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And now, our savior, the one who’d save our lives, he’s coming!

Millions of Dreams

Chapter Three - The Psychotic World’s Savior

By Aikawa Fuuko


“Sakurazuka-san, Kigai-san is waiting for you inside.” The receptionist stood up at Seishirou’s sight and guided him towards one of the large wooden doors in the huge office.

Seishirou wondered what Yuuto wanted to discuss with him. The preparation for their movie was being done very well, and soon they’d start filming the first scene. He had talked with Sumeragi Hokuto – the author of the script for some small arrangement. Due to her request, all the characters didn’t have name yet. She wanted that when they found the suitable actor for a character, that character’s name would be the actor’s name. That was kind of strange, but Seishirou had agreed anyway because it was also quite interesting to see famous actors turning into Dragons of Heaven or Dragons of Earth by their own names. That made the sakura assassin’s name is also Seishirou and the onmyouji’s name is Subaru. That really amused him, seeing the chance to tease the Sumeragi even during filming.

The secretary opened the door of Yuuto’s office for him, and then silently withdrew. Seishirou stepped in to find his friend sitting casually behind his large desk, talking to someone on the phone very enthusiastically.

“… Yes… yes… sure… Seven, okay? Don’t worry, I’ll be right on time!” Yuuto smiled as brightly as the sun, making Seishirou have a feeling that the one at the other end of the line could also see it without much of trying. Yuuto looked up when Seishirou entered. He waved his friend hello and motioned him to sit down at the sofa.

“Oh… okay… See you later. Bye, dear!” Seishirou raised his eyebrow at that but said nothing. Yuuto happily put the phone down and walked towards Seishirou.

“So, how are you doing?”

“Fine. Everything is definitely doing well. So is there anything you’d want to adjust?” Seishirou asked calmly as he glanced around the luxury office, and finally set his eyes on his friend.

“No, not really. But well, I think we’d need a second director for this movie…” Yuuto hesitantly added, afraid that Seishirou would get it the wrong way. Just as he had guessed, Seishirou frowned slightly.

“A second director?”

“No, it’s not like that!” He hurriedly explained. “We totally trust you with the success of this movie. But because you’re also playing a role in the movie and this is a very big project, we’d need two directors to control everything…”

“Okay okay, I understand. That’s good for the movie making anyway.” Seishirou waved Yuuto off. He smiled reassuringly. Yuuto looked slightly embarrassed about something.

“So who is the second director? I assume that you’ve chosen him already?” Seishirou was curious about that. The other had to be a famous person too. But then Yuuto’s answer totally caught him off-guard.

“Me.” Yuuto was really amused now to see Seishirou’s stunned face.

“What?” For the second time in the week, Seishirou stared at Yuuto in shock. “But wait. Aren’t you…you…How…?” Seeing that Seishirou wouldn’t be able to come up with a question anytime soon, Yuuto smiled in perfect calmness.

“I used to be an actor and also an experienced director, you know.”

“Is that so?” Seishirou asked skeptically. Yuuto was a successful film producer, sure. But the guy didn’t seem to fit a movie director. He was too… well… business-like. And Seishirou had never seen him in movie-makings. Maybe he used to be one before he became a film producer, but Seishirou hadn’t known him long enough to be sure about that. Anyhow…

“Aren’t you happy to have me being your partner in a movie like this?” Seishirou really thought that Yuuto’s smile was becoming wider by the minute.

“Really… Okay, I guess it’s all right then…” The dark-haired director tried not to sweat-drop at Yuuto’s oversize smile. After that, they moved on discussing a few more problems. They decided that each of them would find actors for half of the cast and everything needed to be done as soon as possible. Yuuto seemed quite amused about Hokuto wanting to give her characters the actors’ names. It was typical Hokuto to do that. He’d known her for quite a long time and she was one of his best friends, due to her twisted humor sense, just like his. Seishirou snickered at this.

“Really? I think she has quite a nice humor sense. Yours is truly a twisted one, not hers.”

“Hey! What do you mean by that? Yes, she maybe nice. But sometimes… she’s a real disaster… For example, look what she does to her brother’s closet…” Yuuto sweat-dropped when he thought of the outer-space clothes he’d seen on Sumeragi Subaru.

Seishirou chuckled. He had to admit that Hokuto’s fashion sense was really impressive. And the way she forced it on her brother… But somehow Seishirou thought that the green-eyed boy looked good that way. He was… unique.  Hokuto knew everything to make her brother look good and cute. But Seishirou was a bit curious about Subaru’s shyness. It was strange for a famous idol to be that shy. Plus, Subaru had a really out-going sister like Hokuto, it just didn’t occur to Seishirou that they could be twins.

“Um, you know about them pretty much… Is Subaru-kun always that shy?” Yuuto raised his eyebrow slightly as he heard Seishirou call the younger Sumeragi ‘Subaru-kun’. He smirked secretly.

“No no, how can you call a brother of Hokuto’s shy? He’s a mischievous one, I tell you. Hokuto and Subaru make a perfect couple of hell with their jokes! Hokuto has an open humor sense, but Subaru has it secretly deep down.”

“Really? But in that party, he seemed pretty…timid.” Seishirou wondered. And in their lunch a few days ago, the Sumeragi hadn’t talked much either. (A/N: Ah, of course that’s because you were there, Sei-chan!!)

“Yeah, I also think he was a little strange in that party. Normally he isn’t quiet that much…” Yuuto smiled and looked at Seishirou knowingly. The dark-haired man blinked at him.


“Nothing.” Yuuto’s smirk widened.



“Subaru! Are you all right? Did you get a cold or something?” Hokuto looked at her brother questioningly.

“No, I’m fine. Maybe it’s just that someone is talking about me…” Subaru shrugged, looking slightly confused.

“Oh sure.” Hokuto smirked and winked at her brother.

“What?” Subaru blinked innocently. He clearly didn’t want to know what his evil sister was having in her mind right now.

“Nothing.” Hokuto shrugged and came back to her magazine, hiding her smile behind it.

“Ne, Hokuto-chan…” Subaru was silent for a while then hesitantly spoke up. Hokuto raised her head.

“What is it, Subaru?” Hokuto was curious. Her brother was looking kinda nervous and fluster.

“Ah…can you tell me why you wrote that sequence to Tokyo Babylon?”

“Oh…” Hokuto smiled warmly… ”Do you really want your romantic love story to end just like that?”… but of course, her evil thoughts always betrayed those angelic smiles.

“Hokuto-chan!” Subaru fell into a coughing fit. He was too well aware of what his sister meant by that. Deciding that he shouldn’t push any further into this topic or else he’d soon become a tomato at the end of it, Subaru hurriedly asked with his best innocent face.

“So… who is the sakura assassin? Did Seishirou-san tell you anything about the cast?” Suddenly he remembered what Seishirou told him that day…

“Yes, who would that be, Subaru-kun…he certainly is a lucky guy…”

“No, he’s still searching.” Hokuto raised her eyebrow as Subaru’s face suddenly reddened. “But some were chosen, like you and me and…” She stopped and smiled thoughtfully at her little brother. Subaru looked at her with confusion. Hokuto shrugged again.

“That’s not important though. You’ll meet them all anyway.”

Subaru sighed. His sister was being especially secretive these days for some reasons. And he understood that it was not a good sign, knowing his sister and her evil plans too well…

“Ah, Hokuto-chan, can I borrow you the script of Tokyo Babylon? Seishirou-san said that he wanted to read…”

Hokuto thought for a moment then nodded. “Okay. That’s good for him anyway.”

Subaru looked at his sister, wondering what she meant by that.



A shrill laughter shrieked in the peacefulness of the restaurant. Everyone turned, looking at the owner of those terrify laughter as if he had gone insane. Sitting there was a very handsome guy with messy dark hair and a pair of beautiful violet eyes. He was really charming and all, except for the fact that he was laughing like mad. Laughing and coughing actually, he had choked on his drink before that because of laughing too much.

Feeling everyone’s annoyed and questioning looks on him, the guy embarrassedly smiled at them and hurriedly turned back to the papers he was reading, though he still giggled and coughed slightly. Apparently, those papers were the reason for his laughing fit, and turning back to them was not really a good way to help him stop giggling and coughing. Even so, he still needed to read them, because they were the script for his next movie – X/1999. Yes, the guy was an actor, for gods’ sake. A famous one even.

His name was Shirou Kamui, an all-known young actor. All the fan girls loved him, along with Sumeragi Subaru. They were both famous idols and were always chased after by crazy fan girls.

Kamui stifled his laughter when he reached to a particular part between…

“Kamui-chan! Are you crazy? Why are you laughing to yourself?” Hearing an unmistaken familiar voice, Kamui raised his head.

“Hi, nee-chan! Oh, Sorata-kun! Wanna seat?” Kamui motioned towards the empty chairs. There were his older sister – Shirou Kotori and her boyfriend – Arisugawa Sorata. Kamui was not really surprised to see them here. He knew that this was their favorite restaurant and they usually went here for lunch or dinner together. He remembered his sister used to say that it was where they’d had their first date or something like that.

“What a nice surprise to meet you here, Kamui-kun!” Sorata cheerfully greeted his girlfriend’s brother.

“And find you sitting here alone, laughing like mad for some unknown reasons.” Kotori rolled her eyes when she and her boyfriend sat down at the table. She knew that sometimes her little brother was really crazy, however… walking in her favorite restaurant to enjoy a wonderful date with her boyfriend, then suddenly seeing her little Kamui also there giggling like mad to himself was rather… disturbing.

“So, kid, what have you been laughing about?” Kotori leaned towards her handsome little brother and looked curiously at the papers he was holding.

“My new role.” Seeing Kotori looking at the papers, Kamui smiled. “In the famous project ‘X/1999’.”

“Reeeaaally?” Kotori raised her eyebrow. ‘X/1999’ was being hot news for everyone in the movie industry right now. It would be truly impressive… err… great if her brother got a role in that big movie.

“And what role is that?” Sorata looked at Kamui with interest. Anyhow both he and Kotori were also actors. Kotori was about to say something to tease her brother (like: ‘Oh, a dead victim of the Apocalypse!!’), but Kamui was fast enough to stop her.

“The main character.” What he said immediately made Kotori stop abruptly on whatever she was about to say. Kamui smirked at Kotori’s and Sorata’s stunned faces.

“YOU GOTTA BE JOKING!!!” Kotori shrieked.

Now it was her turn to be looked at weirdly by everyone, though she didn’t mind much.

“See yourself.” Kamui’s smirk widened. He threw the papers to his sister. Kamui really found it amusing to see his sister gasping like this.

“Wow, you’re great, Kamui-chan!” Sorata whistled with impress. He and Kotori read through the script Kamui had given them. Kotori was calmer; she began to regain her usual mocking tone.

“Kamui-chan, you mean this psychotic little brat who seems to like blasting off everyone he meets? Really, he suits you perfectly!”

“Nee-chan! I save the world!!” Kamui exclaimed, glaring at his sister. Kotori snickered.

“Um…So why have you been laughing lately?” Sorata curiously asked.

“Oh yeah! Over there! Yes, that part!” Kamui pointed a part to Kotori. She looked through it and immediately fell into a coughing fit just like Kamui had before. Sorata took a glance and asked with confusion.

“What? I don’t see anything funny… The sakura assassin and the onmyouji… What’s wrong with that?”

Kotori giggled along with Kamui. Of course Sorata couldn’t understand the inner joke…

~*~*~*~*~*~End Chapter 3~*~*~*~*~



Annex: Sakura.

Seishirou walked across a park, heading towards home. It was April, the sakura trees were in full bloom. They were at their most beautiful time, gorgeous and pure…He stopped to look up at those peaceful pink clouds. The winds were rushing through; the sakura petals flew like delicate and innocent butterflies in the cool breeze…

He raised his head and noticed a shadow behind the sakura trees. He walked towards and found a young girl leaning against the sakura’s trunk, looking strangely at the falling pink petals. She was about fifteen or sixteen, wearing her school uniform. Her dark hair flew naturally like a fall in the soothing melody of the winds.

The girl suddenly turned and looked right into his eyes, made him startle. She smiled.

A warm, yet empty smile…

“Pretty flowers, aren’t they?” The strange girl motioned towards the sakura. Seeing that she was talking to him, Seishirou silently nodded. Her eyes… were so strange, yet so familiar… Amber eyes…

“Do you like sakura?” She asked slightly, not quite looking at him.

“Yes.” A silent answer. Of course, sakura was always beautiful to him.

The girl was silent for a while, and then turned to him.

“Do you know…that there are corpses buried under the sakura tree?”

“Corpses?” That caught him off guard. Why was this girl telling him about these things?

“It’s because of the corpses buried beneath the roots… that the sakura blossoms every year…” A sakura petal landed on her delicate palm. “Sakura blossoms are usually white… Pure white… like fresh snow…”

She turned, still smiling slightly, continued with her mysterious tale.

“Well… do you know why these sakura blossoms are pink? It’s because the sakura feeds on the blood of the corpses buried beneath it…”

Seishirou felt a chill run down his spine. He found it hard to speak.

“Is it a legend?”

The girl laughed slightly. Her voice sounded like crystal bells.

“Yes… it’s a legend… of a man who never loved…” The girl looked at him mischievously.

Seishirou’s eyes widened.

A man who never loved…

She laughed again, and then turned to leave. The sakura petals were flying around her. She looked like an angel. The angel of sakura. The winds were rushing…

Seishirou silently watched as she walked away. Then he turned…

“Wait…Who are you?” That was the only thing he could come up with.

The girl stopped and turned to look at him. She smiled thoughtfully and took a sakura petal in her hand.


Seishirou wondered if she was talking about the flower…

“My name is…Sakura…”

…but she was not.

The girl walked away, and disappeared behind the sakura trees…

~*~*~*~*~*~End Annex: Sakura~*~*~*~*~*~



A/N: Wow, the annex is slightly creepy, isn’t it? We’ll meet Sakura-chan again soon in later chapters. And I tell you, she’s not an original character!! ^__^ Oh, do you think that Kotori is funny?

Er…about Seishirou’s sister’s identity…oh well…you’ll know in the next chapter!

Chapter 4: Monou Fuuma – The Sadistic World’s Destroyer!!

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