subaru.

 “Who’s your handsome friend here, niichan?”

 “Ah, this is one of the actors in my next movie X/1999. He’s Sumeragi Subaru. Subaru-kun, this is my little sister – Sakurazuka Setsuka.” Seishirou did the introduction quickly, and then turned to Fuuma. “And this is Monou Fuuma, the future leader of the Dragons of Earth.”

 “Why thank you, Sakurazuka-san. And Sumeragi-san, you are…” Fuuma looked at Subaru curiously but still kept his polite smile.

 “One of the Dragons of Heaven. Nice to meet you, Monou-san.” Subaru bowed and smiled at Fuuma. The guy seemed nice.

 “Oh, you must be the onmyouji.” Fuuma exclaimed. Before Subaru could ask, he’d smiled again, explaining his guess. “You don’t seem the flirty type like the other guy in your group.” Subaru blushed at that. Seishirou laughed and muttered something sounding suspiciously like ‘sure he doesn’t’. Setsuka meanwhile looked forth and back between them, and then finally commented.

“Oi! According to the script, aren’t a DoE and a DoH supposed to fight whenever they meet?” She said mockingly at Fuuma and Subaru.

“The end of the world hasn’t started yet, dear!” Seishirou tapped her shoulder cheerfully and smiled, leading all of them towards an empty table...


“Stop! Stop here a minute, Seishirou-san!” Subaru hurriedly told Seishirou. The car immediately skidded in front of a small shop, making Subaru almost bounce against the window. Ignoring it this time, Subaru hurriedly answered the older man’s questioning gaze.

“Today’s my sister’s birthday. I’ve ordered a present in this shop and I need to get it now…” He loosened the seatbelt and started to walk out when Seishirou suddenly grabbed his hand.

“Wait wait wait! Your sister’s birthday? So isn’t it also your birthday?” Subaru looked at him with surprise for a moment then he suddenly laughed. Seishirou blinked at him.

“No, it’s not Hokuto-chan’s birthday! It’s my younger sister’s birthday!”

“You have a younger sister?” Seishirou’s eyes widened. Subaru just nodded and told him to wait outside, when he walked inside the shop, still giggling. Meanwhile, a blue convertible stopped next to Seishirou’s car, inside were Fuuma and Setsuka.

“What’s the problem?” Fuuma motioned his head towards the shop.

“A gift for his sister’s birthday.” Seishirou shrugged. Somehow Subaru had managed to persuade all of them to go to his house for a small party tonight. So it was his sister’s birthday party.

Subaru returned with a big pink box in his hands. He set it in the back of Seishirou’s car and they started heading back to the Sumeragi house again…


“Wow! Sei-chan! How come you are here?” Hokuto exclaimed in pleasant surprise when she opened the door. “Oh, and these are…” She looked towards the other two guests in curiosity. She’d realized the girl was Seishirou’s sister, but the guy also seemed familiar…

“This is Setsuka – my sister, and Monou Fuuma – the leader of the Dragons of Earth. Err…Sumeragi Hokuto – the author of the script.” Seishirou introduced absently while helping Subaru bringing the box in. Hokuto eyed it suspiciously but said nothing. Instead, she looked at Fuuma.

“The famous singer Monou Fuuma! How impressive that you could invite him, Sei-chan!”

“Yeah. You know, he’d been stalking me for a whole week till I agreed!” Fuuma waved his hand gloomily. All of them burst out laughing.

“I did not stalk you!” Seishirou exclaimed, nearly dropping the box.

“Then why did you always appear wherever I was?” Fuuma retorted.

“Umm… Pure coincidence?” Seishirou tried innocently. Everyone sweat-dropped. Setsuka meanwhile was eyeing Hokuto’s clothes with interest. When she was finally able to tear her eyes off it, she was the first one to remind all of them about the party.

“Oh yeah, happy birthday, Hokuto-san!” She said, smiling merrily at the wide-eyed Hokuto. “Sorry we don’t have any presents for you but Subaru didn’t tell us until-“

“Wait, wait a minute! Who said today was my birthday?” Hokuto asked Setsuka questioningly. The girl just blinked. Seishirou snickered with great amusement.

“His younger sister, dear. Not his twin.” Seishirou tapped Setsuka’s shoulder sympathetically again. The girl let out a surprised ‘Oh!’ but managed not to blush. Hokuto smiled reassuringly.

“No, it’s all right. Plus you don’t really have to buy her a present anymore. Fuuma-chan can be the present!” She looked at the surprised Fuuma and smiled evilly at that.

“Huh? What does that mean?”

“You are her idol!” Hokuto said happily and dragged Subaru into the kitchen, after telling the others to go to the living room.

Seishirou wondered why Subaru’s sister was nowhere to be seen. Wasn’t today her special day? That was when Subaru and Hokuto came back from the kitchen. Seishirou could hear Hokuto saying something to Subaru a bit too forcefully.

“… this afternoon… couldn’t come… angry… he said sorry…” When they finally came near the living room, Seishirou could only hear clearly the last sentences.

“… She almost kicked him out, you know!” Hokuto said with a strange annoyed voice.

“So where is she now?” Subaru’s voice, on the other hand, was full of concern. It made Seishirou think that they had to be talking about their sister, since she was missing here.

“In the garden, still moping because he wouldn’t come tonight.” Hokuto stepped in the living room, said the last sentence with a desperate voice. Fuuma raised his eyebrow at that.

“Your sister has some problems? Need some help?”

“Umm…maybe that’s a good idea! You are her idol, you can go and help me cheering her up, ne? She’d have a big surprise! The little girl’s moping because her boyfriend can’t come tonight…” Hokuto trailed off as her brother shot her an icy glare.

“He is not her boyfriend.” Subaru muttered sulkily. Seishirou looked at him with surprise. He hadn’t known Subaru was the protective type of brother like that. Hokuto, to Seishirou’s surprise, chose not to push further into the topic and kept silence. Fuuma meanwhile was walking absently towards the garden. The others followed him, but then stopped at the entrance to the large garden outside.

Fuuma raised his eyebrow. Sitting there under an old sakura tree was a beautiful young girl with dark long hair flying in the wind. Unlike his imagination of a moping girl, this girl was playing a guitar with a tender, wistful look on her face. It was as if she was drowning in her own world of soothing and warm melodies. Almost automatically, Fuuma’s mind played along with the melody she was playing. It was slow, sad, and had a trace of wistfulness in it. She had a too perfect skill for such a young one like her. The girl was only sixteen in his opinion…

Seishirou gasped. That familiar girl… He had met her, long ago that he couldn’t even remember. It had been like a hazy dream. He’d even doubted that it’d only been a dream till he saw her now. He just knew that their first meeting had also been in April like now… Maybe last year… But he could never forget what she’d said. He knew that was exactly her, the mysterious girl with a tale about the sakura…

Setsuka frowned. She felt the girl familiar somehow. Dark long hair, amber eyes… Wait. She just realized one thing. That girl looked like her somehow…

Fuuma walked silently towards her. The girl was so occupied in her music that she hadn’t heard him till he placed a hand on her delicate shoulder. She jumped, spun around.

“Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m Monou Fuuma, your brother’s friend.” He smiled apologetically and introduced himself. The girl’s eyes widened. She stared hard at him, and then finally managed to stammer out.

“Ah… I… I’m Sumeragi Sakura…” She smiled weakly at him. Fuuma smiled warmly back. Her reaction was better than he’d thought. Maybe the fact that too many of her sister’s and brother’s friends were celebrities gave her a smaller shock when she saw him…

“Hi, Sakura-chan! I’m Sakurazuka Seishirou. I hope you still remember me.”

Sakura raised her head and let out a startled yelp when she saw Seishirou standing there smiling…

~*~*~*~*~*~End Chapter 4~*~*~*~*~*~



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