Millions of Dreams

Chapter One - The ‘Heartless Bastard’

By Aikawa Fuuko


Ring ring.

“Moshi moshi?”

“Kigai-san, we have finished editing the script for the movie. Would you like to stop by to take it tomorrow morning?” A familiar voice said happily. Kigai Yuuto sighed with relief. Finally, the script was done before the beginning day. This movie was going to be great one so it had to be prepared very carefully. He’d been afraid that they’d have to delay the filming till the next four months if the script was not done soon.

“Oh, thank gods! Ok, I’ll come at eight tomorrow. So, who do you think can be the director?”

“Hmm…” The other stopped for a while, then smirked. “Sakurazuka Seishirou.”

Sakurazuka Seishirou. A so familiar name to all in the movie industry here. He was a very famous actor, and a really talented young director. He’d be a good choice. Even better if he took a role in the film. Yuuto smiled.

“Great choice. I’ll meet him then. The guy is really nice; I don’t think he would refuse.” He knew Seishirou very well. They had worked together in some movies and had a nice friendship going on. And since this was a big project, everyone would wish to take part in it.


“Hey, Yuuto!” Seishirou passed through the crowd hurriedly, going towards his friend. He was dressed casually in his normal white T-shirt and jeans. The guy looked much more cheerful and younger than he did in films. But when you took part in a film, you were a totally different person, so…

“Seishirou, nice to meet you again! Shall we go for lunch now?” Yuuto smiled happily. Everyone’s happy when they bring good news to their friends, and he was going to tell his friend some good news now. Yuuto was dressed in the opposite way to his friend. He was wearing his dark suits and carrying a brown leather bag. He was one of the most successful film producers of the movie industry anyway.

They arrived at a nearby restaurant at exact 12.30. This was a restaurant for famous people so they wouldn’t be disturbed here. They picked the food quickly, because they had gone here many times together.

“So what is the real reason for this lunch? Don’t tell me that you just can’t find anyone else to have lunch with!” Seishirou said with a smirk. This Yuuto was going to tell him something important now, he knew him so well. “A new movie?”

The question was asked, the answer had to be given. Simple, right on the topic.

“Yes. And we want you to be the director. We all know that your last movie was a real success, don’t we? Here’s the summary. I’ll give the script if you think it’s okay.” The reason why Yuuto liked working with Seishirou was that Seishirou always caught on with everything fast and be very simple about things. If he liked it, he’d accept immediately, if not, he’d say it straight right there.

Seishirou took the papers from Yuuto, reading through it while waiting for their meal.

“The end of the world? Sounds interesting. And you know the title of the movie is good: ‘Their destiny was foreordained, X/1999’. But it maybe a bit too long, you should change it to ‘X/1999’. And, this whole destiny thing…”

“So?” Yuuto asked excitedly. Seishirou seemed to like it. This would be great.

“Okay, give me the script. I’ll tell you on Thursday.” Seishirou smiled, assuring his friend. He got an unexplainable feeling that he should take this movie. Yuuto sighed happily. He understood that when Seishirou told someone to give him the script, it meant he would do that movie.

“Great! Seishirou, I know you’re one of my best friend!-“

“Yeah, and you’re also one of my best friends who always flirt non-stop whenever you meet my dear sister!” Seishirou cut in playfully. He was very amused by the fact that most of his friend always liked to hover around his sister, and she seemed to like that too. But truthfully, she was a beautiful girl, and a really famous actress just like him.

“Gah, Seishirou! She’s a cute one! No one can resist the urge to chase her around and take her, you know that! Ack, I was just kidding!!” Yuuto sweat-dropped when Seishirou gave him a deadly glare. He gulped, hurriedly continued on whatever he’d been saying. “Anyway, we’d like you to take a role in the movie too.”

“Which one?” Seishirou asked curiously. Not one of the two main characters of course. They were supposed to be two high-school students. So maybe he’d be a Dragon of Earth or a Dragon of Heaven. The wind master maybe?

“The sakura assassin.” Yuuto’s smile widened.


“Seishirou! Are you alright?” Yuuto looked questioningly at his friend. Seishirou’d just accidentally pushed the vase of flower on the table off. It’d landed on the floor with an inevitable loud crash noise. Seishirou himself seemed that he was in a serious lack of oxygen, gasping, eyes widening, staring at Yuuto with an indescribable look. After a while, when he’d calmed down, he looked at Yuuto and asked in an awestruck voice.

“The…sakura assassin? Why?? I’ll be a heartless bastard who kills people without any particular reason at all? And feeds their souls to a stupid sakura tree? No way! How could you come up with an idea like that?”

Yuuto found this was highly amusing. He’d never seen Seishirou like this before.

“Your name has the ‘sakura’ in it, so you’re the most suitable one for this role. And besides, despite being an assassin, that guy is really nice. And, he’s no ‘heartless’, you should know that. He does love. In the end, he died for the one he loves too.” Yuuto protested. In fact, he liked that character a lot himself. It’d be great to see Seishirou bring his favorite character to life. He was sure that Seishirou would do it well. The guy fit his personality perfectly. Now his work was to convince Seishirou to do it. Seishirou’s angry outburst brought him back from his thoughts.

“What?! My name has the ‘sakura’ in it doesn’t mean that I have to be a sakura assassin!!”

Yuuto sighed again. “Oh, please Seishirou. Read the script once and you’ll see it’s not that bad. You’ll grow to love that sakura guy, I assure you. And now shall we eat?” Yuuto turned to his plate, which meant: No more arguing. Eat first.

Seishirou sighed. He was an actor, he was supposed to take any role. He’d do an assassin role well if he wanted to. But the thought of being a heartless bastard was slightly…disturbing. How was he supposed to grow to love a person like that? Anyway…

~*~*~*~*~End Chapter 1~*~*~*~*~



A/N: Wow, I can’t believe it! I wrote this only in one hour and half!! How impressive! By the way, the prologue at the beginning is a scene they’re going to act in the near future. Oh, and I think the friendship between Yuuto and Seishirou is really nice. I made them friends because of a certain picture of them standing back to back with the whole sakura thing kept nagging at me! You’ll be surprised by the friendship between Subaru and…well, someone soon! And who do you think Seishirou’s sister is?

Anyway, this chapter focused in Seishirou, so the next one will be:

Chapter 2: Sumeragi Subaru – The Angsty Onmyouji!!

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